Different Types Of Illuminated Advertising Signs That You Can Buy This 2021

In general, illuminated displays operates similarly – they use either a LED display or a fixed light strip to illuminate various types of advertising materials and signs. With that said, there are distinct forms of illuminated displays that use lights in different ways, providing unique advertising techniques for your organization. Valgusreklaamid signs are divided into different categories, which will be discussed below. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Freestanding signs

Available in either a framed design or a lightbox look, freestanding signs features light display screens. Their display is either single-sided for wall or door mounting, or double-sided in case they are positioned with both the front and back visible. They come with a secure stand, allowing them to be used as standalone or in conjunction with larger displays. Freestanding signs use strips of LED lighting around the frame, distributing light on its surface.

  1. Countertop lightboxes

Countertop lightboxes are compact freestanding signs that are illuminated with a backlight. They are perfect for counters, desktops, reception areas, shelves, and cash registers. They are very portable, featuring a small profile frame and feet, and generally have double-sided screens. Illumination is provided by pre-installed LED strips in its base, backlights, or a combination of the two.

  1. Wall-mounted backlit displays

Wall-mounted illuminated displays are very popular due to their adaptability, making them suitable for wall, door, and other flat surface displays. They are easy to install and replace, allowing you to choose between permanent installation or changeable displays.

  1. Flexible LED banners

This type of display uses flexible fabric sleeves as opposed to regular, fixed material. As such, it is very space-efficient, making it a very attractive option for people who wants to add additional signage but doesn’t have enough space for it. 

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