Boise Bangkok Thai: Good Food for a Good Price

When some think of Boise, Idaho, it conjures up images of the backwoods. Boise, they think, is too far from any of the established places for fine entertainment and dining. It is, after all, hundreds of miles from Seattle or San Francisco, and it may as well be on another planet when compared to New York City.

But Boise can surprise you with its offerings. The restaurants span the gamut of cuisines and cultures. One shining jewel is Bangkok Thai, a fairly nondescript place located in a strip mall. Before you plan to visit this amazing place make sure that learn about your food allergies to avoid any problem there. What are type III food allergies? What you can do to avoid them? What food item trigger these allergies? All these questions are really important before you visit any hotel or restaurant. 

The Restaurant

Walk inside Bangkok Thai, though, and you discover a whole new world. The place is decorated simply but neatly in Thai artifacts. The rear wall displays pictures of the king and queen of Thailand. A rear wall is adorned with photos of customers who managed to eat an entire bowl of pho, a special beef broth prepared with rice noodles, rib meat, and sirloin. It would be quite the feat to be included on that wall of fame.

The Food

Bangkok Thai is an amazing place to go for spicy and delicious Thai food. As you sit down, a polite waitress brings a basket of brightly colored rice chips. These puffed rice chips come in shades of lime green, hot pink and neon yellow. The flavor is indistinct, somewhat like shrimp. But hold on to them for your meal – you’ll need them to tone down the spice.

When you order, the waitress asks how hot you want your plate of food. The scale ranges from one to five, five being the spiciest. I ordered a three because I figured I like a little bit of spice, and a three would give me the middle of the road. I wouldn’t do that again. It was unbelievably spicy. I would hate to find out what a five is like in Bangkok Thai because a three was too hot. Next time, I’m going for a one.

I ordered the Beef Panang, a curry with bamboo shoots, basil, and green and red bell peppers. The sauce was thick and flavorful, and the vegetables fresh. My husband got the Pad Prig Krapow which he requested with beef. It came in a tangy sauce with basil leaves, green onions, and mushrooms. A large silver urn of rice came with the dishes.

The food was flavorful and filling. The ingredients were obviously fresh. I appreciated, too, seeing people who were obviously friends or family of the owners eating the same food. I always take that as a good sign that the dishes are authentic as well as delicious. If the family eats it too, it’s got to be excellent.

Prices are extremely reasonable, with many dishes under $10 and none over $15. It’s the perfect place to take your date.

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