Be Careful While Buying Marijuana, As Police Can Be Disguised As Dealers And Be Using Body Cameras

Marijuana might be banned in many countries, but its availability is never absent. It is always smuggled and supplied even to the customers in the remotest corners of the country work under the table has always been going on. In some countries, the authorities are handsomely bribed to act ignorant and be negligent towards the black markets of weed. As against this when the government and the police authorities strictly follow the law problems for the dealers, smugglers, and customers arise. In many countries/states the police go undercover to catch the culprits, but they are also required to provide video evidence, and for this reason, they use body cameras.

How Does Pot Reach The Individual Customers?

The individuals are able to buy marijuana through a hierarchical setup this begins when a smuggler sneaks in the stuff and stores it somewhere safe, then sells to the dealers in smaller quantities they further sell to peddlers, and they take it to the individuals by roaming in the markets going to people and asking them if they’re interested, or customers come to them on fixed locations. Buying and selling something which is illegal both the buyer and the seller are guilty. Hence police go undercover and use body cameras to catch them.

Precautions to be taken while scoring Marijuana

Certain precautions are must to be taken before scoring weed these include:

Appearance: It would be wise if one uses a different appearance from his/her regular one to make it difficult to be recognised.

It takes two: Try scoring with a back up to escape in case of a ‘left turn’ the backup guy can be ready with the engine started.

Don’t always buy from the same dealer: the police might suspect and spot a person on regular purchase from the same place.

This piece of information is shared by queens cannabis dispensary and must be taken into consideration while scoring marijuana

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