Diy: Air Conditioner Maintenance

Every new homeowner faces the challenges and excitements of maintaining a new household. And with summer around the corner, the air conditioner becomes a key player in the role their new home can provide. You can visit แอร์ 48000 btuราคา to get all the cleaning material. You can even compare the maintenance cost of different air conditions that are there in the market.

These are some few, quick tips you, as homeowner can do to get your air conditioner in optimal shape for this upcoming summer.

Before you do follow any of the following tips, please remember:

Safety first. Do NOT do anything you think it might be dangerous or it could be a hazard for you, or for the operation of your unit.

All air conditioning systems are different. Have your unit’s documentation manual handy, in case you need to consult something that it is not clear or evident (e.g. what to avoid doing while cleaning the outdoor condensing unit).

Be ready and alert. Make sure you are present, and monitoring the proper operation of your air conditioning system, after you have performed maintenance on it.

In the event something goes wrong, stay calm, turn your unit off by setting the thermostat to “OFF”, and contact your service company of choice.

Tip #1: On a monthly basis, check the furnace filter.

The furnace’s filter must be clean. This is very important for the efficient operation of the air conditioner. If necessary, replace it.

Tip #2: Keep your outdoor condensing unit free of debris.

The outdoor condensing unit (that large metalic box in your yard, next to your home), gets to collect dirt and debris after a long period of inactivity.

Leaves, grass, weeds, and plants nearby, can block the unit’s airflow, reducing its efficiency. It is recommended you cover your condensing unit during winter, or while the air conditioner is not in use, minimizing the impact dirt and debri can cause to your unit’s fins.

Tip #3: Clean the outdoor condensing unit by spraying it with a water hose.

Dirt is common to be present after a whole winter of no activity.

The outdoor condensing units are designed to cope with exposed outdoor conditions. Spraying it a bit with a water hose is a fast, cost-effective, and efficient method of cleaning it.

Tip #4: Make sure your home’s electrical system is in good condition.

Checking circuit breakers or fuses in your home’s electrical panel, is essential to make sure your air conditioning works correctly, and safely.

Make sure to replace fuses with the right AMP setting. By replacing your panel’s fuses with incorrect ones, you run the risk of electrical fire, putting you and your family in danger.

Consult an electrician, if your electrical box operates with fuses, and do not know how to replace them yourself.

Tip #5: Lower the thermostat settings when nobody is in the house.

You can save a lot of money and help the environment, by making the air conditioner not work as much, when there is on one at home.

Using the thermostat efficiently, is one crucial factor, not everybody applies to using the air conditioner effectively.

Tip #6: Good sealing, makes a world of difference.

Keeping your doors and windows closed during the use of the air conditioner, comes as second nature to people; everybody can feel the fresh cool breeze being replaced by uncomfortable, warm, humid air when doors or windows are opened.

But what not too many people come to realize, is that poor door and window seals, can be really devastating to the house budget; the air conditioner has to work longer, even cutting is lifetime, since cool air escapes through door and window frames.

Tip #7: Passive cooling helps.

If you have ever been to a warm beach, you probably know, that an umbrella, is probably the most important item to carry with you, along with a comfy swimsuite.

Properly providing your home with shade, is one overlooked factor that can have a serious impact on the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Not allowing extra heat to warm up your house, makes the job on the air conditioner lighter, and will probably lower both, maintenance and operation costs.

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