Body Building Tips for Women

How much different is bodybuilding for a woman than it is for men? Often times, women are eager to begin a regimen of weight training but fear to gain too much muscle. As a result, many fail to build a better body. Most women want to slim down and tone up. However, they fear to lift weight because they might transform into a “she-hulk” with bulging biceps and a manly figure. This idea must be put to rest.

Women should train just as hard as men while in the gym. The truth is that only 5% of women have the genetic ability to gain muscle the way men gain muscle. Women bodybuilders specifically train their bodies to look big. They have the genetics and medical help from products such as Testogen in order to achieve such a body. Since only 5% of women have a genetic tendency, women should not train differently from men. Additionally, the testogen review will tell you how this is an effective way of building muscle mass for both men and women. As a woman, you will not look like and have the body of a man.

There are some simple exercises women can perform to help burn fat and gain lean muscle. Lifting more weights with more repetitions is not a good way to start toning up. In fact, lifting heavier weights with fewer repetitions increases muscle stimulation and burns faster. Compound exercises such as bench press, squats, and deadlifts are essential exercises to gaining muscle mass and losing fat while maintaining your current weight.

Although an exercise regiment is your foundation for your new body, having a realistic goal is the first step to creating that foundation. Is your goal to lose fat, build muscle, gain strength, or simply to stay in shape? It is also important to create a schedule for your meals and work-outs. Spontaneous work-outs and eating healthy only once in a while are sure ways to NOT help you achieve the body you want. A simple rule to remember while you are weight lifting is to never weight train beyond 75 minutes. Anytime after that, your cortisol levels begin to rise which will eat away the muscles you have and are trying to build. Keep your weight training sessions between 60 to 75 minutes.

Working out every day is a bad habit. Working out more will not give your body enough time for rest and repair. The end result is muscle loss. The best routine only requires three work-out sessions per week at 60-75 minutes per session. This regiment will give your body plenty of time for rest and repair.

The beginner should start with simple compound exercises. Bench press, squats, and dumbbell curls are great exercises to start with. Four sets of each with around 4-8 repetitions is a simple and easy way to get started on those compound exercises. I suggest working on your upper and lower body on separate days. You never want to overload your entire body at one time. Start with the upper body using a bench press, pull-ups, and dumbbell curls. Move your way down using squats, deadlifts and calf raise to work-out your lower body.

Remember, bodybuilding is a lifestyle. Three weeks of hardcore weight lifting and training will only open the door. You must commit at least twelve weeks to actually see results. Work hard and don’t give up!

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