Columbus, Wi Family Dental A Great Place To Take Young Children

Under normal circumstances, I probably wouldn’t even think of going to the Columbus Family Dental in Columbus, WI. That’s nothing to do with the dentists themselves as much as the fact it’s about a 15-mile drive from my house in Beaver Dam and there are others that are much closer.

However, when my daughter got a noticeable cavity in her front tooth, we searched all over town for a dentist and found that nobody would take her because of her age (she will be three in July). Not wanting to drive to Madison or Oconomowoc, we gave the Columbus Family Dental a call and were relieved when they told us that, even though they don’t normally take patients who aren’t three yet, they would do what they could for her. And, after having her first appointment there, I think they are going to get more of our business.

The staff at the Columbus Family Dental is very friendly and professional. From the moment we walked in the door until we left we felt very comfortable.

This was my daughter’s first time at the dentist and, even though they were busy, the hygienist, Connie, who did the initial exam and cleaned her teeth, took several minutes to make sure she was comfortable; even looking for her favorite cartoons on the television. Every time she started something different; starting with counting her teeth to using a camera to look for decay, Connie made sure to explain everything to our daughter. In fact, while we were waiting for the dentist to get there, she even showed our daughter with some of the dental instruments worked in order to make her more comfortable during future appointments.

The dentist that saw her, Dr. Matt, was also very friendly and, like Connie, took the time to explain everything he was doing to her before he started. I don’t think my daughter was as comfortable with him as Connie. However, she didn’t seem scared of him either. Having a friendly dentist 94401 can be really helpful. This helped my daughter to go through all the procedures and tests without making any fuss. This is really helpful when you are dealing with kids. As you follow the link here you can learn about other dentists in your region that are really good with kids and adults equally.

If I have any complaints about the Columbus Family Dental it would likely be their exam areas themselves. Rather than rooms, the seats are in partitioned off areas that give very little privacy. While we were with our daughter, we could easily see three other people getting their teeth examined too.

I also didn’t like the fact there weren’t any chairs where my wife and I could sit during our daughter’s exam. We instead had to stand against a wall throughout.

Despite this, I am definitely sold on the Columbus Family Dental. Their great staff is enough to make me want to come back and it’s a place I would recommend to any parent looking for a dentist to take their children to.

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