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Eco Chauffeur In The Times

The sun was shining brightly, beaming down on the leading lights in hydrogen and alternative fuel technology, as the inaugural Revolve Eco-Rally began in Madeira Drive, Brighton.

Manufacturers like BMW, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Lexus, Modec, Saab, Vectrix, Microcab, and VNC fused with some eco-aware celebrities and dignitaries with support from Transport for London, to ignite and excite, united by a global cause; Zero CO2 emissions.

The event marked the culmination of over 3 years of work from Revolve founders Steven Glaser and Mike Whelan, to create a future free of vehicle emissions.

With the state-of-the-art in hydrogen, fuel cell, biofuel and hybrid science on show, the Eco-Rally succeeded in drawing attention to the amazing technologies that these companies and organizations have been researching, developing, and producing. If you didn’t manage to make it to Brighton, Croydon, or London, then take a seat, and enjoy our Eco Rally Slideshow and other reflections from the day.

After some rousing words from Lisa Rogers, Robert Llewellyn, Baron Steven Bassam, and Steven Glaser; Quentin Wilson lit the touchpaper with the words, “Gentleman, start your fuel cells”. No wheel spins, or stalls, the Eco-Rally left East Sussex for Croydon. The Eco Chauffeur Lexus Hybrid was driven by Steven Glaser, with Lisa Rogers in the BioPower Saab, Quentin Wilson in a Ford Fuel Cell car, and the ever-smiling Robert Llewellyn in the amazing electric-powered Modec van. Learn more about these amazing driver Dubai, by clicking here.

With our flags flying proudly the eco-convoy rolled out of Brighton, before hitting an environmentally sound 55 mph velocity on the motorway. Proof that all the vehicles on show were not the result of some daydreaming designers whim, but instead these are fully functional, tested vehicles. Reliable, quiet, and of course, kinder to the environment than conventional vehicles.

We received a very warm welcome from Croydon, the vehicles all made their way through the huge crowds in the North End precinct. People were generally very enthusiastic about seeing these eco-friendly cars, many had questions for the manufacturers and companies on show. One Croydon resident asked me, “How many million would this cost me?” referring to the Lexus GS 450h, and was genuinely surprised to find that he could buy one for less than 50 000 pounds or hire a chauffeur-driven example for considerably less than that. Many people were shocked that some of the technology was available right now, and hybrid cars and electric vehicles are being employed as workhorses or by eco-conscious individuals as a safe and practical means of transport. Sure true eco-friendly travel already exists, bicycles and shoes should be the preferred travel method. Yet, zero-emission technology would take you where ever you want to go, without a huge karmic debt or climate change worries for you or your children.

The assemble listened to speeches by Croydon’s Mayor, Labour MP for Croydon North – Malcolm Wicks, Quentin Wilson, and Jenny Jones, a Green member of the London Assembly. Jenny explained how she rarely drove, and that for those journeys that cannot be avoided, driving with zero or low emissions is a huge step forward and she was delighted to lend her support to this event.

Tourists and Londoners in Trafalgar Square watched our progress on huge screens and we were greeted by much fanfare as we parked in the shadow of Nelson’s Column. The media quickly snapped up the sound and video bytes, and on the London Hydrogen Partnership stage, various dignitaries and celebrities told the crowds what a historic event this was, not just for London, Croydon, or Brighton – but for the world. The world’s largest manufacturers in alternative fuelled vehicles, working together to create not just a cleaner London, but a less polluted Croydon and a cleaner world for all of us. The Eco-Rally has demonstrated that right here, right now, the technologies are in place and the motivation is in no doubt, but, the infrastructure needs to be created, right here, right now. So that hydrogen and other zero-emission technologies can replace the stinky old school. One message that was reinforced throughout the Eco-Rally was that by buying the most eco-friendly vehicle, bra, or potato you can, you will play your part in helping stop man-made climate change.

iChauffeur were delighted to take part in the event, and hope that next year’s Eco-Rally, will build on the success of this one, to really help drive the message home. Zero emissions are definitely possible, and the public will help deliver it by voting with their wallets, manufacturers realize this, good business sense, is really just good business.

Unlike a conventional vehicular rally, there were no handbrake turns, power slides, or spectacular barrel roll crashes. This was no race to the chequered flag more a positive drive towards a sustainable future. Demonstrating that a win-win solution is within our reach, if we grab the nettle and choose sustainable technologies – we can truly make a difference.

iChauffeur would like to thank Revolve for an enlightening, inspiring, and fun day and indeed the sponsors for investing in the first Revolve Eco-Rally.

Why hire me to speak at your event or training session?

After finally selling social media to upper management, most marketing and PR departments start with a Facebook fan page and Twitter account, posting offers, company news and discount codes. But what if that’s not what the market wants to hear from your organization? Are your efforts merely adding noise to the social space? And what if an intern or junior staffer inadvertently triggers a blogger backlash or public misperception that makes you miss your numbers or worse yet, impacts share price?

My strategic social media counsel can save you tens of thousands of dollars of labor costs, rework, and potential PR disasters that could come about by finding your way through social media marketing without guidance.

Don’t wonder why more people aren’t fanning your content or commenting on your YouTube video. Take your social media engagement efforts to the next level by investing in social media counsel from a seasoned marketing pro with experience on major brands—one who can lay out a clear social media marketing plan and provide counsel to your teams based on proven success.

Having managed events for both previous employers and clients, I know the demands placed on finding and signing speaking talent that will turn an average event into one attendees will remember – and the benefits of having low-maintenance speakers while you’re trying to prep for the big event.

Public speaking is an artform that requires energy, personality, preparation, and commitment. I specialize in helping people understand this rapidly changing subject and in bringing both the Why and the How to audiences: big ideas with a deeper dive into practical application. The training to the people is done to select the right likes and comments on the videos. A visit can be made at site which are available at cheaper rates. The practical solutions is provided to the people for the desired results. 

My delivery style has been characterized as energetic, passionate, funny and wry, and includes a focus on statistics, trends, a few personal stories and a bit of humor to keep things light.

Computer/software: Presentations typically consist of PowerPoint with integrated HD videos. I provide my own laptop, and video connectors.

Audio: 1/8″ stereo laptop audio feed into the house sound system is a requirement.

Microphone: Because of the plethora of venue sound systems, I don’t bring my own mic. I work best when I’m able to walk around the room, so a wireless lav mic is important to provide the most engaging presentation.

Display: I present off a MacBook Pro and can output a presentation via VGA or HDMI, in either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios.

What Are Some Do’s And Don’ts For Having Good Night Sleep?

Everyone needs to sleep at night. But many people find it difficult to sleep at night for many reasons. Some have various tensions, worries, and other issues in their life that do not let them sleep while some might have some physical illnesses that do not let them sleep. 

Whatever be the reason, there are some Do’s and Don’ts that one can follow to lessen the stress and have a good night’s sleep. You can read some good night quotes in this regard. 


  • Make a specific routine of sleep. Having a fixed time of sleeping and waking up makes it easy to have a sound sleep at night. 
  • Reserve the bedroom only for sleep.
  • Do regular exercise, and it will surely help you have proper sleep at night. 
  • Try to create a sleep environment in your bedroom. Have minimum distraction and maximum comfort in the bedroom. Invest in good mattress and pillow. And also maintain minimum sound and darkness while sleeping.
  • Try to have a certain amount of sleep every day. A healthy adult is required to have 8 hours of a sound sleep at night. 
  • Take a deep breath and do stretch your body if you are having difficulty sleeping. 
  • Read some good night quotes, if possible. 


  • Do not try to sleep during the day if you find it difficult to sleep at night.
  • Stay away from coffee before you go to sleep at night. 
  • Do not indulge in consuming spicy food or heavy meal in dinner. 
  • Do not read, eat, or watch TV while you are on the bed for sleeping. 
  • Do not try to overthink or worry about anything after getting on the bed at night. 
  • Do not answer your phone once you get on the bed. Do it in the next morning. 
  • Do not keep the lights on while you are trying to sleep on the bed. 




The Social Media Mindset

We’re going to show you the path to mastering social media.

With a dizzying array of platforms and increasing pressure to master social media, our clients find themselves facing an uphill struggle to find their voice, keep on message, find or create good content and do it all in a sustained way. Our belief is that social media will continue to evolve, but there are foundational aspects, which once mastered mean that no matter what the internet throws at you, that you will be able to evolve in pace with it. What we are offering is no less than the social media mindset you need today and tomorrow. It is essential to develop the right mindset before starting the journey. It will save time and money. However, we have found that clients who are totally new to social media can master this stage much more easily as they have less to unlearn, no old habits to change.

So, without further ado, here are the 7 interrelated aspects that set the foundation upon which you can build your social media strategy:

  • Social media mirrors the real world; it does not replace it.
  • Do not sell directly , however, do sell lifestyle.
  • You are not alone.

This will help you to understand the power of social media and how it can be used to your advantage instead of wasting time on websites like in a futile attempt to get subscribers on YouTube and other platforms so let’s take a look at the following points.

  1. Social media is too often used as a soap box where people proclaim their opinions to the world. Unless you are already famous (see no 3) you will not find a ready audience. You need to offer added value. It is not the case, that ‘build it and they will come’. You have to focus on your identity, your brand values and offer something more.
  2. Social media is social so engage in the conversation. Comment, share, like, follow. Even a mistake on your part is a fabulous opportunity to build relationships. Keep talking.
  3. If you’re famous in the real world, you will be famous on social media. That’s just the way it is. Yes, some people have become famous the other way round like ‘Sh** My Dad Says’ on Twitter, but it is so rare that you can forget about it. Social media does not substitute reality. Photos of food are lovely, they are, but they don’t replace the need to eat.
  4. The Golden Rule. Do undo others as you want them to do to you. Too many clients just talk, talk, talk, but don’t listen, listen, listen. Yes, it may be harder, but that’s what will build relationships.
  5. You never sell directly on Social Media. Yes, there are some people who say you can. We’re not amongst them. Where does a sale take place? On a web site, on the phone, face-to-face, but not on Social Media. What you do sell, if you sell anything is lifestyle. Take a look at Nike – you’ll never see a price tag on their Nike Facebook Page. Never. They are weaving the stories of their citizen-consumers into the narrative of their product. In fact, the new stories told by the citizen-consumer sells Nike sneakers.

  6. Connected with 5 is that Social Media acts as a funnel, drawing readers elsewhere. However, there is a proviso here. Social Media users tend to prefer one platform, but when they use more than one the audience is markedly different e.g. friends and family for Facebook, business colleages on LinkedIn. Most social media users only use one platform.
  7. Organisations often hand the delivery of social media to a single individual. This is tantamount to a dereliction of duty; sharing the story of an organisation is everyone’s role. That said, those who are given this task need to understand that they aren’t alone. Amazing tools exist to create, schedule, analyse and moreover, they are not alone. The skills required to master social media are complex and wide-ranging and in our experience, it is a rare occurrence for a single individual to have a flair for visual creativity, story and copywriting. So, build your team and share the load.

These 7 steps are closely interrelated. The core message is that social media is social and it adds to the real world. Yes, it is almost a level playing field and advertising your wares is much cheaper than traditional advertising, but it is not a walk in the park, by any stretch of the imagination. However, once the mindset is in place, you are ready for the next stage; finding out who you are.

Cheap Water Bottles

Cheap water bottles are pretty easy to find today. And when I say cheap, how does under $5 sound?

If you have a large family, or just on a budget, you can start from scratch and buy water bottles for the whole crew without breaking the bank.

These inexpensive water containers are typically made from plastic, or Lexan – a GE product. (Lexan is a virtually indestructible material that your refrigerator drawers are made of, among other things.) Most will have flip up or corkscrew type lids. They are available in every color of the rainbow to make it much easier to identify the person drinking from it. Most all of these cheap bottles are also dishwasher safe.

Let’s look a little closer at what you will find with a quick search:

CamelBak Water Bottle: these are BPA free bottles (especially important for the health conscious person). Their unique design makes them easy to attach to a carabineer. It has a really cool bite valve (manufactured from medical grade silicone – taste-free), too, so it’s very easy to sip from and not spill. The full line of CamelBak Better Bottles has been BPA free since mid 2008. Available in 3 sizes and over 20 colors! Retail prices between $3 and $18. For the money, definitely the coolest looking bottle!

You can visit the official website of CamelBak to get to know about the company in detail and the different kind of water bottles that it has which is why it is so popular among the people even today and since the prices are hovering between $3 and $18, then it is pretty affordable to the variety that the brand has and its clout in the market.

Swiss Gear 32oz GE Lexan Bottle: These multi-colored water bottles have wide mouth openings for easy hand cleaning, but are dishwasher safe. They are also microwave safe. The cap is attached to the bottle and is a screw top lid, and nice grip for secure handling. Lexan is a GE material. It is virtually unbreakable. If you are one to be a little careless (or accident prone!), this could be a great choice. Priced at under $5, you can fill several bottles for a days hike or camping adventure.

Nalgene Tritan one quart BPA free wide mouth Water Bottle: This is a great seller! 1 quart is a good size for a bicycle ride, or shorter hike. A big focus for Nalgene is to provide it’s customers with a product that doesn’t leave an aftertaste and is healthy. This bottle is BPA free – a must for those who are concerned about plastics which may adversely affect your health with prolonged exposure. It features a loop attachment to the lid, and the large opening makes it easier for filling from filtered water dispensers. Currently available in 8 colors, these bottles have a price tag between $9 and $15.

It’s great to have plenty of reusable cheap water bottles on hand for working out at the gym, day trips, backpacking, or even to keep in the fridge at work. Plastic water bottles may have BPA. This could be a concern if you have sports water bottles with a logo of your favorite team. So, if you are the slightest bit of a health nut, make sure you look for bpa free water bottles. You can find cheap stainless steel water bottles, but my experience is they leave a slight aftertaste. They keep water cold longer, but if you don’t like aftertaste, pass on metal.

EJuice: The Many Advantages Over Smoking

eJuice or eLiquid is the same thing. eJuice is the solution contained in an Electronic Cigarette device that is heated to produce vapor. This vapor produced by the Electronic Cigarette is created when the eJuice is heated by the atomizing coil inside the Electronic Cigarette. When the Atomizer coil vaporizes the eJuice, it is then inhaled by the user. This gives the user the sensation of smoking a real cigarette. An electronic cigarette has become well known as one of the best tools for quitting smoking along with Snus, Snus is a moist powder smokeless tobacco product that is seen as another great alternative to cigarettes. Great care must be made when choosing your Electronic Cigarette, as well as choosing the right flavor of eJuice to go with it. The flavor that suits your tastes is what can be the determining factor in whether you will actually be using your Electronic Cigarette device or if it’s going to collect dust on a shelf. If you don’t choose an enjoyable eJuice flavor, there’s a good chance you will not be using your Electronic Cigarette device so and could cause you to revert back to smoking regular tobacco cigarettes.

There are many advantages to vaping ejuice over smoking tobacco. This includes:

  • Health:

There is no tar or other second-hand toxins produced by electronic cigarettes. Since there is no flame involved, when vaping ejuice, no combustion happens. Therefore, all the carcinogens found in tobacco smoke are not there. This does away with all the major health risks involved with smoking traditional cigarettes. Nicotine is contained in some eJuices which is what gives the satisfying feeling from smoking a cigarette. Nicotine itself is not unhealthy and studies show there are actually some benefits. It helps with brain function, memory as well as boosting metabolism.

  • Economical:

Vaping eJuice is far cheaper than regular cigarettes. The price of cigarettes has more than tripled in the past decade. One bottle of eJuice is merely a fraction of that cost and is equivalent to a whole carton of cigarettes. Simply put, vaping is far cheaper than smoking, which is a good incentive on its own.

  • Convenience:

The indoor vaping of eJuice is permitted or often-times unnoticed because there is no smell. This allows you convenience and peace of mind, especially while in cold winter months when outdoor smoking can be quite uncomfortable. When vaping eJuice, there’s no need to go outside every hour on the hour, saving you time to be able to tend to business, thus raising productivity.

  • Flavours:

eJuice comes in a vast variety of flavors, over traditional cigarettes which only features 2 flavours. This allows a far more pleasant experience while getting your fix. There is no cigarette smell that can disturb those around you, especially non-smokers.

The above advantages are just a few of many more. There is plenty of incentive to make the switch to vaping eJuice with Electronic Cigarettes so if you’re a smoker who’s on the fence about quitting, try electronic cigarettes today!

HCG Diet Phase 4 Guide and Tips

Phase 4 is the last but not least part of the HCG diet plan. So you’ve finally met your weight loss goal, but can you keep off all the weight that you’ve lost at Phase 2 and Phase 3? A successful phase 4 is the key to stabilize and maintain your weight loss and is highly recommended by leptoconnect as well.

At phase 4 of the HCG diet, the dieter is looking to stabilize the metabolic process and weight and to balance the body with healthy eating habits and lifestyle. Following a three week period where the dieter is allowed to eat foods containing no starch or sugars, in phase 4 the dieter will want to re-introduce starch and sugary foods back to the diet with a great degree of moderation.

This process should be done slowly so the dieter can identify any potential food sensitivities. If sensitivity is identified through sudden weight gain, the dieter can then eliminate that particular food selection entirely and move on to introducing a different food selection into the diet.

 As you enter into phase 4 of the HCG diet, you may want to introduce fresh fruits first. Later, you can follow this action by introducing one or two fresh starch-filled vegetables like corn, squash, peas, yams, and potatoes. Make sure you keep all portions moderate and use a food journal to track both your weight and any reactions your body may have to the newly re-introduced foods. You can take seven to twenty-one days or more to reintroduce foods in your diet, depending upon how many foods you choose to reintroduce at one time.

After you have tried fruits and vegetables, you can move on to added other starchy foods like pasta, cereal, bread, whole grain selections, and the like. Always keep a very close eye on your weight; if anytime you note a weight increase, stop eating the most recent food you have introduced. Wait a period of seven days before trying to re-introduce the food causing you trouble or any other starchy food selections.

When you are prepared to try some foods containing high amounts of sugar, start out small by using all-natural sugar cane, agave nectar, or honey to see how you fare. You will also want to slowly re-introduce foods that are processed or that contain white flour since these foods are major culprits when it comes to weight gain. Always remember that the goal of phase 4 is to balance out your eating and weight and to ensure your weight remains stable.

You will have your greatest success with reintegrating fresh vegetables, fruits, and organic food selections. You will want to steer clear from pesticides, preservatives, additives, and too many sugars since this can cause you weight to fluctuate dramatically.

While you are in phase 4, keep your carb count low, your sugar count very low, and your protein count high. Make your food selections based on healthy, smart food choices instead of merely following your immediate desires.

Implementing a healthy exercise regimen is also recommended for HCG dieters in phase 4. You can start by taking Yoga or low impact aerobics classes to burn extra calories, to improve cardiovascular processes, and to tone the body. Learn more about exercises on the HCG diet.

Now you have worked your way through three phases of the HCG diet with considerable success and have lost the weight you’ve wanted to lose; now you will want to do the simple things you are capable of doing to ensure that every unwanted pound remains off for good. If you note that you gain a few pounds, try a high protein day, an apple day, or a steak day until you drop the unwanted pounds you have gained. Then return to the phase 4 maintenance stage to remain in optimal health. Good luck!

Blog Strategy Simplified for Non-Strategists

We love to talk about:

  • How to get more blog visitors
  • How to entice readers to comment
  • Tips and tricks to increase conversions and build a list
  • How to turn readers into profitable customers
  • How to buy Instagram video views

These are great topics. These tactics are important to a successful blog but we are missing one critical piece…the blog strategy. To be fair, the whole topic of strategy is complicated and difficult to understand. It’s easier to dig in and start executing the tactics. But the benefits of a simple, easy to implement blog strategy is worth the effort.

I’ll show you the cheat-sheet version of the strategy sessions I conduct with my clients. From there you can adapt the process to your blog.

It’s best to keep the answer to this question as simple as possible.

There are three key concepts in this definition:

Your objective describes the benefit you want to gain. I started Pushing Social to get published. Note the objective isn’t tied to the tactics of blogging, it is a broader goal pursued at the business level. Bloggers often struggle with creating a blog strategy because their blog is the only activity, there isn’t a broader objective outside of simply writing blog posts.

Your most potent strength is your personality, unique experiences, and mental discipline. Use them. Over time, you will acquire new strengths that can be used to position your blog and make it more attractive to new members. For example, one of my clients has spent his career building and managing sales teams. He’s a savvy businessman and has patiently amassed a war chest of powerful LinkedIn sales strategies. His blogging strategy builds on these strengths with a sales-focused editorial calendar, LinkedIn Expert Products, and more.

I always ask bloggers: “Who are your competitors?”

 There are many great answers to this question. Unfortunately, I hear two particularly stupid responses: (1) I don’t have any competitors, and (2) I don’t want to focus on my competition. Let’s examine these:

“I don’t have competitors”

 You always have direct competitors, people who want your customers, or indirect competitors, people who offer alternative solutions to your customers. If you truly don’t have competitors then it’s very likely you are chasing an unprofitable market or niche audience. For example, I’m sure that the market for stone-wheel chisels is wide-open.

“I don’t want to focus on my competition”

 This sounds reasonable and rationale. But, it’s arrogant and short-sighted. Even though this person doesn’t want to focus on competitors, they should know that their prospects and customers will spend a lot of time thinking about their competitors. Ignoring your competition doesn’t make them go away. Worse, your competition might be focused on stealing your readers. So, respect your competition, respect your customers, and understand that you need to fight for attention.

With this strategy definition in hand, let’s move to several important blog strategy considerations:


 The trick here is to target a moderately-sized audience with a clearly defined need. Audiences that are too big (i.e. General fitness) are by deep-pocketed publications. Audiences that are too small won’t sustain a growing blog.


 How much time do you have to write? No content=no blog. Scarce content=failing blog, regular content=growing blog. You need to have a strategy for getting your content produced. Period.


 Blogs require some technical expertise, graphic design help, and supporting services like email service providers, hosting, and analytics. Do you have the expertise to configure these options? Do you have the cash to get help with items you can’t handle?


 Most of the time, blogging is a moonlighting activity. There are always other priorities competing for your time. Corporate bloggers have to juggle blog writing time with other duties. Entrepreneurs need to blog after they’ve serviced customers, built products, etc. In these cases, you’ll need to rely on a support team dedicated to giving you the time you need to blog effectively. Most of the time, you’ll need to specifically ask for this support.

Performance Expectations

 I gave myself three years to build Pushing Social. This unusually long performance expectation made it easier for me to marshal the audience, time, resources, and support I needed to grow the blog. I often suggest giving a blog at least 12 months to hit its low-end performance targets.

Try this simple outline for pulling your blog strategy elements into one spot:


 The overall organizational goal you want to achieve:

Your Audience

 Describe the specific type of reader you want to attract

Your Strengths

 What are you absolutely great at?

Your Weaknesses

 What factors threaten your blog? What resources do you have for reducing or eliminating the impact of your weaknesses?


 Who are your competitors (direct and indirect)? What do they do well? What do they suck at?

Strategic Statement

 How will you use your strengths to attract your audience and seduce your competitor’s readers?

5 Unique Pinterest Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Business

How do you improve your Pinterest marketing strategies? What could Pinterest contribute to your business? Those are the common questions when you are putting up an online business and thinking on starting using Pinterest as one of your sales venue. One of the main reasons why it is necessary to improve your Pinterest marketing strategies is to advertise your business through social media.

You advertise your business in Pinterest by uploading and sharing the images of your products or services. It allows you to create and manage different theme-based image collection. Here are 5 unique Pinterest marketing strategies that you can use to improve your business.

Creating a unique board can boost your marketing plan. But how can it enhance your marketing plan? To grow, the business should have a marketing plan on how you will describe the products or services that you have and how they work. Your boards are the examples of your plan. Boards are like folders that you will collect from your different files and you will organize them in that folder.

In Pinterest, boards are where you arrange the pins. You will be the one to decide on how you will label those different boards, which depend on your pins. For example, your pins or the images that you are about to upload are more on flowers. You can rename your board as FLOWER, but be sure that you are creating a unique board so it will really improve the strategy of using Pinterest as social network.

Pins are the images or videos that you put on different boards. What kind of images will do better on your Pinterest and how will you put it up as one of your marketing strategies using your pins?

The social media has become more visual and the optimization of images to your content marketing is really important. Social media is now considered as one of the best platforms to promote anything especially products and services. Businesses can now buy cheap Instagram followers to further grow their profiles. 

  • Create pins that will surely help to boost 

 When it comes to pinning your images to your board, just always make sure that those pictures have high quality. Because vertical images do have aspect ratio of 2:3, they are better than taller images. Think about the color. Reddish to orange images are getting more repins than bluish images.It is also better to have multiple colors than single color. The lightness should be medium light and not very dark. Images that are saturated 50% are better than very saturated. The background of your image also matters. The background of your image should have at least less than 10% because it is better than 100% background. Always remember that when you are pinning your images to your board, always focus on the subject.

  • Make sure that your pins will be repinned by others

 It is not enough that you will just only post different images on Pinterest. Just always make sure that you pin and others will repin your posts.The marketing strategy of your business will surely run. You will have a great feeling if others will repin your pins that is why it is better to make an original pin.

Rich pin are the additional details of your pin so that they will become helpful. Having rich pins are really helpful so you will become organized when it comes to searching the different stuffs you really want.

There are five types of rich pins: recipe, movie, article, product, and place.

  • Recipe Pins

 When you are about to pin this kind of rich pin, you should include the cooking time, the ingredients, and the serving information of the food to help those people who love to cook.

  • Movie Pins

 If you are about to pin different movies, they should include the ratings, members of the cast, and reviews because those are the big factors that pinners find out the information of movie.

  • Article Pins

 When you are about to pin your article, you must post the headline of your article. It includes the author and description of the story to become useful especially for those creating a list of articles.

  • Product Pins

 If you are pinning different products, you need to include the availability of the product and where you can buy the said product to make it simple for buyers to buy different stuff.

  • Place Pins

 If you love to travel, place pins are important and it will be actually useful to you because it includes the maps, address, and also cont

cheap instagram followersact number.

Pinterest allow you to post comments, links, photos, and different things that you want to post. You must produce absolute content so that pinners do have idea of what you have pinned. It should be in a complete detail. You can also include the different rich pins that will depend on your pin or your material.

How to interact to your audience? You must follow those pinners or boards; you must also increase your followers to be popular and comment to their pins; and you must communicate with them, which is also one of the marketing strategies that you need to remember.

How To Deal With Pests And Plant Illness

One of the first things you need to know when you start gardening is that plants aren’t alone in the garden. There’s a whole host of bugs that like to set up home in your flower beds and borders, as well as a lot of viruses that aren’t good for your plants. As you Find 5 Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills Reviews In 2020 here that will make sure that you take proper care of your garden in an effortless way. 

But don’t panic. It’s actually it’s a good thing to have a few pests and bugs in your garden. They’ll support a wide range of helpful insects that will make your flowers bloom.However, should a certain pest or disease get out of control and start damaging your plants there are lots of ways to deal with them – instead of just using harsh chemicals.How to prevent problems happening in the first place:

  • Choose plants that are suitable for your garden – so if you’ve got a sunny patch, use plants that like a sunny position.
  • Use pest and disease-resistant varieties of plants and vegetables – you can find this out by checking the labels.
  • Help your plants grow strong with feed so that they can shrug off pest and disease attacks.
  • Grow a wide range of plants and mix them together so that if any pest or disease does set in, it has less chance of spreading to plants of a similar type.Think ahead and set up traps and barriers (for things like slugs) where appropriate.These are some of the basic principles behind pest and disease control in the organic garden which every gardener would be wise to adopt.How to spot a problem up close and personal with the plants in your garden when they’re healthy. That way you’ll know what they should look like, and be able to spot any potential problem earlier on.Should you find something that’s a bit suspicious, like bite marks on leaves there are a few culprits that might be responsible.These are the ten most common problems and best ways to remove them:

Look for irregular holes eaten from the middle of leaves.: Young plants and seedlings can be eaten to nothing. Sumptuous leaf plants like Hostas can be left patchy and ugly.: These fiends generally feast at night. A ring of material that’s uncomfortable to cross like sharp grit or broken egg-shells will sometimes discourage them. But if that fails, you can try a biological control containing nematodes (look for Nemaslug). It’s a natural, non-toxic product that’s safe for both you and the wildlife.

Nematodes generally work for about six weeks – so one dose should protect plants. For any plants in pots use salt or Vaseline around the rim.Avoid using slug pellets – they can lead to the hedgehog and song thrush death.Look for insects about 2mm long, full of sap, and green, black, yellow, pink, greyish-white and brown in colour.: Bad infestations can reduce the strength of a plant and leave it vulnerable to attack from other pests. Viruses can also be spread by aphids as they move from one infected plant to another.Boost the number of ladybirds, lacewing, and hoverflies in your garden – they’re the natural predator of the aphids. You can do this by planting nectar-rich flowers like buddleia, calendula, sedum, stocks, sweet william, and wallflowers.

Another trick is to grow a patch of nettles with a small colony of these creatures. They’ll naturally increase their numbers over time, and when the aphids arrive you can cut back the nettles to allow the predators to hunt them out.Lacewing houses can also be bought for the garden to give them shelter in the winter.Look for irregular notches taken from the side of the leaves. If a plant suddenly dies and appears to have no roots, this is the work of the weevil larvae.The effect on your plants will depend on how far the roots stretch underground and the number of grubs eating it. To start with the growth will slow, the plant may then begin to wilt and finally die – as it no longer has roots to sustain it.Treatment: Adult vine weevils mainly come out at night. They can’t fly, and so have to walk everywhere.

They are quite easy to spot and step on. Alternatively, you could use a biological control that contains nematodes (look for Nemasys H). It comes in powder and is watered on in late summer – while the ground is still warm and the vine weevil larvae are small.You can also try products like Bio Provado and for new plants Levington Plant Protection Compost. The drawbacks of these chemical controls are that they can kill useful ground beetles.

Look for purplish-black blotches on the leaves, which start to yellow and fall early. In bad cases the stems can also become affected.: Really badly affected plants can die, as they’re too weak to survive the winter frosts.Treatment: Prune out any damaged branches during the spring, and clear up any infected leaves during the winter. This will help minimize the spread.It’s important to keep roses as healthy as possible so they can withstand attacks. Try using mulch with a good hand deep layer of manure around the base of the plants in the autumn and spring. It is also worth searching out roses that show resistance to blackspot.Look for white powdery mold on the leaves, stems, and buds. This fungal disease is encouraged by the plant being dry at the roots, with damp still air around the top of the plant.:

It doesn’t look very nice and can cause leaves to drop early. If the plant is settled in, this is a relatively harmless disease. However, you should take care of younger plants as it can seriously weaken them.Treatment: Remove all the dead leaves in autumn to prevent the spores from surviving. Use compost in the spring and autumn with manure to prevent the roots drying out. You can also try pruning the plants so they have a more open shape – meaning air can move through the branches.Look for tiny white creatures clustered under the leaves of houseplants and in greenhouses. If disturbed, they will fly up into a cloud.Like most sap-sucking insects the whitefly will weaken the plant and make it susceptible to further attacks from pests.Treatment: Tap the leaves and as a cloud of whitefly flies up, suck them up with a small vacuum cleaner. Whiteflies are also attracted to yellow paper, so you can try hanging strips of sticky yellow card which the whitefly stick to.For a more drastic approach try using a biological control containing the parasitic Encarsia in your greenhouse or conservatory.

Look for leaves that have been stripped and tiny black balls of poo – left behind by caterpillars.Young leaves can be eaten away and more mature plants are left with nasty holes.Treatment: You can either leave them for the birds or pick the caterpillars off by hand as soon as you see them. For really bad cases, try using the biological control with Bacillus Thuringiensis in it – this stops the caterpillar feeding altogether.Look for stems and flowers covered in a velvety brownish-grey material.It’s a really common fungus, which produces spores that are always around in the air. They attack plants through areas of damage. To start with, small pale brown or white patches will appear, then the flowers will rot.Treatment: Controlling this fungus is difficult because it’s so widespread.

Affected areas must be cut out and disposed of or burnt.Look for orange-brown spots developing on the undersides of leaves. These can often go unnoticed until the disease has taken hold, and spots appear on the other side of the leaves. So keep your eyes peeled.Badly affected plants can become really weak, and are unlikely to survive winter frosts.Treatment: Remove and bin all the discolored leaves.Look for leaves covered with hundreds of little dots. Badly infested plants can become covered with fine webs.: Sucking out the sap weakens the plant. If the infestation is bad, so much sap can be taken that the leaves can dry up and fall off. House and greenhouse plants are usually the ones affected.Treatment: Red spider mites breed in hot and dry places. If you can increase the humidity around the plant you decrease the pest’s reproduction rate. In greenhouses and patio areas try wetting the floors to cool them down.For a houseplant, you can make a frame out of an old coat hanger and cover it with a plastic bag. This will increase the humidity. Just remember to put holes in the bag to let the air move around.