Causes and Factors Of Overweight

To paraphrase a familiar expression, we can say that the food has always been on Earth napryazhenka. Any food resources have not yet turned into CO2 and H2O are the object of someone’s lust (scarab is the most elegant example of a destructor). In nature, considered appropriate even a way to fill shortages (especially certain vitamins) as coprophagia (eating feces own), which is not limited to rodents, but also, for example, gorillas. It all depends on the physiological capacity of the organism (as a set of teeth and ending with a set of enzymes). If we turn to skazachnomu epic, then just remember a list of magic items, among which the cloth on the ground, and the oven, bake cakes, and pots that brew their own mess, just ask. A modern storyteller (they have them or not) holding the nose to the wind, would have described, perhaps, a pot, which cooks the most effective means pohudatelnoe, get rid of extra weight quickly, and, most importantly, forever.

In the wild, prorode principle of “freedom of one ends where the freedom of another begins,” there are very tightly, limiting the feeding behavior of a certain range, the higher the level of the food pyramid occupied by the species, the more energy is lost and the greater area is required to search for food. And it is food (not including illness, of course) manages the waves of life, which is multiplied when resources are abundant, and stops if they are limited or famine is only expected.

Man as a species has adaptive mechanisms that allow it to dispose of without adverse effects systematically and continuously arriving excess food. Such a device could be adaptive to the background of constant competition for food resources, in which future people participated along with other species. Until then, until I got a certain advantage in this fight.

Against the background is not too great longevity costs of overeating when it happens, then do not have time to manifest themselves at the same time the fullness considered obligatory sign of high social standing (and still is considered by some ethnic groups). The problem has become worse with increasing longevity, compounding to the same long list of diseases to which the past people just did not survive.

Destroying the natural environment, people inevitably destroys and established food traditions, and the more thoroughly they have been fitted to the difficult and sometimes incredibly difficult conditions of life, the tragic result of intervention. The examples are, unfortunately, a monstrous amount. It is necessary to give just a few to illustrate the general trend. In civilized countries, the protection of the environment has received increasing attention and resources, protection of the environment of internal demand much attention, given their close relationship.

What can be done for 100 years

A well-known tragedy of the phosphate islands, nature is not just damaged, but was destroyed as a result of work on mining phosphate fertilizers, and local residents, represented mainly by the Polynesians and Micronesians were doomed to not so similar to the lives of their parents’ strange “carefree” life, deprived of work, the usual worries and traditional foods. Phosphorites were accidentally discovered in 1899. on one of these islands in the Pacific island of Nauru. Less than a hundred years of it were almost exclusively korralovye rocks protruding teeth and heated on the sun so that all the surrounding clouds even close to the island did not fit. All goods and products imported to the island on which there is no room for even the chickens. While the government is discussing plans for a Garden of Eden on an artificial ground, almost the entire adult population of the island, occupying second place in the world (41%) on the prevalence of type II diabetes (insulin-independent), has a high degree of obesity.

Were healthy, became alcoholics, in fatty

Another sad example of the life-Eskimos eating only meat and fish, except for the fact that all the flowers appear in spring short-polar, but the blue bells are considered among the Eskimos edible. Such a protein-fat diet yet optimally adapted to the conditions of the Far North. Research among Canadian Inuit, have shown almost complete lack of effects of atherosclerosis, which explain the anti-atherogenic effect of polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in large quantities in their diet.

A different picture emerges from the Eskimos, changing the habitual way of life by moving to the city. Replacement of dog and reindeer teams snegomobilyami not only severely reduced energy consumption by local residents, but also significantly changed the way of life. Greatly changed the structure of power. The almost complete absence of the traditional diet of carbohydrate foods leads to a rapid disruption in the use of concentrated exchange uglevodosoderzhaschih products. The most serious consequences associated with alcohol intake, which causes severe poisoning from the Eskimos (for all living beings, living in warmer climates – from butterflies to elephants – is alcohol familiar food contained in over-ripe fermented fruit). Among the Eskimos the same enzyme system is not allowing alcohol to utilize the benefit.

So, the quality of life in today’s “Alaskan village” has led to the fact that people do not walk. Dog Sled Races held rare families (20 years ago and kept everything) and then only for sporting events. As a result, traditional meat diet rich in fat and cholesterol, provokes the development of obesity and heart disease.

Hence, if you want to lose weight and maintain your desired body figure, it is advisable to educate yourself about the right and proper way to do this. You can rely on some sources online such as sparkhealthmd for reliable information.

Arizona Indians (as we now say in America, indigenous people), Pima-another example that illustrates the conflict between the “thrifty genotype” (formed in the evolution of the type of metabolism), which allows to store energy mainly as fat even when very poor diet, and dramatically changed conditions of life. The prevalence of high degrees of obesity in this ethnic group is so high that the Indians Pima take first place in the world on the incidence of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus type II (50%). With the availability of food, aggravated by the decline in energy costs, it is remarkably hardy tribe that can survive under extremely difficult natural conditions, against a background of Western life suddenly turns out to be unsuitable. As a result, the critical numbers and the degree of obesity.

Suppose profession obliges you to keep fit activities (sports, ballet, modeling business, etc.), or you fall in love (want to get the lucrative contract, going to a spa, etc.), or prevent physicians really made for you strong impression. In this case, your motivation is so strong that the problems of violence against a not-too high rates. A good example of strong motivation is a disciplined approach to eating for diabetics. Their life is a fairly strong argument in favor of that food can actually be a real threat. If the food for you, one of the main sources of pleasure, then limit yourself to a long time without giving anything in return, will be very, very difficult.

A reasonable approach involves understanding the nature of eating disorders. The issue of hunger in the body gets very specifically and aggressively worked here, reliable systems that run on the behavioral complex search of food. What do the hungry animals and people are very hungry (starving against his will) – they gorge on to the blade in a literal sense, a definitive stop signal stops the meal when the stomach is full (enzymatic capabilities are not limitless, too). More subtle hints of many neurohormones, signaling the onset of saturation, we must not only accept but also to obey. The idea is quite pozrachna and can be used in the analysis of each of its feeding behavior. It is the desire to strengthen these signals using drugs and make them more intelligible stimulate research in the field neuroregulation nasysheniya feelings.

Has a low effectiveness for the treatment of obesity and diet soft at the same time a positive impact on their state of health the patient. At the same types of diets can vary considerably. The main achievement of diet often is to preserve the existing weight and the formation of the patient’s habits meaningfully relate to nutrition. As for the limited consumption of fats, it is appropriate not only for obese and full-bodied people, but for those with normal weight, preference is given to fats with a higher biological value. Taking into account the specific realities of the fat should be regarded not primarily as a source of calories, as well as supplier of essential fatty acids that the human body can not be synthesized (vitamin F), and polyunsaturated fatty acids that have a pronounced antiatherogenic effect (eicosapentaenoic, docosahexaenoic, lack of polyene acids significantly violates the structure of membranes, which contributes to the development of atherosclerotic changes.)

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