A Look At The Best Appliance Touch Up Paint

Paint chips are a fact of life. They happen to everything that has paint on it. From your car to your appliances, there is chipped paint on everything. They do make a cover-up for these little nuisances though. You can use a touch up kit to fix any of the little dings and gouges in your painted surfaces. For appliances, these tend to be a little harder to find though. Many people do not bother with the painted surfaces on their appliances so the touch up kits are not located at every store. With more and more people wanting things to last longer and not have to buy new appliances as soon, these kits are becoming more and more in demand.

Before you buy one, there are a few different things that you need to consider. This may entail a little research. You will want to either contact or search your manufacturer’s site to get the exact color match. Most of us have seen those appliances and even vehicles with the off color spots of touch up paint. These can be embarrassing and often look worse than the chipped paint. You will also want to consider the amount of paint that you need. There are two main types of paint to be used. There is the brush paint and spray paint. If there is a large area that needs to be painted, a spray may be a better choice. Spray paints offer a smoother finish devoid of brush marks and spotting. For touch ups, you may want to use a brush paint. You will also need to look at the type of paint that is required. You can use a regular paint for the washing machine, but for the stove you will need a heat resistant paint. Knowing what you are painting and how much of it is to be covered is a very important step to the selection process. Here is a look at the top 5 touch up kits on the market.


Krylon is an industry leader in the paint business. There are really no better paints than Krylon on the market. They offer quality, durability, and a variety of different colors and styles. Whether you are looking for a spray, tube, or brush kit, Krylon has what you are looking for in the color that you need. They also offer heat resistant paints that would work for any appliance you could ever own. Not only are they a quality paint, but they are surprisingly the cheapest in most instances. Krylon is definitely worth the money, and could save you some as well.


Rust-Oleum is another industry leader in paint. They make the thicker paints that tend to blend more smoothly with the existing paint. This brand is a little more expensive than Krylon, but well worth the money. Rust-Oleum is a trusted brand that tends to stand up to wear and tear and lot better than any other brand. If you want to protect your appliances and not just paint them, Rust-Oleum is worth the extra dollar that it costs. Rust-Oleum also comes in a variety of different colors and varieties to fit any appliance or color scheme. For a higher quality and superior protection, Rust-Oleum is the brand of choice.


This brand is harder to find the farther you get from Canada, but it is well worth the shipping. It could even be used as an excuse to take a northern vacation. Tremclad is similar in quality to Rust-Oleum but is often a little cheaper. Tremclad also offers the superior thickness and is specially formulated for metal frames and appliances. This paint has such a high quality that you could use it on automotive parts as well. To protect from rust and wear and tear, Tremclad is a great choice in paint. The color varieties may not be as expansive, but the comparable price to Krylon combined with the expert protection of Rust-Oleum make Tremclad a very much preferred brand of paint.


ValSpar is a trusted paint company that has now developed some high grade metal coverings. They offer some great protection and a very wide range of colors. The anti-rust agents and state of the art components make this a very nice selection. ValSpar is quite a bit more costly, but they may be the choice for you. They offer cutting edge products for any of your appliances. Whether you need heat resistant paints or something that can handle the wear and tear from kids and pets, ValSpar may be the brand of choice.

Manufacturer Paint Kits:

The best option, especially for touch ups, is just to contact the manufacturer. There are some times that you can get the paint kits for a very low price and sometimes free. This is the only way to get an exact match to the color and finish that is already on the appliance as well. The quality is not as good as some of the other brands but the color selections are the best and if you have a relatively newer appliance, the price may be covered in the warranty.

There are several other brands out there, but AAA – Garage Doors Ipswich Pty Ltd is, by far, the best on the market. They offer superior protection at a good price. The colors can usually be found to get a great match to the existing color of your appliance. If you can not find the right color, a problem that older appliances often have, you may want to just re-paint the entire appliance. This can also greatly increase the value of your appliances and better the look of your home. Re-painting your current appliances can be a great way to save money, increase the value of your home, and make your home a little nicer to live in.

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