Business On Restoration Of Baths

Any owner of the apartment at least once in life faced with the need to change the old, outdated plumbing. Besides, now no problems with this new technology there came in any specialized shop and bought any. And what if the appearance of the bath is poor, and money for the new no.

The best option that will help to avoid unnecessary costs, and thus to obtain virtually new plumbing is the restoration of the baths.

The restoration of the baths is a business, not requiring to start a significant investment and everything else you need is there on All you need to begin an activity is a minimal set of tools, skills, and desire to work. Let us consider in detail the essence of this idea and the way of its realization.


The restoration of the baths performed in several ways:

Liquid method. The restoration process takes place by loading on the surface of the bath special means based on the injection of acrylic – Stakril (STACRIL ECOLOR, Fiber Glass Systems). While the walls of the bath are covered with a layer of acrylic is about 4-6 mm, which allows us to make a conclusion about the reliability of the coating, impact resistance, and resistance to abrasive substances. The technique is quite simple: the surface of the bath should be cleaned (using a drill with a special nozzle disc), degreased, and dried. Then you can start loading stakril. Drying time is about 2 days, working time of 3-4 hours. The enameling. The classic and most popular method of restoration, in which the treated surface of the bath by means of a spray or brush applied enamel (Permacor, Hammerite). Choice of enamel color. The preliminary preparation of the surface is different from the liquid bath, as described above. Topcoat spray has an advantage over brush, as the last traces may remain. The thickness of the enamel layer is 3-5 mm. the useful Life is smaller compared to the liquid bath. Drying time depends on the type of enamel, average – 3-4 days. Time to work for less than 3 hours. Acrylic liner. The so-called “tub in the tub“. The essence of the method consists of the installation of a bathroom acrylic liner, pre-Obuv tile near the connection of the bath with the wall. The bath should be of standard size. The color of the liner can be a white and colorful pattern. The installation process begins with the application to the surface of the bath foam with adhesive properties and processing sealant drains water. Then installed an acrylic liner. Within a day the bathtub can be used. The disadvantages of this method are the necessity of removing part of the tiles, as well as the higher price. The turnaround time is 2-3 hours.

As you can see, methods of restoration of baths quite different from each other by price, period of performance, durability, and usage. Therefore, the choice of the type of restoration the client must be conscious of. Your interest in advice is to minimize risk from warranty repair.

Tools required to perform each of the activities:

  • a drill with a nozzle disk;
  • the spray gun;
  • brush;
  • respirator;
  • means for degreasing, various types of enamel stakril, polyurethane foam, hermetic.

The materials used in the restoration of the baths, do not save. Best proven German, Finnish and English producers. Chasing cheaper domestic counterparts, there is a risk of unpleasant consequences (poor drying, flaking, cracks), which eliminate the need for your expense.

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