Best Exercise Classes for a Fitter, Thinner You!

If you only have time for one fitness class, maximize your effort and find the right one for you. These are the easy exercises that you can follow as you want to become a sponsored athlete. Giving your 100% all the time, keeping your mind focused and positive all the time are equally essential in your journey as well. 


This is an intense bike riding class, in which you vary the resistance on your stationary bike during the workout. This burns fat, tones legs and butts and helps you sweat out the calories. This can be hard work for beginners, but you can make the ride as hard or as easy as possible.

With all the encouragement the instructor offers and the heavy music, this is good for those who enjoy a challenge, but can find it hard to get motivated. This offers quick results. Wear cycling shorts or bring some extra seat padding – bike seats aren’t that comfortable for long periods!


This mixes the upper body boxing workout and the lower body martial arts workout to give you an all-over toned and strong body. These classes rarely involve physical contact, but you will still kick, punch and knee strike your way to a fitter body.

If you are new to kickboxing, always start with a beginners’ class and slowly work your way up to more advanced classes. Your instructor will be able to tell you when it’s time to move on, and this will stop you overexerting yourself.

This is a fun way to keep fit and can help you learn to defend yourself. Most gyms do women only lessons as well as mixed-sex classes, for those more comfortable around women.


There are several types of aerobics classes – dance aerobics, water aerobics, and step aerobics. Dance aerobics involves a set dance routine, using simple movements, to raise your heart rate and burn calories. It is suitable for any fitness level, as most places offer classes at all levels. You can advance at any time you feel ready.

Water aerobics is similar, but you do it in a swimming pool to add resistance. This helps you tone your body more than the other types. Water aerobics is also the gentlest type of aerobics, suitable for any fitness type. It also doesn’t matter whether you can sleep, so long as you are water confident.

Step aerobics incorporates a small platform into your workout. Using set movements, involving stepping on and off the platform, you dance along to the music. Step aerobics is usually done in large groups at a gym, but there are many good at-home DVDs to buy, and the step itself is available at most sports stores. They are an inexpensive way to exercise at home.

Aerobics is a good cardio exercise and can burn a lot of calories, especially compared to some types of exercise. It is easy to vary the intensity of workouts, so is a good place to start if you are new to exercise or are recovering from an injury.


It’s scientifically proven that tennis players are healthier than non-tennis players. And it’s no wonder why. Tennis is a fantastic cardio exercise, burning fat and maintaining high levels of energy. It develops hand-eye coordination, as well as helping to tone legs quickly and efficiently. Tennis is for you if you are a social person: games can be played in pairs or in fours. It is also a great sport to get the kids involved in its fun and gives them a great healthy basis for day to day life.

So pick up a racket and join your local tennis club. It’ll be a lot more fun then you think!


Pilates is a mix of yoga poses and stretches with resistance training and martial arts to help gain a lean, muscular body. Pilates is a whole-body conditioning and improvement plan but done in a stress-free, relaxing way. It was originally designed as a way to overcome physical injury or ailments, and as such is a gentle way to exercise.

Pilates can be fitted into everyday life easy, and so is best for those with busy lives, or those who tend to stress a lot. Pilates is offered at most health clubs, but for those without the time to go to the gym every day, there are hundreds of DVDs to choose from. Pop one in each morning and stretch your way to a better body with only 15 minutes a day.

Power Plate

A power plate is simply a small platform that you stand on. It vibrates intensely and causes the muscles in the body to contract between 25-50 times a minute. Many gyms already have them in place, and they are growing in popularity. By adding a 15-minute power plate workout to your regular workout can increase muscle tone, increase bone density and reduce stress, all without the high impact other exercises can place on the joints. It is best to use a power plate in conjunction with other exercises, instead of as an alternative. This keeps the body in a natural state, as, let’s face it, our bodies don’t vibrate naturally!

Pole Dancing

Not for the faint-hearted, pole dancing is more about having fun and toning up then about sexy dancing. Dancing is a good cardiovascular activity, and this mixed with the pole tricks, add muscle workouts and weight training. Anyone who has ever hung upside down on a pole, held up with only your thigh muscles will tell you how strong pole dancing will make you. Plus, you get to release your inner sex kitten, giving you an immediate boost of self-confidence. And I’m sure your partner will enjoy you demonstrating your new skills and wonderfully toned body.

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