Could You Be Putting Your Life In Danger Because Of Vape?

Vaping had everyone’s hopes high when it was first introduced to the consumers earlier this decade. However, after a few years, it cannot be denied that there are already have been numerous cases of serious problems such as illnesses, and even death, due to the smoking of vape.

One of the issues that involves vaping is the unreliability of most of the juices that are available in the market.

In 2019, United States Army warned people about the possible negative causes of smoking vaping, most especially because many of the vape oils that are used include CBD. Although some say that cbd pods for juul are completely safe, there are research that concludes that overdosage or too much intake of CBD can lead to unwanted illnesses.

Some of the evident symptoms seen from the patients who had CBD intakes are nausea and vomiting, agitation, headaches, and even seizures.

Since the vaping industry is still at its premature stage, you, consumers, cannot be too confident about the vapes that you are having just yet. There are only a few studies about the possible effects of vaping, and most of these are still not finalized yet because it has only been a while since vape oils are out in the market. Time is very important in conducting every research.

In addition to this, the regulations regarding vapes are also very limited because it is still new. Firm punishments for vape oil manufacturers are still unclear. This must ring a bell on you before you go on and try vaping. It might have promised to be better compared to the regular cigarettes, but you have to really make sure that the one you are taking is the ones that are approved by the government. In the end, there will never be really harm in being extra careful.

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