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Get Animated – Collection Animation Cells

Animation is the oldest form of film making. Back in 1645, inventor Athanansius Kircher published a book in which he described a Magic Lantern; a candle and mirror set up that made pictures move. He was accused of practicing witchcraft. Kircher was an educator and he never really developed the machine he designed. He never even dreamed of the likes of Walt Disney, Hanna Barbera and Chuck Jones. Animation has come a long way.

Animation art is generally discussed in terms of cels but there is a whole lot more. Let’s look at the way a cartoon is put together. To begin with a creative genius comes up with characters and a story. These are usually drawn in preliminary sketches. These pencil sketches may be black and white or color and they lack the detail of a finished product. Next there is a storyboard, a set of sketches that outlines the plot of the story. These can be very rough as they are simply designed as guides for the artists. (Storyboards are also used for live action films especially when special effects are involved). With the characters and story in place, the key animators will design a model sheet. This is a page covered with a single character performing a variety of actions; standing, sitting, running. This is to assure that the character will look the same from every angle, no matter how many artists are employed to draw the finished product. Now we’re ready for the cels. Great studios like animation studios in Singapore are now using high technology and modern methodologies to create some amazing and awesome animation videos.

Cel is short for cellulose which is the plastic the art is painted on. Clear plastic allows for layering of the pages so that the moving characters can be separated from the backgrounds. Basically, one artist outlines the character on the cel then another hand-paints the colors. With up to 12 cels per second (with each cel being filmed twice to create smooth movement, 3 or 4 times for cheaper, jerkier cartoons) that’s a lot of hand work and with it comes the high price of true animation cels. An Original Production Cel is a one-of-a-kind piece that was actually used in a cartoon. Limited Edition Cels are works that are duplicated for the purpose of sale to collectors. They are still hand-painted cels but they have never been used in a film. Often they are contemporary adaptations of beloved characters such as Woody Woodpecker and Bugs Bunny.

The newest item to reach the market is a Sericel or Serigraph cel. These are made by silk-screening the colors on to the cels. This is a much cheaper process than hand-painting so cels can be produced in a large quantity (up to 5,000 of one style) and still be sold at a reasonable price. These are still beautiful pieces of art, but since they are designed for collecting, not actual cartoon use, their intrinsic value is much less. (For more information on how cels are made, visit The Cartoon Factory at

The first Techincolor cartoon was Flowers and Trees by…you guessed it…Disney. It was made in 1932 and won the first Academy Award for an animated short. Making the jump to color was a risky business. Up until that time, Disney’s cartoons were painted with black, white and gray ink. This ink would be washed off after each use, so the plastic could be used over and over. When you think about all the work lost it’s enough to make one ill. When Disney moved to colored paints, they found that they stuck to the cel and stained the plastic so it couldn’t be reused. While this was bad financially for Disney it was the saving grace for the future generation of collectors.

In the 30’s, Disney was the place to work. Top animators made salaries that allowed them to have several cars, a nice house and servants and they were given bonuses for exceptional work. With this as a draw, Disney was able to hire the best artists in the business. No other studio was turning out the volume of work that Disney was with their Silly Symphony’s leading the way. With a studio full of young creative minds, a day at work could include a ‘push-pin’ throwing contest and a dead fish under your light board or the development of a revolutionary idea in animation. Original cels from Disney’s early works sell for upwards of $8,000 dollars. The actual price is dependent upon the condition of the cel, and the subject matter. A prominent character will generally sell for much more than a secondary character or background piece. Sketches with hand-written notes sell for $5,000 and up. Sericels and Limited Editions can be cheaper to buy but they’re not always a better deal. A Sericel is usually under $1,000 dollars. Limited Editions run between $1,000 and $5,000 dollars and as a rule don’t go up in value the way an original cel does. But that brings up another good point; don’t buy cels as an investment.

If you want guaranteed return, put your money in the bank. There are too many factors that determine which cels are more valuable than others. Artists go in and out of vogue with movie releases, licensing deals and the death of an artist all being factors that could make a market spike. Buy cels because you love them. If they go up in value, consider it a bonus. Protect your investment. Have art professionally framed with plexiglass instead of glass (to avoid cutting the cel if the glass breaks) and insist on acid free papers. If you’re very concerned about increasing values cels should be protected from sunlight and 50% humidity is considered perfect to prevent drying and cracking. The other side of the coin is this….a cel isn’t worth the plastic it’s painted on if you hide it in a special temperature controlled vault. Hang your art in the living room. Take obvious precautions and if there is damage let an expert do the mending. But in the end remember that at 12 frames per second or a single frame on the wall animation art was made to entertain.

CBD Oil- Sleep Inducing Remedy

In the ancient times, people, despite not being equipped with modern technology and facilities, had everything going for them and for whom things were thousands times better than the people of today.

Ever wonder why Cleopatra looked beautiful as seen through various carvings and paintings? Why her skin was pearly white from top to bottom? It is because those were the times when people had natural therapies for various diseases and ailments.

Luckily, certain practices that were followed then still exist today, albeit in a limited capacity as people are content with modern day medicines, despite them having harmful chemicals that had long lasting side effects.

Dozing Off Therapy

CBD oil is an excellent example that has proven to be a game changer that has saved us from ailments ranging from joint pain to cancer along with everyday ones like muscle pull, inflammation, headache, etc. to name a few.

In today’s fast world, everyone has to work from morning to night and hardly enjoy a good night’s sleep due to immense work pressure and emotional stress that take its due toll on health.

So we are going to list out some sleep benefits that can be enjoyed from CBD oil so that it is used by everyone and they are as follows:

  • Reduces anxiety and depression to a great extent and allows you to doze off as soon as you lie down on your bed after which you fall asleep before knowing it
  • It provides immense relief from body ache, which was a major cause for lying awake and whimpering but now you can sleep peacefully
  • A bad day’s work leads to frustration, which makes you think of wild fantasies, which in turn gives you nightmares and you wake up with your sleep being destroyed but some high quality CBD Oil will not let it happen

Dog Grooming in the Winter: How to Take Care of the Paws?

People usually tend to think that winter paw care is only a need of the working dogs and is not essential for their house pets. However, the fact is: procedures like taking care of the paw pad, shaping the nails, and trimming excess hairs around the paw is a crucial part of the grooming

procedure for any dog during the winter months.

Something as simple as a walk in the park can be painful for a pup that is lacking in proper grooming. People use deicers like rock salt and other chemicals for clearing snow. You should not take your dogs for a walk in the heavily salted regions; these chemicals can make the walk painful for them. If you ever make the blunder of taking your dog for a walk in a deiced region, you must follow it up with a thorough inspection of their paws. Check whether there are any splinters stuck inside the inflamed areas and examine the foot

pads for cracked skin and cuts.

These are the two most essential steps of winter foot care for dogs. Generally, the breeds with long and curly coats have intense hair growth between their paw pads and on their feet. Hairs around the paws can only lead to irritation. If the dog is out walking or playing in the snow, there is a possibility for balls of ice to get stuck between the toes and paw pads creating a tickling

 ensation. Hairy paw pads can even cause injuries. Thus, trimming the hairs around your dogs’

paws is a must during the winter months.

Now, what about the ever-growing nails? Winter causes an acceleration in the nail growth of dogs. This is because they don’t go out for walks as frequently as they do in other seasons, which reduces wear and tear of nails. Trim down the nails when you find them touching the floor while the dog is standing. However, make sure you are using a nail trimmer that is right for your dog’s size. Also, keep a styptic powder or pencil with you in case there’s an unintentional cut. Just like exotic pet tick and flea removal, taking care of the paws of your dog should also be done properly and accordingly. Make sure that your pet will not experience any pain. 

You can use protective products for guarding your dogs’ paw pads from snow, sand and salt to keep their feet clean. These products contain wax and moisturizing agents that will stop the harmful objects from coming in direct contact with the paw pads. The other functional protective gears for your dogs’ paws are dog boots. They will not only reveal the fashionable side of a dog but also ensure the safety of your dog’s feet when out in the snow.

Hunting with the .243 Winchester – Possibly the Perfect Deer Round

The .243 Winchester has been around for some time. It has been used to take a multitude of game from prairie dogs to moose. Yet some macho hunters consider this round underpowered for even deer. They could not be more wrong.

The .243 Winchester is a wonderful round. It is accurate, has light recoil and hits with enough authority to take deer sized game cleanly and humanely. The .243 is a necked down version of the .308 Winchester. It is normally factory loaded with bullets which weigh from 80 to 100 grains. Those who hand load have a choice of weights all the way up to 105 grains. It pushes these bullets anywhere from 2700 to 2900 feet per second with plenty of foot pounds of energy to do the job.

I bought my wife a Winchester model 70 many years ago. The caliber .243. It is the only center fire rifle she has owned. She hunts with me often. And I have seen her take many deer and several antelope with this rifle. It has performed spectacularly in the field. In fact my wife has taken the better of buck antelope between the two of us. On that hunt I watched in amazement when she sent an eighty grain Speer bullet downrange and knocked that antelope buck head over heels at about two-hundred and fifty yards. For perfect spying, there can be use of the yellowstone binoculars reviews at the search engines. The power of the rifle should be excellent to shoot the animals and birds available in the forest. 

In my hunting experience I have used many different calibers for my hunts, from the 22-250 Remington, to the .338 Winchester magnum. Of all of the rifles I’ve owned I feel my favorite is the 7mm Remington magnum. But when I really think about it I could have taken every head of game I have with a .243 Winchester. I am slow to admit it but it is the truth.

This round has caused the demise of several comparative rounds. When Winchester brought out the .243 Remington brought out a similar round called the .244. The Winchester round proved to be more effective and won the sales war hands down. Remington redesigned the .244 and called it the 6 millimeter Remington but it was too little too late. The .250 Savage and the .257 Roberts were likewise overshadowed by the performance of the .243.

There is an old saying amongst hunters and soldiers alike. It is Beware of the man who owns one rifle. The reason for this belief is that to use one rifle makes the shooter/hunter more proficient, yes more intimate, with this one rifle. Well my wife has owned the one rifle and she is a crack shot. I must say I am a believer. Of course I take pride in saying i reload for her. And I must say the .243 is very easy and actually pleasurable to reload.

I believe the .243 Winchester is a perfect rifle for deer sized game out to about 300 yards. I also believe it is also a good varmint round with inherent accuracy. In the deep woods though I would probably, and I mean deep woods, steer toward a brush buster like the 30-30 Winchester or .35 Remington. But all-in-all the .243 is hard to beat as the perfect deer rifle. I may need to get me one.

Patrick Carney – the Man with the Musical Paint Brush

I pulled up my chair, sat down, and stared directly into John Lennon’s eyes. Over my right shoulder, Neil Young’s face was awash in a glowing orange-red. To his right was Jim Morrison in full beard, and there was George Harrison and Bono, Dylan and Bob Marley, too. Surrounded by the faces of the rock and roll icons, I adjusted my chair and began my morning interview with Patrick Carney, the artist, and creator of these dynamic images. To be able to sit with the man whose paintings are displayed in the personal collections of Dick Clark, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, Bruce Springsteen, and Pete Seeger had me more than a little excited. If you are interested in learning more about Patrick Carney and his artwork you can check that on along with other popular artists and their notable works when it comes to paintings. 

When was the moment that you decided okay, I’m just going to paint musicians?

“It was two things: number one, when the Beatles arrived in America and I started drawing them and that really started to turn some heads. And number two, my senior piece at the New York School of Visual Arts was Bob Dylan, and Bob Dylan’s people saw it and came by and got it. It was then I started thinking maybe I could do this for a living.”

Who was the first musician you ever painted?

“The first musician I ever painted was Mose Allison. In ’64 I was hanging out in the clubs in the West Village of New York City. It was not very hard back then to get in being underage, because they were like beatnik clubs, serving more coffee, wine, and cheese. They just passed the hat, it was that type of thing.”

So it was the success of the Dylan piece that caused you to paint only musicians?

“No, I didn’t have any money coming out of art school so I was looking around for what I could do to kick start this, and I saw an ad for a driver needed to drive an executive from Greenwich, Connecticut into the city each day and drive him back out. So, they said the job was mine if I cleaned up a little (cut my hair, trimmed my beard). And during the interview, I convinced them that I would do that if I could have a studio set up when I wasn’t driving. They agreed; it was perfect. And, to my surprise, I ended up driving for H. Ross Perot and his executives, and within a year and a half, I had produced enough paintings to go out on my own.”

Was it because you felt you could make money painting musicians that you went in that direction?

“It had nothing to do with money. It never had anything to do with money. It probably should have, but that was never the deciding factor. The factor was that I so loved the music, and I so loved being around the scene. And at that point in my life, I already had easily 5,000 albums and 7,500 45’s from the ‘50s and ‘60s. The choice was easy.”

Is there anyone you can’t paint? Someone, you have a real hard time capturing?

“Extremely hard (and has always been hard) to paint is Paul McCartney young. Because other than great eyes, he really doesn’t have features. I must have thanked him a thousand times once he grew a beard.”

Is that what it is about for you? Are the features the most important part?

“In my style, I work with shapes rather than the actual features, to create the mood, the essence, and capture the vibration of the individual.”

Who is your favorite artist to paint?

“Dylan, because there are just so many different looks, so many different sides to him.”

At this point in the interview, Patrick and I got into a great discussion about Bob Dylan. Anytime I can sit and talk with someone who knows and appreciates Dylan, I’m pretty much in heaven. But what the conversation really did for me was to give me insight into just how much music really means to Patrick and how he is professing that love for it through each of his paintings. It was inspiring to be able to hear these stories while surrounded by his work. All of these faces of rock and roll icons, the rich colors that Patrick chose and the depth of each piece-they had begun to carry that much more meaning.

The best compliment you have ever received from an artist?

“Recently, it was Livingston Taylor, James Taylor’s brother. He told me that I really captured his inner soul.”

What is the best tip anyone has ever given you about painting?

“Probably the best one I ever received was from a non-painter. He was an engineer type guy when I was probably twelve, and he taught me perspective. At the time I was doing everything flat, and he asked me if I wanted to learn perspective. It was a real gift to learn from an early age from someone who was a real thinker. And it’s funny, I caught up with him last year after all those years and I told him about it. He didn’t remember but he was touched that it had such a big impact on me.”

Can you give me a glimpse into your everyday? Do you wake up at a certain time? Are you very ritualistic in the way that you paint?

I usually start painting by 8:00 a.m. Before that, I go on Facebook, post the day in rock history with one of my paintings attached, and then, if I’m not doing a commission, I ask who people would like to see me paint. Right now, I have a list of about 60 requests.

Throughout the interview, as we spoke about his passion for painting, Patrick shared numerous stories about his life in rock and roll: the connection he developed with Bobby Fuller’s (“I Fought the Law but the Law Won”) 25 family members after he posted a picture of him drawing a sketch of Bobby; or the time when his work was displayed on a Pete Seeger tour and he got to experience the early stages of Don MacClain’s career; or when John Lennon was shot and his art that was being displayed at the gallery turned into a massive shrine of flowers, pictures and notes-so much so that it became dangerous to the patrons and he had to take it over to the Strawberry Field memorial; or when he left the door open to his hotel room, on a hot summer day in Pittsburgh, and The Temptations walked in, saw some of his paintings, and commissioned him on the spot to paint them. These were just a few of the great moments he shared. I probably would need a part two of this interview to do all of the tales justice.

Did you ever want to be a musician?

“I had a guitar growing up, but I was more accomplished as a painter. And I was surrounded by such great musicians then, and they were fascinated by what I could do and I was fascinated by them; it created great friendships.”

As we wrapped up the interview and I took a few pictures for this piece, I could feel the great friendships about which he spoke, all of these amazing encounters in Patrick’s work. There was history in the colors that ignited his canvases, decades of rock and roll history. Behind each swipe of the brush, there was a memory, a song, a moment. I’m grateful to have spent a few moments with this kind, ever-so-talented man, and his rock and roll life that is documented in his paintings and his soul.

Diabetes Complications – How to Avoid Them

Diabetes on its own is quit a hard disease to deal with and if it’s not being treated properly it can because sever complications to human body. This is why for the patients who are suffering from diabetes it’s always better to avoid the diabetes complications as long as possible. The major cause of diabetes complications is the increased blood sugar level for the diabetic patients. So if you are dealing with diabetes then it’s quite important for you to monitor your blood sugar level pretty closely and should always try to keep it as low as possible. The diabetes complications caused by the increased sugar level causing damage to the cells can be short term complications or can be long term complications.

These diabetes complications depend largely on the damage done to the body cells and how severe is the blood sugar level as per the diabetes for the patients. The short term diabetes complications can be in the form of hyperglycemia and increased amount of ketones in urine where as the long term diabetes complications be the in the form of diseases related to blood vessels, heart, kidney, skin or can cause damage to the body nerves and complications in eyes. Normally patients are not seeing taking the precautions for diabetes in the early stages which causes severe diabetes complications. This is why doctors always recommend the early stage precautions to their patients to prevent the diabetes complications.

The best way to avoid the diabetes complications is to get a regular medical check up for your body and try to follow all the instructions and precautions suggested by the doctors to you. you must get proper eye check up for you to make sure that they are not being affected by the diabetes. Also as we all know that diabetes weakens the immunity power of the blood which increases the chances of infections in your body. So you should get the required vaccinations for disease like tetanus. This will reduce the diabetes complications significantly and will make your body safe from the other major consequences caused due to diabetes. Most of the people keeping these things in mind are protected from the long term diabetes complications.

Most the diabetes complications take place due to the increased sugar level in human blood for a longer period of time. This generally happens to the people who do not take their diabetes seriously and do not take the precautionary measures which should be taken in the early stages of the disease. If you can keep your blood sugar level low or can keep it under control while having the active diabetes you seriously can get over the diabetes complications. In worst cases the diabetes complications can cause severe damage to your internal body parts like blood vessels, heart, kidneys, and the eye veins. Hence by keeping the blood sugar level in your body and following the key points described above you surely will be able to avoid the diabetes complications for you. The pills available at link will provide the best medicines for weight loss. The blood sugar of the person will be under control and there will be no serious problems to the health of the person.

Pros of Using CBD Oils

CBD oils are really popular these days because of their benefits making them really great for everyone. You can follow this link here if you are looking for the best CBD oils on the market?

Although, it is really important that you know about the benefits of using CBD oils in your daily like. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best benefits that you get as you use CBD oils. 

  • The most effective and popular use of CBD oils is its use as a drug that you can use in order to release your stress and anxiety. Moreover, these CBD oils are also effective when it comes to reducing psychological effects such as increased heart rates, improvement in post-traumatic stress disorder patients, and helps people that suffer from insomnia. 
  • With its anti-seizure attributes, you can use CBD oils for the treatment of epilepsy. Because of these properties, there are various research and test are going on in order to prove and determine the effectiveness of these oils. 
  • These CBD oils are also effective when it comes to neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, you can use these oils to reduce the overall effect of these diseases. 
  • CBD oils are also used for the treatment of arthritis, chronic pains, muscle pain, and spinal injuries because of their chemical compositions. There are several ongoing tests that are conducted in order to determine if these CBD oils are effective when it comes to the treatment of these muscle pains. 
  • Because of their composition, these CBD oils are also used to skin treatment and skin nourishment as well. As these oils have antiinflammatory properties you can use them for the treatment of acne and several other skin diseases. However, before you start with the treatment course make sure that you consult your doctor for the same. 

  • Lastly, these CBD oils are considered a possible treatment option for cancer patients. Because of it medicinal properties it is possible that scientists may find a proper cure for cancer with the help of these oils. 

These are the top benefits that you may find when it comes to using CBD oils. 


What You Really Need To Know Before Applying For A Mortgage Loan

So you’re finally ready to buy a home and you’ve been saving up a healthy down payment and looking for that perfect home to buy. Think you’re covered? Well, just barely. There are a number of factors that will determine if you’re a borrower that is going to get a good rate or a great rate on your mortgage loan and every percentage point is real money coming out of your pocket. In this article, you will learn about the different things that you can learn about a mortgage loan. Although there are several technical terms that you might not be familiar with which is why you can follow and learn about that as well.

One of the first things you need to check is your credit report. When you apply for a mortgage loan, your lender will check your personal credit report of both yourself and your co-borrower (the person, if any, that you’re applying for the mortgage loan with). There are three major credit bureaus; Equifax, Transunion, and Experian. All three of these credit bureaus are competitors and do not share information, additionally, the personal information they have for you may differ slightly as not all creditors report to all three bureaus.

The main items that will cause you to get a dismal percentage rate on your mortgage loan are collection accounts or accounts that are currently past due. You’ll have to take care of them before your mortgage loan will be approved as underwriters look at it as if you went past due on a credit card account that only had a $40 a month minimum payment, how will you meet a mortgage loan payment obligation? Accounts with late payments over 30 days that have occurred in the past twelve to twenty-four months will also get you a worse interest rate in many cases.

Items that will stop your mortgage loan in your tracks are public records such as a tax lien that aren’t paid, bankruptcies that are not discharged, unpaid judgments can also stop your loan process until you clear up the balance. Unpaid student loans will also halt your loan process until you pay them. Generally speaking, all of these things will have to be resolved so your mortgage loan application can proceed further. Ways this can be done are to make payment arrangements attempt to get the lien or judgment paid off as quickly as possible; get a loan to consolidate your problem account or accounts and pay it off to the lending party in installments and this is usually a good option as most relatives will lend you money at low to no interest. Your last option is to simply wait and save until you can pay off your problem accounts and then apply for your mortgage loan. Certain public records such as student loans are not going to go away after seven years, and according to the U.S. Department of Education, they normally attempt collection on defaulted student loans for up to 25 years. One other way to get a student loan off your credit report is called “Rehabilitation” of the student loan. It basically means you get a chance to set things right. You write the creditor, ask to rehabilitate a loan. Upon acceptance, you will need to make at least nine and usually around twelve on-time monthly payments in a row. Your loan will be sold to a new lender and the default will be removed from your credit report.

It is possible to clear these items up on your own and get your mortgage loan. For past due to accounts and collection account; simply call your creditors and speak to a manager and offer to pay the account. If the item is a collection account, ask first if you can pay it off in exchange for deletion from your credit report. They are under no obligation to help you, however, many will do it out of “good faith”. For past due accounts, offer to pay the past due and play your “long time customer” card if possible and state you’ve been a customer for a long time and you’ve always paid on time and ask if the credit can forgive this past due as you’re trying to get a mortgage loan. You’d be amazed at goodwill many creditors will show if you simply ask. Once again, they don’t have to do so and don’t get rude if they refuse, remember you’re the one asking for the favor. If someone agrees to help you, ask for their name and extension – you may need that information again and also a letter will help but isn’t mandatory. Then, send that information on the accounts you’ve paid or had corrected to the applicable credit bureaus and get your file updated. It will save you a lot of footwork before once you apply for your mortgage loan.

Other issues that will be important and help you get a great rate include having a steady job for a minimum of twenty-four months and a verifiable residence for that same amount of time. The person that will be approving your mortgage loan, the underwriter, doesn’t know you or anything about you besides what he or she sees on your mortgage loan application. Make sure your credit report reflects your responsibility in paying your bills and if you have some hiccups such as late payments, tie them into a time when you moved and didn’t get the bill, had an emergency or other extenuating circumstance; this will let the underwriter know that you are serious about meeting your financial obligations except in these few extreme circumstances.

If you’ve been thinking of getting a mortgage loan in the near future, use these tips and make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you apply. You’ll make it to closing a lot faster and you won’t have any last-minute surprises show up that can delay closing on your new home. Getting a mortgage doesn’t have to be the nightmare you may have heard about from other people, go into the situation prepared and you’ll enjoy every aspect of buying your home from the start of your mortgage application process to the day they hand you the keys at closing.

Five Ways to Give Your Old Coffee Table New Look

Do you want to makeover your old coffee table and use it to for your coffee breaks? All you need is to redo your furniture and get in touch with nanyang coffee supplier which is famous for its high-quality coffee. Furniture is perhaps the most expensive part of redecorating your home. The furniture piece that can really pull your style and design together is the coffee table. Are you ready for a new coffee table, or ready to give your old coffee table a new look? The following tutorials will help you create a beautiful new table from an old one.

If you don’t already have a table to makeover there are plenty of places to find a good deal on one. Craigslist is one of the best places to find used furniture at a great price. Browse Craigslist locally to find the best deals close to you. Thrift Stores are another great place to find used but sturdy coffee tables. Visit your local Goodwill or Salvation army to find excellent deals, or visit privately-owned thrift stores in your area. Browse your newspaper to find some yard sales that are offering furniture, you can sometimes find great steals at a yard sale.

Diy Coffee Table Makeover Idea #1, Paint it

A simple coat of paint can give old or outdated furniture new life. In this tutorial, you can see how the owner of The Junk Mamas Blog transforms a coffee table that she got from a yard sale into a beautiful piece that fits her home and style. If you are more artistic or want a more unique table you can try painting geometric shapes. This upcycled coffee table from benzine is an excellent example of this style of the painted coffee table.

Diy Coffee Table Makeover Idea #2, Change the top

Changing the style of the top of your coffee table can give it a bold new look. I love the transformation of this coffee table from the Fussy Monkey Biz blog. The owner of Crazy Little Daisy turns a Glass topped table into a more child and pet-friendly coffee table by trading the glass for a big cushion.

Diy Coffee Table Makeover Idea #3, Decoupage it

The technique of decoupaging is a beautiful way to makeover your coffee table and give it some personality. Pages taken from books written in a foreign language creates a beautiful new coffee table. Using your child’s drawings and doodles you can make a great table for the family or playroom. Over at Cozy Little House, you can see how this table got a makeover using 12×12 scrapbook paper! I love this idea because there are so many beautiful paper designs out there, the possibilities are endless here. Another great decoupage idea for your coffee table would be to use old CD covers, glue them onto your table however you want the coat with a layer of mod podge, finish with a polyurethane spray.

Diy Coffee Table Makeover Idea #4, Stain it

Sanding and refinishing a wooden coffee table will make it look new. Check out how Shelley from How Does She? gave her table a makeover with a new coat of stain. Be sure to learn how to stain a table before getting started on any staining. Another great example of a beautiful Staining Makeover can be found on the sincerely Blog.

Diy Coffee Table Makeover Idea #5, Turn it into something else

If you have decided that you don’t want a coffee table in your family room, but you can’t bring yourself to get rid of it there are a lot of ways to recycle coffee tables into other useful furniture. Check out this great bench that used to be a coffee table! Since it is near impossible to keep feet off of the coffee table anyway why not just turn it into an ottoman! With so fabric, this tutorial will teach you how to turn an old coffee table into an ottoman. This is a great makeover for an old coffee table.

Before you go out and spend a lot of money on a new coffee table consider giving your old coffee table a new look. Giving your old coffee a makeover will save you money and will give you exactly what you are looking for style-wise because you are the person who is re-designing it. The ideas are limitless when it comes to giving a table a new look, dig into your imagination and create a table that suits your style, your personality, and your taste.

Marijuana Dispensary- Watch Out

Is it possible to count the number of hospitals in the world? There are way too many so no one would want to even attempt it. With the number of diseases and ailments prevailing all over the world, you will see one opening up in your vicinity every other day.

However, hospitals are only for treating and curing diseases but what about those who are addicted like alcohol and drugs, especially the latter which has become a growing concern since the past few decades.

Marijuana/cannabis is the most common form that youngsters take to like fish to water and the number of cases on the rise due to this problem is going up at an alarming rate but thankfully, there are many rehab centers available that are taking care of this problem.

Clinic Remedy

To tackle the issue, there are many marijuana dispensaries opening up everywhere these days, which is a step in the right direction but people just can’t enter it at will as there are certain things that need to be taken care of before doing so.

Therefore, we are going to talk about some important points that need to be kept in mind before setting foot inside a marijuana dispensary. The points are as follows:

  • The authorities are interested to know where you want to go ahead with cannabis so be sure of your destination
  • Marijuana Dispensaries in Des Moines have strict rules and regulations so be prepared to answer the questions that they will throw at you because it is of great importance
  • Always keep cash ready at hand and find out in advance what is the mode of payment in the dispensary
  • The side effects of marijuana may or may not be serious depending on the situation so keep the health issues in mind
  • Always carry the necessary documents like ID card, official papers, etc. before entering the ward