Customer Relations Management- Understanding The Basics

Healthy Relationship is the core basis of a peaceful society and one which mankind struggles to establish to the best of his ability. We all dream of a world where there is no pain, no grief, no hatred, no anger, only love, peace and quiet.

Sadly, it is mankind itself is its own enemy because the modern human being feels only hate, greed, selfishness, arrogance, envy along with the regular dose of the above mentioned positive qualities.

There is a dire need to establish good relations amongst each other so that this problem is solved once and for all and someone has to take the first step in this regard.

Customer Relations Management (CRM) has proven to be a day saver in this regard as it has been adopted by different companies as a policy to reach out to their clients and repair fractured relationships with their rivals.

CRM consultancy services that were established in the early 1970s have become a norm today where customer satisfaction is the first priority and which is evaluated and confirmed through surveys and positive word of mouth.

Before its discovery, business organizations were dependent on automated sales and due to limited technology they could categorize customers through a pre ordained list and maintain the data in a spreadsheet.

CRM became more popular in the late 1990s when reputed IT companies like IBM and Siebel started following the policy of customer relations by focusing on their preferences in the IT sector.

Within three years, CRM products were marketed and advertised worldwide which led to them becoming well known to everyone.

It was Siebel that introduced the first CRM application on mobile called Siebel Sales in 1999, which led to it being acknowledged by CRM consultant Thailand.

In conclusion, CRM consulting has become a regular fixture amongst numerous companies from manufacturing to IT where strong customer relations are taken care of well, which has in turn has led to increase in sales.

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