Cheap Water Bottles

Cheap water bottles are pretty easy to find today. And when I say cheap, how does under $5 sound?

If you have a large family, or just on a budget, you can start from scratch and buy water bottles for the whole crew without breaking the bank.

These inexpensive water containers are typically made from plastic, or Lexan – a GE product. (Lexan is a virtually indestructible material that your refrigerator drawers are made of, among other things.) Most will have flip up or corkscrew type lids. They are available in every color of the rainbow to make it much easier to identify the person drinking from it. Most all of these cheap bottles are also dishwasher safe.

Let’s look a little closer at what you will find with a quick search:

CamelBak Water Bottle: these are BPA free bottles (especially important for the health conscious person). Their unique design makes them easy to attach to a carabineer. It has a really cool bite valve (manufactured from medical grade silicone – taste-free), too, so it’s very easy to sip from and not spill. The full line of CamelBak Better Bottles has been BPA free since mid 2008. Available in 3 sizes and over 20 colors! Retail prices between $3 and $18. For the money, definitely the coolest looking bottle!

You can visit the official website of CamelBak to get to know about the company in detail and the different kind of water bottles that it has which is why it is so popular among the people even today and since the prices are hovering between $3 and $18, then it is pretty affordable to the variety that the brand has and its clout in the market.

Swiss Gear 32oz GE Lexan Bottle: These multi-colored water bottles have wide mouth openings for easy hand cleaning, but are dishwasher safe. They are also microwave safe. The cap is attached to the bottle and is a screw top lid, and nice grip for secure handling. Lexan is a GE material. It is virtually unbreakable. If you are one to be a little careless (or accident prone!), this could be a great choice. Priced at under $5, you can fill several bottles for a days hike or camping adventure.

Nalgene Tritan one quart BPA free wide mouth Water Bottle: This is a great seller! 1 quart is a good size for a bicycle ride, or shorter hike. A big focus for Nalgene is to provide it’s customers with a product that doesn’t leave an aftertaste and is healthy. This bottle is BPA free – a must for those who are concerned about plastics which may adversely affect your health with prolonged exposure. It features a loop attachment to the lid, and the large opening makes it easier for filling from filtered water dispensers. Currently available in 8 colors, these bottles have a price tag between $9 and $15.

It’s great to have plenty of reusable cheap water bottles on hand for working out at the gym, day trips, backpacking, or even to keep in the fridge at work. Plastic water bottles may have BPA. This could be a concern if you have sports water bottles with a logo of your favorite team. So, if you are the slightest bit of a health nut, make sure you look for bpa free water bottles. You can find cheap stainless steel water bottles, but my experience is they leave a slight aftertaste. They keep water cold longer, but if you don’t like aftertaste, pass on metal.

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