Amazing Facts About Designer Fireplaces

A crackling fire adds charm and ambiance to any room. There are amazing facts regarding designer fireplace homeowners are unaware about.

  • Energy saver

Modern fireplaces are an eco-friendly alternative to central heating.

Only some rooms get used in the house daily, but a central heating system heats the entire house. Why waste energy in unused spaces?

Lowers consumption of overall energy.

  • Heating cost reduces

Energy cost is steadily rising, which gets hard to deal with.

Rather than spending significantly on the central heating bills, choosing an efficient fireplace is a creative way to resolve the problem.

It is reported that your monthly heating costs gets 20% to 40% lower.

  • Remote control convenience 

The traditional fireplaces take a lot of work to fire up.

Newer models of designer gas fireplaces are available with remote control.

Just grab the remote, push a button and the flames start to spread heat.

  • Gas fireplace vs. wood-burning hearth

In the wood-burning hearth, a huge pile of the logs needs to be stocked for the winter season in advance.

You have to chop or purchase them.

No one desires to go out in the freezing cold to fetch the firewood.

A gas fireplace allows you to sit back and enjoy the warmth.

The hassle of chopping or buying wood piles is eliminated.

The efficiency of a wood-burning fireplace is around 10% to 30% and the gas fireplace has 50% to 90%.

The gas fireplace is better than wood-burning hearth.

  • Maintenance-free

Wood-burning releases smoke, ash, and soot. The chimney also needs a sweep.

A gas fireplace needs less cleaning in comparison.

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