Dog Grooming in the Winter: How to Take Care of the Paws?

People usually tend to think that winter paw care is only a need of the working dogs and is not essential for their house pets. However, the fact is: procedures like taking care of the paw pad, shaping the nails, and trimming excess hairs around the paw is a crucial part of the grooming

procedure for any dog during the winter months.

Something as simple as a walk in the park can be painful for a pup that is lacking in proper grooming. People use deicers like rock salt and other chemicals for clearing snow. You should not take your dogs for a walk in the heavily salted regions; these chemicals can make the walk painful for them. If you ever make the blunder of taking your dog for a walk in a deiced region, you must follow it up with a thorough inspection of their paws. Check whether there are any splinters stuck inside the inflamed areas and examine the foot

pads for cracked skin and cuts.

These are the two most essential steps of winter foot care for dogs. Generally, the breeds with long and curly coats have intense hair growth between their paw pads and on their feet. Hairs around the paws can only lead to irritation. If the dog is out walking or playing in the snow, there is a possibility for balls of ice to get stuck between the toes and paw pads creating a tickling

 ensation. Hairy paw pads can even cause injuries. Thus, trimming the hairs around your dogs’

paws is a must during the winter months.

Now, what about the ever-growing nails? Winter causes an acceleration in the nail growth of dogs. This is because they don’t go out for walks as frequently as they do in other seasons, which reduces wear and tear of nails. Trim down the nails when you find them touching the floor while the dog is standing. However, make sure you are using a nail trimmer that is right for your dog’s size. Also, keep a styptic powder or pencil with you in case there’s an unintentional cut. Just like exotic pet tick and flea removal, taking care of the paws of your dog should also be done properly and accordingly. Make sure that your pet will not experience any pain. 

You can use protective products for guarding your dogs’ paw pads from snow, sand and salt to keep their feet clean. These products contain wax and moisturizing agents that will stop the harmful objects from coming in direct contact with the paw pads. The other functional protective gears for your dogs’ paws are dog boots. They will not only reveal the fashionable side of a dog but also ensure the safety of your dog’s feet when out in the snow.

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