Buying Weed Online- Where And How

People say, ‘Don’t do drugs’, but when it comes to weed, it’s not that big of a deal. Mainly used for recreational and medicinal purposes, weed is the most commonly used illegal drug but is legal in a few countries.

Although it has side effects like decrease of short term memory, impaired motor skills, anxiety, weed is used by teenagers to people in their mid-twenties. People can usually get weed from dealers who grow it somewhere, or much like everything else, weed is also available online for purchasing.

Here is how and which sites you can get weed from online:

First you have to be careful of the website you buy weed from, because you obviously don’t want to be scammed. Some websites ask you if you’re above a certain age before directing you to their home page. There you’ll see all the products they are selling with the prices per ounce or kg under it, much like any other website.

Add to cart and then purchase.

Now, which are the best and most trusted sites to get weed from?

  • Herbapproach

Has numerous varieties

Gives discount(prices start from $22)

Free shipping over $150

  • Greenrush

One of the oldest websites

Delivers to a wide range of places

Huge varieties available

A medical dispensary, so everything is for medicinal purposes.

Checks for prescription.

  • Buy legit Marijuana online

Delivers worldwide

Free delivery and returns

Gives discount

Huge variety

  • Hello Ganja

Free shipping over $300


Gives discounts

Return of payment if necessary

You can also check out Facebook for dealers and websites, and look for pages related to selling weed. Be careful, lots of people pose as dealers to try and steal your money. Make sure the person you are buying from is genuine and has a good feedback from other buyers as well.

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