Corporate Blogs and Their Value for Public Relations

An online business blog can do wonders for your business in the areas of both internal relations and external sales and reputation with customers or clientele. Here’s a couple ways that you can use public relations blogging to make the online corporate blog work best for you in all areas of your business agenda:

Business Blogging for Community Outreach

Post updates in the form of photos, testimonials and anecdotes about any sort of charity or community programs your company and its employees are involved with, if any. This public relations blogging strategy may show a more personable and altruistic side of your for profit business to interested customers and/or stock holders, while also encouraging your employees to participate in more activities. That of course leads to employee bonding and strong interpersonal relationships within the office setting, something that could very likely succeed in contributing to much higher sense of morale and loyalty from your staff. Not only is this a great way to retain your office team, but anytime when individuals working for a company enjoy what they do, their satisfaction tends to rub off on customers. This is where you introduce organic traffic bot to you blog. Which will increase your community outreach manifolds. You will be able to reach more audience more easily thus you can get healthy promotion for your business.

Business Blogging for Event Updates and Overview

A corporate blog is a great place to put information about company wide events, campaign kickoff, sales celebrations, etc. Put information about the event date and location to remind your staff and encourage them to come. After the event takes place you might give a little thank you note to all who attended, adding a brief summary of what occurred. This will motivate people to be a part of the team. This display of a team oriented atmoshphere and positive inter-employee relationships also looks attractive to prospective job candidates.

Congratulations and Birthdays as a Public Relations Blogging Strategy

Make a habit of posting a little blurb on your blog wishing an employee a happy birthday when the time comes and put him or her in the spotlight with a little quick tidbit about the person. This will allow employees to learn more about their fellow associates and might even allow some to feel comfortable enough striking up a friendship over something they might have in common as read in the blog. This public relations blogging strategy, again, leads to team work and more enthusiasm in the employees toward their jobs. You might also announce similar occasions on the blog such as “so and so will be gone on maternity leave for a few months so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see her around”. This would give people the opportunity to congratulate the employee having a baby and also, very likely, help ease that employee into her adjustment to spending her days suddenly at home.

There are a great many things a company can do with their business blog to attract customers, new employees and to retain and re-motivate the ones that are already there. Be creative, use your imagination and most importantly, use your writer’s voice to let the true nature of your unique company culture shine through.

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