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How to Create Your Own Daily House Cleaning Schedule

I could tell you exactly how to clean your house every day. But in reality, every household is different, and you are the one who decides what your home needs. Here are some tips for creating a daily cleaning schedule.

Bare Necessities

After I gave birth, housework was difficult and overwhelming. So I came up with a list of three things that absolutely had to be picked up, and when I got a few minutes during the day, I took care of these first.

For me, these things were dishes, dirty clothes and linens, and garbage. I started with the room I was in, and picked up just those items from the floor and furniture. If I had time, I moved on to other rooms. And if I had more time, then I washed the dishes and clothes. This did not result in a perfectly clean house, but I felt better. If I’m going through a rough patch, I still come back to this.

Basic Sanitation

You need to do at least minimal cleaning in the kitchen and bathrooms to ensure everyone’s safety. This includes washing dishes (or at least scraping, rinsing and stacking them while you’re waiting for the dishwasher to run), wiping counters and sinks, and cleaning toilets.

What Will Visitors See?

If you’re pressed for house cleaning time, concentrate on the areas that will be seen first by visitors. Begin at your front entry, and make sure any clutter is picked up and put away. Wipe up any obvious spots or prints on floor, walls, or furniture. Proceed in the same way through the living room, guest bathroom, and any other areas that visitors will see. That way, you’ll be ready for anyone who drops by, and you’ll feel comfortable inviting people over.

Other Priorities

Some people feel they must have the floors swept and vacuumed every day; others only need this once a week. Some like to make the bed every day; others don’t care. Whatever your remaining priorities are, put them on the list.

Schedule and Delegate

After going through these categories, you should have a list of daily household chores. Now you just have to decide who will do them, and when! Again, this depends on your situation. You may be able to do all of them at once, all by yourself. You may have a small amount of time at the beginning of the day, and a small amount of time in the evening. You may have a spouse and children who can help!

Here’s a sample daily house-cleaning schedule, based on the tips above.


  • Make bed.
  • Clean bathroom sink, counters and toilet.
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Put breakfast dishes in the dishwasher.


  • Put dinner dishes in dishwasher and run it
  • Wipe kitchen counters, stove, and sink.
  • Check entryway/front room for clutter and necessary cleanups
  • Pick up family room and other areas that need it
  • Lay out clothes for the next day. Do a load of laundry if necessary.

In a nutshell, simply form a chain or link where you make a list of all the chores mentioned above so that the schedule would help you to manage everything easily without the need of depending on maids or house cleaners because they can become a nuisance due to their rebellious attitude.

A Firsthand Look At Second Mortgages

To those of you who don’t already know, the term ‘second mortgage’ refers to a secured mortgage (loan) on a property on which a loan has already been acquired (called first mortgage). Third and fourth mortgages do occur but ever so rarely. A second mortgage is subordinate to the first in the sense that the first mortgage gets paid off before it, in case the loan defaults. This makes second mortgages that much more risky and thus it commands a higher interest rate.


  •  Make sure you have a clear idea of what interest rates are offered to you from various sources. Check out banks and credit unions. Also talk to a dedicated mortgage lender. Choose a interest plan that best suits your needs and is flexible enough.
  •  Read the terms and conditions carefully. Keep an eye out for balloon payments, which offer you low affordable installments in the beginning and expect increased payments toward the end of the term of loan. You may end up not being able to afford that increase in the installment.
  •  Think about whether or not you need various voluntary insurance policies that are offered with the loan. Many a times you do not really need to be covered or are already covered. You end up paying extra for what you don’t really need.

  •  Some banks and lenders have a rigid prepayment policy. You are asked to pay a penalty if you want to clear the loan off before the term actually ends. If things turn around for the better, the lender shouldn’t penalize you for it, should he?
  •  Last but not least, check the defaulting policy. Make sure you are aware of what happens if u default on a payment. Sometimes a clerical error will result in a default and you will end up in a pit for it.
  •  Normally, the extra costs associated with a loan application are quite considerable. Make sure you have enough money for Appraisal fees, Application costs and other miscellaneous expenses.

Second mortgages can have a term ranging up to 30 years and repayment term of the loan may range up to as little as a year. Most of these figures depend on the structure of the loan. A second mortgage can also be a prime factor in the foreclosure of the loan in case the owner defaults on the payment. In that case, the second lien holder pays up the original loan and buys the property which is usually in a good condition, and forecloses. This causes the owner to lose the property and the property now is under the name of the second line holder.

As another source of cash, you may also opt to seek financial assistance from a reliable loan agency like Majestic Lake Financial in Reno, NV. They will help you achieve your dream with low interests. This could be an option that you may want to consider.

Smoking And Diabetes Are a Bad Combination For Native Americans

I live in an area with a large diabetic population. It’s not surprising. I happen to live in the capital of the Cherokee Nation, an area with a large proportion of Native Americans. If you are not Native American or a health care professional, you may not know that ours is a population at particularly high risk of diabetes. In fact, according to the American Diabetes Association, Native Americans are more than twice as likely to have diabetes as non-Hispanic whites, and the risk is increasing at a frightening rate.

What does surprise me, though, is that across the United States, Native Americans are nearly twice as likely to be smokers as non-Hispanic whites, and far more likely than any other ethnic group studied. That is particularly upsetting because the complications that can arise from diabetes are made that much worse if a person happens to also be a smoker. And smoking is completely preventable as we have now dab rigs under 50 that is an affordable way to reduce your smoking habits.

Smoking raises your risk of diabetes

According to research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, people who smoke are at three times greater risk of developing diabetes than their non-smoking peers. Given the prevalence of smokers in the Native American population, simply addressing smoking could have a major effect on the diabetes epidemic in our communities.

Both diabetes and smoking can individually lead to such complications as high blood pressure, heart disease, periodontal disease, eye disease, stroke, and an inability for the body to heal itself after wounds. Taken together, diabetes and smoking dramatically raise the risk of complications for patients. Clearly both issues need to be addressed in Native American communities.

Smoke shops and casinos

Rather than working to stop Native Americans from smoking, many tribes currently make money off enterprises such as smoke shops and casinos, which are havens for smokers both within the tribe and without. If tribes want to get serious about preventing diabetes, we can no longer ignore the heightened risk that smoking presents for our people. Smoking, even secondhand smoke, not only raises the incidence of diabetes, it contributes to complications that can be debilitating and deadly.

What you can do now

If you or someone you know is at risk of diabetes, learn all you can about the disease and what you can do to prevent it. If you already have diabetes, educate yourself about the many complications that can arise if your diabetes goes unmanaged. And to reduce your risk of potentially fatal complications from diabetes, stop smoking immediately. It is never too late to take steps to reduce the damage that smoking and diabetes can do.

The Most Cursed Car Accessories

If you’re a new car owner, it can be quite exciting to start buying some car accessories. We need to warn you, however, that not all car accessories are good. As a matter of fact, in this article, we decided to list down some of the car accessories that are considered to be cursed and shouldn’t be bought.

Handpresso 12V Espresso Machine

Don’t get me wrong. The machine definitely sounds interesting. Who wouldn’t want to have their espresso ready in the car? But it really isn’t something that is feasible to have. For one thing, when you are driving, you are always concentrated on the road and on the steering wheel. With that, you never know, when you are going to spill the coffee. At the very least, you could spill hot coffee to someone or even yourself. The worst-case scenario is that the coffee is spilled on the car equipment in which case your car could be damaged.


We have no idea why people even thought of the idea of inventing this car accessory. It serves no real purpose and it doesn’t even provide additional aesthetic appeal on the part of your car. It merely makes you the laughing stock on the road for having a car that looks like the one on the animated movie. 

12V 60W Electric Scratch Repair Car Polisher

Sure, it seems pretty useful. Who wouldn’t want to have the ability to clean their car? It surely will save you a lot of bucks going to the car wash service. But just look at it! It’s so tiny. It may be useful for cleaning a certain part of the car. Maybe if you want to get into some detailed portion of your car then this device would certainly provide of value. But if you really are going to use this thing to clean your entire car, I don’t think so. I mean, you can but by the time, the entire car is clean, you would have gone insane already. I’ll tell you what. Just don’t settle for car accessories. Why don’t you settle for home accessories instead? If that’s something that sparks your interest, you better go check out

Pros and Cons of Joining a Social Networking Site

Do you tweet? Do you have a profile on Myspace, Facebook or MyYearbook? Do you have tons of followers and friends that you actually have never laid eyes on or wouldn’t recognize by voice? Do you think only scam artists or losers hang out on social networking? Have you actually stopped and consider the real pros and cons of using and being a part of the social networking craze?

Face it, they can blast Facebook on the evening news all they want and at least for the time being this site is not going anywhere. They have tons of fans and for these people they are going to keep posting their daily or hourly status updates and enjoying their dozens or hundreds of friends. All the pros and cons should be available with the person about profile viewer instagram. Some essential things can be considered through the person to use the services of the private account. The posting of the content will be great at the social networking sites. The status of the account will be good at the site. 


Social sites are just plain fun. That is the main reason for their popularity. It gives people a place to hang out and say what they want to say. They can vent to their hearts content and this makes them feel good. They can also bond with others.

Are the sites dangerous?

Maybe. All good things in life can be dangerous, if you go about them in the wrong way. First, all intelligent internet users know that they should set their privacy levels to private and only become friends with people they know or want to know. They should not become friends with everyone who wants to befriend them. This means you really do not need a hundred or a thousand followers. You should be choosy who you should befriend.

If you are a parent, you should always monitor your children to some degree while they are using the internet. You should talk to them about social sites and the dangers they can play. You should also make sure you are added as one of their friends so you can monitor their pages, you should also make sure their privacy levels are set correctly and that you can passwords to all their accounts.

That being said, the majority of socializing on social sites is safe.

What are some of the pros of being a social network socialite?

  • It is a good way to network yourself, your business, or your art. This can work for service people, artists (writers, singers, etc) and just normal business people.
  • It is a great way to make friends from far away places and even from your own home town.
  • It is a great way to connect with others in your own field. You can learn more about your industry this way and exchange tips and ideas.
  • It is a great way to share a common passion or hobby.
  • It allows you a place to vent when you have a problem
  • They are great places to learn about new games and new tech advances
  • They are great places to pass away the time when you are bored
  • They are a great way for an extended family who lives in separate areas to stay in touch

Yet, like was said before, all good things come with dangers or whether cons.

Here are some cons of social sites:

  • They are addicting.
  • They make take up too much of your time
  • They may keep you from spending time with real people
  • If you say the wrong thing while venting, the words can come back and haunt you
  • Anything you post, may come back to haunt you, including photos

Is social networking for you? To answer that question, decide why you want to join such a site. Then decide if your answer is a good one.

A To Z Guide For Increasing Pageviews: L Is For Longevity

Everyone keeps telling you to use popular words and popular keyword phrases in your headlines and web content. You want to make money online, so you agree that it’s a good idea.

But where can you find these popular keywords and phrases? Which phrases have staying power, and are not just a flash in the celebrity search pan?

Some free web tools and the FKC Concept provide the most up-to-date and time-sensitive keywords and phrases. This can be useful for news and entertainment writers, but not always practical for writing more evergreen content.

For that reason, this article will not include the “popular this minute” tools. Instead, these free web tools will help you find popular keywords and related phrases with longevity.

How Do I Know About This?

After a year of web writing, and using different keyword phrase tools and popularity tools, I have found my favorites.

With a professional background in evaluating and searching for the best content on the web, as a database editor for a K-12 student database, and as an editor of a library reference book about the web, I feel confident that you, too will find these web tools useful.

These web tools will help you refine your web content and make more money online.

This article revisits and updates the article, Using Keyword Popularity to Refine and Create Content.

Many web writers trying to make money online found the original article useful. Since the original writing, a number of the sites have changed, and an updated article is warranted.

Where to Find Popular Words and Phrases

  1. Keyword Selector Tool
  • Web Site Address:

I find Overture’s Keyword Selector Tool useful to use this free web tool to scope out the exact keyword phrase or keyword that I will use in an article when I have the basic premise of the article in the head.

It’s also useful to use this free keyword popularity tool to find synonyms to your topics, which can help you increase the article’s ranking with search engines using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI).

Another way to use Overture’s Keyword Selector Tool is to change words after an article has already been written. I don’t see any advantage in doing this. Words can be changed after the fact when:

  • the article has already been written
  • the article was written when there was no Internet access
  • the article is being re-written for a different audience or publication

This a useful web tool that generates synonyms and phrases that are related to your web content.

What I like about this free web tool is it provides an ordered list of keywords and related phrases by popularity.

  1. Keyword Suggestion Tool by SubmitExpress
  • Web Site Address:

Another web site that you can use for free to find popular keywords and keyword phrases is the Keyword Suggestion Tool by SubmitExpress.

This free web tool will take the word you enter, and ask you to narrow down the list that word generates.

It generates a list of “Estimate Traffic” by providing you with a side-by-side comparison list of related phrases from two other services, WordTracker, and Keyword Discovery.

It is useful for comparing the popularity of keywords and related phrases.

  1. Keyword Suggestion from DigitalPoint
  • Web Site Address”

The Keyword Suggestion from DigitalPoint is similar to Keyword Suggestion Tool by SubmitExpress in that it compares to different groups of data related to keyword popularity.

Keyword Suggestion from DigitalPoint compares results from Overture and Wordtracker. The resulting list shows which keyword phrases people search for most often.

Since the following sites have been mentioned above, I will list them here so you know what they are.

  • WordTacker
  1. Keyword Discovery
  • Web Site Address:

You will need to sign up for the free trial to use this web tool. The search results, according to the site comes from 200 search engines plus Google AdSense and Yahoo! Overture.

  1. Nichebot Classic

Before I found Overture, I relied on Nichebot Classic heavily. Nichebot Classic was inaccessible a while back when it came to finding results from WordTracker.

Nichebot Classic will provide search results for the different search engines, which can be useful for reaching a Google audience, a Yahoo! audience, or the MSN audience.

To keep up with the latest sites online to find popular keywords and phrases, visit the AC Toolbox on Squidoo, which is updated with the latest and best web tools for web writers, including popular keyword sites.

For the Beginning Gardener: Five Garden Plants That Are Hard to Kill

Gardening just isn’t that difficult. All it takes is some good soil, a little compost, some sunshine, and the right amount of water. Unfortunately for some beginning gardeners, they have a devil of a time getting anything to survive. Are you one of those poor unfortunates with a black thumb instead of a green one? For people who would like to to garden but can’t get anything to stay alive, here are five plants that even a beginning gardener can successfully grow .

Virginia Creeper

In my neighborhood, we call this stuff The Vine That Won’t Die.

Virginia creeper is a perennial vine that grows a whopping 10-20 feet every year, reaching a mature length of over 60 feet. It will climb along fences to create privacy, grow over patios and up into trees, and can even be used to cover up that rusted old car sitting in the back yard. This plant throws out all sorts of tendrils that cling to surfaces and will develop into new plants once they reach soil.

In the early spring, Virginia Creeper is full of dark green leaves which turn to a brilliant red in the late fall. It also produces a non-edible berry which is green in the summer, and turns to a dark purple.

Virginia Creepers do well in sun or partial shade, needs some water but doesn’t mind if it gets too much, and seems to tolerate all kind of soil. Even though it can get away in a hurry, it’s a popular plant because it is so easy to grow and has such spectacular fall foliage. One of the nicest things about owning a Virginia Creeper is that the vines can be torn back in the late fall and made into Christmas wreaths.

This plant grows in zones 2-9.

Lemon Thyme

Lemon Thyme is an aromatic herb that looks like regular Thyme, but has a wonderful lemon scent. This herb grows between 8-12 inches in height, had dark green leaves, and spreads like a weed. It prefers hot dry soil and does quite well in areas where other plants might not want to go.

As a seasoning herb, Lemon Thyme can be used in poultry dishes. Brewed as a tea, Lemon Thyme is popular as a folk medicine and is said to have anti-aging properties, relieves muscle spasms, and eases chest congestion. For the beginners, site navigation is excellent and not hard at all to find my way back to the homepage. The navigation at the website will be simple and easy for the person. The use of the dishes will be done in the best way. 

This plant grows in zones 4-9.

Perennial Phlox

This old fashioned favorite is known by several names including Perennial Phlox, Garden Phlox, Fall Phlox, or Vertical Phlox. It’s botanical name is Phlox paniculata and it grows between 30-36 inches in height. It’s a favorite in wild gardens because of it’s beautiful pale purple flowers and next to nothing maintenance. This variety of phlox is popular in the eastern US and the Rocky Mountain Northwest.

In my yard, this variety of Phlox pops up in flower beds all over the place and doesn’t seem to be particularly fussy where it grows. It does well in both intense sun and partial shade, and doesn’t mind sharing space with other flowers or even shrubs. It comes back every year from the same root, in addition to scattering seeds all over the yard.

This plant grows in zones 3-9.


This blue flowering plant is becoming quite popular as an environmentally friendly plant that is naturally pest and disease resistant. It is a relative of the verbena, and is classified as a small shrub or returning herbaceous plant. The Bluebeard grows between 3 to 4 feet in height and makes a nice hedge plant to define the edge of the yard.

I first discovered the Bluebeard or Caryopteris, years ago when shifting to Xeriscape landscaping in areas of my yard. This plant has gray foliage and delicate blue late summer blooms, and survives with intense sun and low water conditions. The Bluebeard does require well draining soil, but aside from that, is a very low maintenance plant.

It takes about three years for the plant to reach it’s mature height, and is very prolific, constantly sending out new “babies” through out adjacent flower beds.

This plant grows in zones 4-8.


Coreopsis, more commonly known as Tickseed is another environmentally friendly plant that is very easy to grow. There are a number of Coreopsis varieties, but the one I’ve had success with in my yard is the variety C. verticillata “Zagreb”. This plant grows in intense sun and low water conditions, reaching a height of about 12 – 16 inches. It produces a stunning yellow flower in the summer, and will bloom twice more if dead headed. Coreposis does well in rock gardens and along sidewalks, and is a fabulous edging plant. It’s also very prolific and needs to be thinned out periodically to keep the beds under control.

This plant grows in zones 4-9.

If you are a beginning gardener, you may discover that one or all of these varieties of plants may work for you. They reproduce quickly, require little in the way of care, and make even a person cursed with black thumb look like she knows what she’s doing.

Relevance of Online Gaming in Today’s Life

Many have considered Online Gaming as an escape route to reality. They think that in playing online games, they can be whatever they want and do whatever they want to do. However, a scientific study stated that Online gaming has great effects on what a person does in his everyday life.

You might question, what is the relevance of online gaming in today’s life?

As you see, in playing online games, you can learn things that you never thought that you would know.  Video games can teach a variety of skills that oftentimes are important to what we do everyday.

Even competitive games are a great help for people who have trouble socializing and blending in, in certain social gatherings. What’s great about online games is, you meet a lot of different people who think differently. When a person is in a competitive game, they are trained to think and react faster to certain situations. By studying people on the opposite team, a player can learn and understand how people think when they are put into different circumstances.

(If you want to play games that might bring a lot of competition, you can go and google pkv games).

There are even games created that are educational and informative. It was proven that educational games help in creating a good learning environment because most people are learning more when they see graphics rather than just purely hearing them.

On the contrary, when games are abused, it can lead to addiction that might be hard to rehabilitate. On kids, proper guidance should always be around as kids tend to ask a lot of questions they don’t understand. If these kids learn it from people who are bad influence, kids having bad understanding would then be hard to guide.

When you are a starter in playing games or even someone who is a veteran in playing games, in order to avoid different physical, mental or emotional illnesses, practice proper and responsible gaming.

Beat Weight Loss Plateau

A weight-loss plateau is one of the most discouraging things someone who is trying to lose a significant amount of weight can experience. A weight-loss plateau means that, while the individual has lost weight, they cannot seem to lose any more. This leads to discouragement and sometimes relapses into unhealthy habits that lead to regaining the weight that was lost. It is possible to beat weight loss plateau once and for all.

Tip #1

Drink lots of water. Water keeps you feeling full, so you will be less likely to snack. Water also plays an important role in digestion and is essential to life. If you have been drinking weight loss energy drinks or other beverages instead of water, give water a try.

Tip #2

Keep a journal. When you are trying to lose weight and reach a weight loss plateau, it could mean that you are starting to slip into some of your old habits. Keep a journal of everything you eat and what exercises you do. If you have been keeping a weight loss journal and reach a weight loss plateau, consider adding entries before you eat or exercise. This may help you better understand your habits and help you to adjust accordingly. Besides all that, taking a protein shake before or after workout is going to significantly help you as well. 

Tip #3

Keep healthy foods to snack on. If you buy chips and other junk food for family members, keep it somewhere that isn’t convenient for you to get to. Instead, keep healthy snacks inconvenient places.

Tip #4

Pay attention to your pulse. Making sure that you reach 60-80% of your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) will ensure that you experience optimized calorie burning efficiency. Calculate your MHR by subtracting your age from 220. Multiply the result by 0.6 and 0.8 to determine your limits. Purchase a heart monitor to make sure your heart rate is correctly calculated.

tip #5

Vary your workout routine. Your body gets used to doing the same thing over and over again. If you have been working out religiously, and still have reached a weight loss plateau add something new to your routine. Make sure you are doing strength training exercises. Add weight or a new exercise to your routine if you are already strength training. Consider doing Pilates or Yoga instead of a workout video. Purchase a Wii Fit. Anything you do to change up your routine will help you beat weight loss plateau.

Your weight loss plateau doesn’t have to be permanent. Make sure you press on and break your weight loss plateau so that you can be sure you will meet your weight loss and fitness goals.

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA marketing is not a very popular word among people these days, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you have no idea what that is. This article would further explain what CPA marketing really is, and how you can make money using this.

Pay per action, also abbreviated as PPA, is another word for CPA. CPA stands for cost per action. This is an opportunity that has been created by the internet marketing companies. This is a work from home type of job in which you get paid through a commission system. The company would already have a predefined model on how it would distribute the commissions. The commissions can be based on tasks such as guiding a customer until he or she has completed what the internet marketing companies’ desire. In very simple words, the tasks can be filling up an online form, getting registered on a website, signing up for availing an offer or even if they just visit a website. The most common requirements range from email registrations and can go up to as far as three to four page online surveys, or even getting the user to download evaluation software, scripts or screen savers.

With the number of CPA marketing companies increasing day by day, there are a number of opportunities that can be of use to you if you are looking in for some fast cash. CPA marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn cash and is a lot better and easier than the conventional methods of marketing and selling products online. With the benefits of cpa marketing, Deal Dash will be effective for increasing the products at online search engines. The payment option will be fastest for the advantage of the person. The methods will be latest for the use of the technology. Different opportunities will be provided to the person. 

If the CPA firm you are working for only requires a one time email registration, the average commission that you get can be anywhere starting from $0.25 and can go as high as $4. For this, the user or the guest has to enter their email for confirmation. If you are looking for higher pay outs, try the other CPA marketing techniques that require more than just email confirmations. These actions can include entering other personal information like giving out their home or office addresses, or even giving their credit card numbers. The forms in which these credit cards and social security numbers are required, the companies are ready to shell out somewhere around $50 to $150. However, the commissions in these cases are not paid out instantly. The process may take days, and sometimes even weeks.

If you are serious about working from home and need money paid out regularly or weekly, CPA marketing is just the right job for you. You can start by searching for a few good paying CPA marketing companies on the internet and enroll yourself there. There are a number of CPA companies that host a wide variety of programs. Once your registration has been accepted by the CPA companies, you will receive a unique affiliate link, preferably in your email address. This is very much the same as you would have got if you would have joined an affiliate marketing network. One you have this, you are a registered member and are eligible to earn through the programs.