A To Z Guide For Increasing Pageviews: L Is For Longevity

Everyone keeps telling you to use popular words and popular keyword phrases in your headlines and web content. You want to make money online, so you agree that it’s a good idea.

But where can you find these popular keywords and phrases? Which phrases have staying power, and are not just a flash in the celebrity search pan?

Some free web tools and the FKC Concept provide the most up-to-date and time-sensitive keywords and phrases. This can be useful for news and entertainment writers, but not always practical for writing more evergreen content.

For that reason, this article will not include the “popular this minute” tools. Instead, these free web tools will help you find popular keywords and related phrases with longevity.

How Do I Know About This?

After a year of web writing, and using different keyword phrase tools and popularity tools, I have found my favorites.

With a professional background in evaluating and searching for the best content on the web, as a database editor for a K-12 student database, and as an editor of a library reference book about the web, I feel confident that you, too will find these web tools useful.

These web tools will help you refine your web content and make more money online.

This article revisits and updates the article, Using Keyword Popularity to Refine and Create Content.

Many web writers trying to make money online found the original article useful. Since the original writing, a number of the sites have changed, and an updated article is warranted.

Where to Find Popular Words and Phrases

  1. Keyword Selector Tool
  • Web Site Address: http://inventory.overture.com

I find Overture’s Keyword Selector Tool useful to use this free web tool to scope out the exact keyword phrase or keyword that I will use in an article when I have the basic premise of the article in the head.

It’s also useful to use this free keyword popularity tool to find synonyms to your topics, which can help you increase the article’s ranking with search engines using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI).

Another way to use Overture’s Keyword Selector Tool is to change words after an article has already been written. I don’t see any advantage in doing this. Words can be changed after the fact when:

  • the article has already been written
  • the article was written when there was no Internet access
  • the article is being re-written for a different audience or publication

This a useful web tool that generates synonyms and phrases that are related to your web content.

What I like about this free web tool is it provides an ordered list of keywords and related phrases by popularity.

  1. Keyword Suggestion Tool by SubmitExpress
  • Web Site Address: http://keywords.submitexpress.com

Another web site that you can use for free to find popular keywords and keyword phrases is the Keyword Suggestion Tool by SubmitExpress.

This free web tool will take the word you enter, and ask you to narrow down the list that word generates.

It generates a list of “Estimate Traffic” by providing you with a side-by-side comparison list of related phrases from two other services, WordTracker, and Keyword Discovery.

It is useful for comparing the popularity of keywords and related phrases.

  1. Keyword Suggestion from DigitalPoint
  • Web Site Address” http://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/suggestion

The Keyword Suggestion from DigitalPoint is similar to Keyword Suggestion Tool by SubmitExpress in that it compares to different groups of data related to keyword popularity.

Keyword Suggestion from DigitalPoint compares results from Overture and Wordtracker. The resulting list shows which keyword phrases people search for most often.

Since the following sites have been mentioned above, I will list them here so you know what they are.

  • WordTacker
  1. Keyword Discovery
  • Web Site Address: http://www.keyworddiscovery.com

You will need to sign up for the free trial to use this web tool. The search results, according to the site comes from 200 search engines plus Google AdSense and Yahoo! Overture.

  1. Nichebot Classic

Before I found Overture, I relied on Nichebot Classic heavily. Nichebot Classic was inaccessible a while back when it came to finding results from WordTracker.

Nichebot Classic will provide search results for the different search engines, which can be useful for reaching a Google audience, a Yahoo! audience, or the MSN audience.

To keep up with the latest sites online to find popular keywords and phrases, visit the AC Toolbox on Squidoo, which is updated with the latest and best web tools for web writers, including popular keyword sites.

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