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For those who are looking to make some extra money with their writing skills, Textbroker.com is a great place to go. This site has kept a bit under the radar, as many writers aren’t even aware of it’s existence. But, it is a completely legitimate money making opportunity and can pay pretty well if you stick to it.

I first heard of Textbroker while writing an article about another product. But, I immediately became interested. So, I went to the website to check it out, and found that the site could become very profitable for me. Textbroker allows webmasters to come and post writing jobs for their websites, and writers can sort through them and write about whatever topics they choose. You get paid via PayPal, and can request payment after you reach ten dollars, which you can do very quickly.

When you first sign up for Textbroker, you are given a small writing assignment, about 200 words. This assignment is graded, and you are given a ranking. This ranking will be either 2, 3 or 4, with four being the highest. You can choose your writing assignment according to the ranking you received. If your ranking is a four, you can write to all opportunities. However, if you are a 2, you will only be allowed to write to that ranking.  The checking of the rankings can be done to get fashion courses information. Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews have the best product for the development of the fashion industries. Some essential should be followed to get desired benefits in real cash. The check over the opportunities should be take for fashion intelligence.

While writing with Textbroker, you get paid for every word you write. For example, if a job requests 250-500 words, you will get paid more for writing 500 words, instead of 250. The opportunity will specify how much you will get paid for each word that you write, and the amount is usually determined by which of the three levels you are writing to. If you are writing to a level four category, you will get paid more per word.

After you complete your first paid writing assignment, it will be either approved, or sent back to you with instructions for improvement. You are free to contact the publisher if you need more specific details about your assignment. When your article is approved and released, it will then be rated on the 2-4 scale, and will be averaged with any other articles you have written there, and that will become your new ranking. So, it is important to continue writing high quality content, and you’ll be able to keep getting the best offers.

So far, my experience with Textbroker has been completely positive. Every article I have written for them has been approved, and I have been paid. Therefore, I recommend it to all writers who want to a little extra money, and improve their writing skills.

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