A Review of Dish Network: For All You TV-A-HOLICS

What do I love about Dish Network? For starters pausing live TV, which has become the greatest inventions to grace our nation. With it comes DVR, the ability to record any television show you have available to you. This has become one of the many products in my home that I cannot live without. Granted it costs me $5.95 a month for this service, but it is money well spent. What would you be able to do if you knew you would never miss an episode of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy or the newest hit show NBC’s Heroes? I can tell you what I would be able to do.

I would be able to get up for a phone call or answer to door when the pizza is delivered or pay attention to my child without missing an important moment in their life and the lives of those favorite TV characters we grow to love each week. I will be able to go to that all important back to school night; when the time comes and know I won’t miss that episode of ER people will be talking about years from now.

There have been too many times while I was in college I would over hear someone talking about how he wouldn’t be going out on a date that night because Gilmore Girls was on. When I was in college we had things called VCR’s. I always wanted to ask where the girl lived that turned them down for that possibily life changing date, so I could yell at them and say, “Do you have a VCR? Do you have an empty tape? Do you know how to record shows?” I would then explain to them I would be happy to tape what ever show they wanted so they could have the social life they always dreamed about as long as they provided a tape. However, I never did get up enough courage to do the above so I went on listening to all those guys who couldn’t get dates. I would have gone out with them, but I was already taken! The rankings and reviews of live television should be checked at https://livetv.tube site. The purchase should be done according to the ratings of the electronic device. The recording of the shows will be effective. The cost of the purchase should be under the funds available with people. The ranking should be valid and accurate for the benefit. 

We have only had Dish Network since August of 2006 and I am extremly happy with the service. They even have free preview channels each month showing some of the channels you don’t have in your service. Last month they had Toon Disney and I was able to catch up with a bunch of shows I had watched as a kid and some my husband and I have watched as adults. This month we have all of the HBO channels which means it’s time to get out our Netflix queue and see what we can cross off.

My only complaint would have to be that we only have about 90 hours available to save those epsiodes and movies we have recorded. We are down to 20 hours available and every day it looms closer to the zero mark. Weekly we go through and ask, “Do we really did to save this show or that movie?” It will be on again and if we really liked it that much, we should save up our money and buy it on DVD!

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