Basics Of Botox Injection

Over a long period of time, people greatly concerned about their skin and appearance have been following the BOTOX injection treatment over all other methods. The remarkable effect of the BOTOX injections has been the main reason for a large number of people following the treatment for a beautiful younger looking skin. However, a large number of people in today’s time consider the wide range of BOTOX alternatives that are now made available in the market for simpler and easier methods. The method has FDA approval for a series of conditions that includes treatment for eye twitching, underarm sweating, etc. However, a large number of people prefer following its other alternatives due to a few BOTOX side effects that are equally harmful as its pros. In order to enjoy the best results, you should consider the BOTOX before and after treatment tips that help enhance your entire appearance. But most primarily, you should be aware of the BOTOX injection basics in order to avail its best results.

BOTOX Procedure

The BOTOX injection method is extremely simple and can be completed within about 10-30 minutes. This however depends largely on the amount of the injected filler and the surface area of the treatment. In the starting phase, a topical anesthetic medication is injected to numb all the desired areas. After this process, small desired amount of BOTOX is injected deep into the skin using a thin needle. The process may cause some pain and discomfort. The BOTOX injection paralyzes the face muscles to an extent and hence avoids wrinkles on the skin.

BOTOX technology

BOTOX injection stands for Botulinum toxin A, a purified protein extracted from botulism. However, ever since its introduction, the method has had no alteration to enhance its effect on the skin. This is one basic reason behind many people trying to opt for the other new conventional BOTOX alternatives available in the market with greater results on the skin.

BOTOX Post Op Recovery

Soon after undergoing the BOTOX treatment, the patients can continue with their routine work without any resting period. The treatment causes very negligible or nearly about no bleeding, bruising, discomfort or even pain on the patients. Thus, touching and massaging the treated areas on the face should be avoided in order to avoid the disruption of the placements. The total effect of these injections can last for about 3 to nearly 6 months, after which the treatment needs to be repeated again.

BOTOX complications

BOTOX injections have several side effects on its patients such as the drooping eyelids or even somewhat raised eyebrows. These side effects are not at all permanent as with the passing time, the paralysis effect on the face wears off slowly. BOTOX is the marketing name of a well-known neurotoxin, botulinum toxin A that is associated with botulism has great potentiality of causing paralysis in the body. As a result, it is believed that people using the BOTOX injection treatment have a great possibility of contracting the paralytic disease.

Is it right for me?

Every patient has a different requirement for getting rid of the wrinkles from the face and other surrounding areas. However, most people undergo the treatment for the skin around their eyes, forehead and mouth. There are also other who undergo the treatment for improvements in crow’s feet and the facial folds.

Most people have this confusion as to whether they should go for full time Botox surgery or not where some simply take the plunge while others fear the consequences and with good reason as Botox can go horribly wrong as most movie stars have ended up with disfigured faces that is much worse than the wrinkles but still, under eye fillers Calgary has a unique procedure that does make the treatment easy where the side effects are negligible.

Based on the recent cost hikes and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average surgeon fee across the nation for the treatment is $501. However, the cost also depends on the number of syringes that are pricked within your face and surrounding areas for removing the wrinkles completely for a better and younger looking skin.

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