Codeformat Of Three Rivers, Michigan: A Pleasure To Do Business With

In my little town of Three Rivers, Michigan there aren’t very many options for personal computer repair. There are a select few businesses in town that are very overpriced and then there are also the big box stores in the next town over that take forever and aren’t reliable. Upon hearing from a friend that her father’s business had been using CodeFormat out of Three Rivers for quite some time for both their repair issues and for their website design and hosting, I decided to give them a call based on the rave reviews of said friend.

I called CodeFormat the next day, seeking assistance for my basic computer problems. These were problems that I knew were small but that I had no idea how to fix on my own. I didn’t want to pay a lot for something that I knew was so minor and I felt that many people would try to rip me off or take advantage of me because of my obvious limited knowledge of computers. I called Jacob, one of the owners of CodeFormat, on his personal cell phone, which is the number he gives to all of his clients. I told him that I had heard of him and his business through a good friend and gave him her name. He immediately knew who I was talking about and asked how both she and her father had been. It was nice that he knew his customers by name and cared enough to ask how they were, something you don’t often experience and also a welcome change.

To be honest, I was totally impressed by his soft and polite attitude and how he took his customers’ problems seriously and made a mental note in my head of calling CodeFormat anytime I face issues with my computer and if not available, I would visit

I explained my problems to him and he made arrangements with me to meet the very next morning. He came to my house straight from his regular full-time job, dressed very professionally and right on time. He immediately went to work on my computer, explaining the whole time what he was doing so that I might be able to fix it on my own the next time it happened. It was refreshing to me that he was more interested in helping and teaching me than he was about gaining more money by having to come again.

His charges were very reasonable. He charged me just $40 for an hours worth of work, work that had taken other companies two to three hours to complete in the past. I was very impressed with his professionalism and his devotion to customer service. He was very friendly, keeping conversation with me while he worked. He informed me that I could call him at any time and that he would be happy to come back out whenever I needed him.

CodeFormat is a company that has newly earned both my trust and my respect. I am very pleased with them and have recommended them to many families and friends since my experience. My only hope is that there would be more companies like this one out there, companies that care about the customer and not just the money.

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