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Finding The Best Benchtop Jointer For DIY Workshop

For those who like to do their woodwork on their own and want to save some money in the longer run, should opt for a benchtop jointer. These jointers are easy to use and versatile in operation tools which one should have. Yes, for many the cost owning the tool can seem a bit too exaggerated. But in the longer run, these machines can be cost-effective. Also, one can easily flatten to the surface of lumbar without any hassle and using lesser space using the best benchtop jointers on the market

Why benchtop jointers are a good buy?

It works similarly as a standing jointer without any difference in the result. But, the major difference is that it takes a lot less space than the former. It is semi-portable and therefore can be regarded as more versatile. 

One can easily use it to give shape and do 90-degree surfacing on any smaller lumbar piece. It is basically a perfect choice for those who are looking for a jointer that is easy to use; especially those who are simply starting to do woodwork. These jointers are small, have powerful motor and produce way less noise than the standing versions. Also, comparatively, it is less pricey and thus is affordable for many. 

Choosing a benchtop jointer

Few things that should be kept in mind while choosing the best benchtop jointers on the market are:

  • Check how mobile these jointers are. Make sure that they can be moved easily.
  • Check the fence and its adjustability. The fence is crucial to make sure that the wood is held at a place and also to make sure that the surface is flat.
  • Find a cutter head that is perfect for the type of work that is to be done using the jointer. Usually 6 inches in the common choice, but one can also find cutter of size 16 or 18 inches.
  • Keep in mind the power output. Check the power capacity and the speed of the benchtop jointer.
  • Lastly, one should take into consideration the cutting depth. Lesser the cutting depth, more time one will have to run the cutter through the wood.

Final words

A benchtop jointer is the best tool if one is interested in woodworking or wants to do some DIY projects. These are comparatively less expensive and take less space. Therefore it is perfect for those who want to set up a workshop in their garage.

Learn The Tips To Enhance Your Visual Marketing Strategy

Due to technological advancements, it has become easier for brands to market their products and services. Visual marketing is more in trend these days, and there are lots of reasons behind it. If you are also opting for visual marketing, then you should also work on the strategy to improve it. Well, it is not as easy as you think and that’s why you should follow some essential tips which have been provided in the below post.

  • Post shareable content 

In order to enhance your visual marketing strategy, you should post shareable content on social media. Try to tell a story through your content so that people will find it relevant and helpful. People love to share the relevant content, which provides numerous benefits for your marketing efforts.

  • Social images 

If you want to post images on social media, then you should format them for different platforms. When you are using Instagram, you should post square images. On the other hand, you should post portrait images on Pinterest. With the help of this, you can also make the most out of your visual marketing strategy. 

  • Go live 

You can easily upgrade your visual marketing strategy by implementing some effective tips. You should always take your audience behind the scenes with a video. All you need to do is to go live on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or other platforms. It also helps business owners to improve the visibility of their brands.

After taking all these tips into consideration, you can improve your visual marketing strategy and get other benefits. In order to check the profiles of others on Instagram is only possible with InstaPrivateViewer. And that’s why you should make use of this tool to keep an eye on your competitors.

Now that David Beckham is Here, Will Soccer Be as Popular in America as Baseball?

The popularity of youth soccer has skyrocketed in America over the past decade. With a generation of boys and girls who are growing up with a love for soccer, it could possibly become as beloved as American baseball. Collectively, soccer is immensely popular all over the world, but the sport never found a professional home in North America. With David Beckham’s $250 million contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy and a soon-to-be generation of men and women who will have grown up on the soccer fields, could soccer one day be as popular as baseball in America?

When Pele, the golden boy of soccer, suited up with the New York Cosmos in 1975 Americans made it clear that we didn’t give a darn about soccer. Pele was the greatest soccer player in history; he was a purist and the very embodiment of the game. We didn’t care and it all went bust.

On the other hand, David Beckham has never been ranked as the greatest soccer player in Europe, not even for a single year and he has been awarded with a $250 million contract debut in Los Angeles. The guy definitely has skills; don’t forget about that free-kick assist he pulled off for England against Brazil in June. However, he isn’t the greatest player the game has ever seen.

What David Beckham represents is so much more than just the game of soccer. He is about the endorsements, the merchandise, and the celebrity lifestyle. It is his superstar image that Beckham will sell to America, not soccer. Beckham is married to Victoria, A.K.A. Posh Spice, a woman who gets as much, if not more, tabloid time as he. The combination of the two of them generates a paparazzi dream-come-true. The couple also has some superstar American friends including Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Jennifer Lopez. We can’t forget about Beckham’s agent, Simon Fuller, a guy who knows how to sell British culture to American. Fuller has already proven that he can export British traditions to America with his little project called American Idol. When Beckham gets suited up in his Galaxy uniform at the Home Depot Center, while his mega-famous wife and superstar pals look on, it is likely that America will take notice too. Other celebrity soccer fans like Drew Carey and Colin Farrell just might be in the stands too. And when a couple of celebrities go to a place, others follow. Justin Timberlake might bring Jessica Biel. Best buddies, Tobey Maguire and Leo Dicaprio, might buy season tickets. Celebrities take note: you won’t have to sit in the stands with “common folk” as they have recently installed a VIP entrance at the Center. Expect the front row at the Galaxy matches to start looking like a younger, more cosmopolitan Lakers courtside. When that happens, soccer could be the biggest game in America. With check over the site, many unique and different things will happen to the person. The matches will win with the skills and participation of the person. The biggest games should be selected through the players at online websites.

How Does Filing a Claim Affect My Insurance?

Just because you’ve had an accident, doesn’t automatically mean that your insurance rates are going to increase. That’s rule number one. Rule number two is that rule number one can be broken. For the most part, auto insurance companies want for you to continue doing business with them, and as such, filing a claim may not always affect your insurance, but there are some things which will make your insurance premiums go up. First, however, let’s go over the things that generally won’t cause your insurance premium to go up.

There’s a popular misconception that says that as soon as you have any kind of car accident, your insurance is going to immediately jack up your rates, whether you were at fault in the accident or not. In reality, however, insurance companies routinely look at every angle of a car accident and your driving record in order to determine your insurability and risk. For instance, a first-time, minor fender bender for a driver with an otherwise clean driving record will in almost all cases result in no increase in insurance premiums. Accident forgiveness is the name that insurance companies have given to these mishaps, and in some cases, a first-time accident could even be forgiven without the loss of a good driver discount, even if you are found at fault in the accident. While filing a claim, car insurance quotes should be disclosed to the owner of the respective model. Many discounts are offered to the owner to meet with the requirements within a limit. Some records are kept to offer the benefits to the owner of the car model. The handling of the car accident should be excellent. 

A popular type of insurance product which some people believe might cause their insurance premiums to increase is their windshield glass coverage. While some insurance companies might stoop to such measures to increase insurance premiums, the overwhelming majority of insurance companies consider windshield glass replacement a commonplace occurrence, and generally will think nothing of paying the claim.

On the other hand, there are cases in which your insurance rates are going to increase due to an accident, regardless of whether you’ve been a good driver or not. Cases such as these generally take into account what caused the accident. Were you driving recklessly, or under the influence? Was someone seriously injured or killed? The severity of the accident will determine whether you can receive accident forgiveness or not. The other factors which will be taken into account when determining whether your insurance rates will increase or not is just how many claims you have had in the past, as well as how much was paid out on those claims. If you’ve had two accidents per year since your 16th birthday, then you’re going to have to expect that your insurance rates are going to increase because the insurance company is taking on greater risk by insuring you.

A good driving record means everything when it comes to determining the cost of your insurance premiums, but that doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck if you do have an accident. After all, it’s called an “accident” for a reason, isn’t it?

8 Alternative Way to Stop Smoking

Tired of late-night infomercials that hype expensive gadgets to cure your cravings for tobacco? Sick of nicotine patches, gum and self-help books that don’t work? Don’t give up yet. You might think you’ve tried everything to quit smoking, but here are a few remedies you might not have considered.


Lasers just aren’t for eye surgery anymore. Now there’s a high-tech therapy based on ancient Chinese acupuncture. Low-level lasers (about as powerful a 20-watt light bulb) replace the traditional acupuncture needles used to stimulate the body’s natural endorphins. The Therapy Center claims that this treatment helps clients withstand the pressures of withdrawal during the first few days. They have been curing people of their smoking habit for 30 years using this method.


Europe has gone wild for Bioresonance Clinics that apply electrodes on the surface of the skin to pick up the presence of toxins in the patient’s body by interacting with that person’s “bio-field” or the frequencies that are emitted by our cells and organs. They claim to have a 85% success rate of “normalizing energy balance” in smokers by eliminating their nicotine toxins with electromagnetic energy.


Many people swear by their friendly, neighborhood naturopath who knows exactly how to handle disturbances in the qi (that’s energy to us). He’s also able to help smokers cut their cravings by sticking a special acupuncture needles that look like staples in their ears. Apparently many people claim to have painlessly quit smoking after this procedure. Also, if you’re into DIY, tape some small beads on the acupuncture points and try squeezing them when you get a craving for a cigarette.


Just stop by your local health food store and pick up a bunch of licorice roots (they just look like slender sticks about 5-6″ long). When you get a craving for a smoke, stick one in your mouth and chew it for a few minutes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how good it tastes. Before long you forget about the cigarette. Plus, it’s said to be good for your gums and teeth. CAUTIONS: Use sparingly. According to herbalist, Stephen Foster medicinal licorice should only be used for a period of 4-6 weeks. Overuse can produce side effects in some people which can include hypertension, water retention, sodium retention and loss of potassium. Don’t use if pregnant. With the 75 hard Shop for health, beauty & fitness at Discover how enhancing and improving your life can make your life better. treatments, the picking of the best method to overcome from depression is simple. The smoking habits of the patients are reduced. The information provided should be accurate and correct to meet with the requirements with the right decision. 


Some herbs can be effective in keeping those cigarette cravings at bay. Cleanse your bloodstream of nicotine and toxins with a tea made from Chamomile flowers or St. John’s Wort which can be found at a local health food store. Both of these herbal teas calm those jitters and help you relax. As always use caution with any herbal medicines, read labels on preparations and use sparingly.


Use essential oils to relieve the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and fight anxiety. Try oils like lavender, geranium, rosemary, peppermint or frankincense. Mix any or all with carrier oil of jojoba or grapeseed and inhale often to help fight the desire for a cigarette. Smells great, too!


There are lots of them available at stores, in malls—most are of made from lettuce leaves but contain other herbs like mint, ginseng, damiana, cloves, passion flower, etc. They have fancy names like Dreams, Ecstacy and HoneyRose but they don’t contain any tobacco so smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em.


Here’s a free remedy that you can try. When you feel like smoking a cigarette, take a long, deep breath instead—breathing in through your nose. Hold it while you count to 10 then breathe out through your mouth, very slowly. Do this 5 times and notice how much more relaxed you are. Visualize your body being filled with clean air instead of smoke and think about how much better you feel.

Whatever method you decide to use, drink lots of water, stay away from things that act as triggers like alcohol and coffee and stay positive. And, please, remember to research these methods before you try them. This article is not meant to be a personal endorsement—just a listing of some stuff that’s out there. So be safe and get enough information to make an informed decision.

Who knows? You may find it takes a combination of remedies to get you cigarette-free. It might even take a few tries but don’t give up! Whether you’re all about high tech machines or simple herbs, give it every ounce of determination you’ve got. It’s a difficult task but the rewards are totally worth it!

A Review of Dish Network: For All You TV-A-HOLICS

What do I love about Dish Network? For starters pausing live TV, which has become the greatest inventions to grace our nation. With it comes DVR, the ability to record any television show you have available to you. This has become one of the many products in my home that I cannot live without. Granted it costs me $5.95 a month for this service, but it is money well spent. What would you be able to do if you knew you would never miss an episode of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy or the newest hit show NBC’s Heroes? I can tell you what I would be able to do.

I would be able to get up for a phone call or answer to door when the pizza is delivered or pay attention to my child without missing an important moment in their life and the lives of those favorite TV characters we grow to love each week. I will be able to go to that all important back to school night; when the time comes and know I won’t miss that episode of ER people will be talking about years from now.

There have been too many times while I was in college I would over hear someone talking about how he wouldn’t be going out on a date that night because Gilmore Girls was on. When I was in college we had things called VCR’s. I always wanted to ask where the girl lived that turned them down for that possibily life changing date, so I could yell at them and say, “Do you have a VCR? Do you have an empty tape? Do you know how to record shows?” I would then explain to them I would be happy to tape what ever show they wanted so they could have the social life they always dreamed about as long as they provided a tape. However, I never did get up enough courage to do the above so I went on listening to all those guys who couldn’t get dates. I would have gone out with them, but I was already taken! The rankings and reviews of live television should be checked at site. The purchase should be done according to the ratings of the electronic device. The recording of the shows will be effective. The cost of the purchase should be under the funds available with people. The ranking should be valid and accurate for the benefit. 

We have only had Dish Network since August of 2006 and I am extremly happy with the service. They even have free preview channels each month showing some of the channels you don’t have in your service. Last month they had Toon Disney and I was able to catch up with a bunch of shows I had watched as a kid and some my husband and I have watched as adults. This month we have all of the HBO channels which means it’s time to get out our Netflix queue and see what we can cross off.

My only complaint would have to be that we only have about 90 hours available to save those epsiodes and movies we have recorded. We are down to 20 hours available and every day it looms closer to the zero mark. Weekly we go through and ask, “Do we really did to save this show or that movie?” It will be on again and if we really liked it that much, we should save up our money and buy it on DVD!

Top 5 Adventure Sports In The World!

The top 5 adventure sports in the world today! The biggest adrenaline bursts, the most dangerous tests of will. Think you have what it takes? Or just want to see what the crazy buggers are up to!

  • Skydiving

That’s right, we open with skydiving. Skydiving just to get warmed up! Skydiving is a high-speed aerial plunge that exposes you to the very real risk of injury or death. It’s also a great thrill and the experience of a lifetime. Expect to pay about 200-250 dollars for your first tandem jump, and a little more than that to get ready for your first solo jump. Have fun jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!

  • Street Luging

Street Luging comes in at the number four spot on the Top 5 Adventure Sports list. Street Luging is the art of riding a street luge board (or sled) down a steep paved road. In cases of “less legal” luging, this can also involve dodging the occasional traffic. The little sleds go fast, really fast, with the world street luge speed record set at almost 120 miles per hour!

  • Great White Shark Diving

Cage goes in the water. You go in the water. Sharks in the water. Your shark. This adventure is going to cost you some money, but really what price can you put on being locked in a cage and lowered into blood waters to confront a primordial fear? Oh primordial fears, you try so hard to keep us safe. But we never listen.

  • BASE Jumping

BASE jumping is a lot like skydiving, except you do it from fixed objects. Like cliffs. Or buildings. Basically it’s skydiving but you start a lot closer to the ground, which makes it a lot more dangerous. Slower fall speeds mean less control over your body, and even a small miscalculation can lead to a tumble with no time to correct your fall. Make no mistake – this is a high risk operation. BASE jumping is considered a fringe adventure sport even by the standards of the extreme sports community, and it comes in at the number two spot on the Top 5 Adventure Sports list.

  • Big Mountain Climbing

Big mountain climbing is as dangerous as it gets. You don’t get the adrenaline buzz you will from other adventure sports, but there is a sense of accomplishment here that no other adventure sport can match. Big mountain climbing is above all else a test of your will, courage, and determination. There is a good chance you will fail. There is a good chance you will die. But if you make it the experience will be with you for the rest of your life. There is an old saying. “You go up as one man, you come down another.”

To conclude, big mountain climbing has been classified as perhaps the best sport that can induce adrenaline rush at a quicker pace compared to other thrilling ones by and that speaks a lot since it is a reputed website known to everyone.

Protests in Egypt Censured on Social Networking Sites

On PBS yesterday evening, the Secretary of State claimed a neutral position between the protesters and Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian President. Prior to now, Ms. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, has been somewhat marginalized in Obama’s administration, but she’s in the spotlight for this one. She stated that the U.S. would like to see moderation on both sides.

Demographics of the protesters show that the people involved in the protest are in a higher income range, with technological savvy. Privy to this information, Hillary Clinton recommended that people continue using Twitter and Facebook to voice their issues.

Just last week, Obama spoke with Mr. Mubarak, but the talk apparently did not reveal anything about the unrest, or whether it was discussed. President Obama placed the issue in Hillary Clinton’s hands, as an eruption resulted in at least three people dead.

Protest spilling over to Internet activities, was blocked by oppressive governments on Facebook, and Twitter prior to the outbreak of riots in Egypt and Tunisia.

Removing the potential for governments to block access to social networking sites brings a concern for the ability to provide privacy, and protect children.

So far, Google, Microsoft Corp., and Yahoo! Inc. are the only companies to join the Global Network Initiative resisting oppressive government demands to provide user information.

Thirty million American dollars set for technology to circumvent firewalls erected by authoritarian regimes has been slow to move in the direction stipulated.

Last year, U.S. companies were allowed to distribute free software for individual Internet users employing “Haystack,” a tool for protecting anonymity. In turn “Haystack” would hopefully help evade censorship. It was quickly hacked, resulting in compromised integrity.

The younger, technologically hip generation has a great ability to multi-task. Though often viewed critically, these kids may end up being heroes of democracy.

Another problem that people consider as an issue about social networking sites is privacy. Some people fear that their right to privacy is being invaded especially with the tools like Hence, this is another factor that the officials need to pay attention to.

A recent investigation into the new ways that youthful brains work, show that early use of technology has actually created different distribution of electrical patterns. These may end up being helpful with issues of cyber democracy.

Where previous generation brain scans revealed a more focused pattern, it’s believed that the kids using games and spending more time on the web results in a shorter concentration span. The scans show a spotty distribution of brain wave activity.

Doomsayers lament the low reading scores, and the lack of interest in this area as demise for a culturally significant education and mindset. However, the expertise of the lesser focused kids may come in handy.

If auto programming software for defense measures isn’t working, will we need the Starwar adepts to implement spontaneous feedback to foreign government censures on the Internet?

With the differently distributed brain activity, thinking is quicker though less concentrated. Multitasking distributes brainwaves more evenly, but these are patchy. Narrowing concentration to one task is diminished, yet in light of the seeds of change, multitasking may intertwine with survival and the ideal of democracy in the cyber world.

The Best Independent Coffee Shops In Chicago

Chicago abounds with restaurants and ethnic eateries of all sorts but when it comes to scoring a great cup of Joe, there are a few independent coffee shops that trump them all and sell amazing ขายเมล็ดกาแฟ. These three cream-of-the-crop top coffee shops offer more than just a mere mug of good java – they offer an experience.

Topping the list is Caffe DeLuca located at 1721 N. Damen Avenue in the Bucktown/Wicker Park area. This romantic, little Italian cafe is bubbling over in rustic Old World charm. Its great decor boasts narrow walls, high ceilings, and other architectural accents that add to the overall attraction of this place. There is even a clothesline complete with hanging laundry strewn overhead giving patrons the illusion of being transported to a real street cafe in Italy. The atmosphere is even warmer and inviting thanks to Caffe DeLuca’s friendly, accommodating waitstaff. Alluring ambiance aside, Caffe DeLuca offers a comprehensive menu of flavorful fanfare that includes soups, salads, sandwiches, and a wealthy variety of authentically Italian entrees. The breakfast menu, which is available until 4 PM, hosts a number of fan favorites including french toast composed of brioche bread topped with marscapone cheese, pancakes, and frittatas. Lunch and dinner are preluded with a basket of fresh bread and parmesan crisps accompanied by a hummus-like puree of garlicky white beans and olive oil. Moderately priced, the plates are piled high enough to share. The salads alone can stuff up to three diners and you can get a whole pizza for just $5. But enough about the food. The coffee, espresso, teas, and hot chocolates are served up in huge ceramic mugs. The lattes are creamy, delicious, and topped with foamy hearts. The BamBam (espresso and honey topped with coffee) is absolutely to die for. Caffe DeLuca also has a full bar with a stellar martini menu. On weekends there are $3 mimosas and $5 bloody mary specials. This coffee shop is kid-friendly, provides outdoor seating on its terrace, and has its own parking lot outback. My only complaint is that although you hardly ever have to wait more than 10 minutes to be seated (even for Sunday brunch), service can be a bit slow.

Next up is Metropolis Coffee Company in historical Edgewater. Just minutes from the Loyola University Campus, this coffee shop is the epitome of community. The large space is consistently crowded with college students, interesting neighborhood folks, and the shop’s very colorful staff. Its disheveled look, comfortable couches and easy chairs, used book tables, mismatched plates, and cups, and casually displayed local artwork, all add to the unique character of this coffee shop. The father and son owners are really nice and go out of their way to make your experience personal and special. Metropolis Coffee Company roasts and brews its high-quality, bold, and flavorful coffee onsite. The knowledgeable baristas can offer great recommendations for new and seasoned coffee drinkers alike. Similarly to Caffe DeLuca, the baristas at Metropolis Coffee Company specialize in serving up your lattes with fancy foam art. In addition to fresh-brewed coffee, the shop offers over 35 varieties of loose-leaf teas, smoothies, pastries, soups, sandwiches, and other light foods. There are also some vegan choices and the fresh-roasted coffee beans are made available to take home (a free cup of coffee with purchase). While in-store, patrons can take advantage of the free-with-purchase WI-FI, numerous laptop outlets, board games, and used book selection. Live music, poetry readings, and other entertainment is a regular staple on the shop’s small stage. Free movies are also occasionally showcased on a large projection screen. My only gripe with this location is that it can often be so crowded that its ample seating is still not enough for me to be able to sit down and enjoy.

Finally, a real diamond in the rough can be found in Asado Coffee Co. of Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. This java gem is almost invisible and is not easily accessible being situated as it is on busy Irving Park Road with all of its roaring traffic. The small, cramped but clean space is accentuated by undertones of a South American theme. What makes this coffee shop so special that it had to go on this list? Asado Coffee Co. is pouring pure perfection that even the most discriminating coffee snob can truly appreciate. The coffee here is roasted in small batches every day. Each individual cup is roasted on the spot with its own water and its own beans. The coffee is manually-dripped and hand-stirred. The greatest attention to detail demonstrates the level of commitment to quality and excellence that goes into every cup. The baristas’ dedication pays off as they deliver a coffee that is strong, rich, bold, complex, and purely delicious. You will find no flavored syrup here. Only simple sugars are used to sweeten these already full-flavored coffees. You may have to wait a little longer since each individual cup is roasted and brewed on the spot but it is well worth the wait and kind of enjoyable to watch. The tantalizing roasted coffee aroma is enough to send your senses into a whirlwind. The fresh-roasted beans are also made available to go. As an added incentive, Asado Coffee Co. offers a sweet selection of $1 day-old pastries, vegan menu offerings, and tasty made-to-order crepes on the weekends. There are even free samples of cookies and pastries available at every visit. The icing on the cake is that Asado Coffee Co. promotes a “pay it forward” culture by supporting small growers and contributing to a number of charitable causes. My only issues here are that they are not bigger and more prominently located.

Online Shopping: The Evolution And Tips To Save Money

The earlier retail industry was growing at a good pace, and people tend to do traditional shopping. Traditional shopping involves going to market, looking at the product, and buying it. In today’s time, online shopping is gaining appreciation as it provides many benefits to users. There are thousands of websites that are providing enhanced customer service, niche marketing, mass customization, and specialized stores to users. The advanced technology has made shopping much easier than before. My reviews on online shopping are to consider online shopping to save your money.

The evolution of Online Shopping

When you buy a product or service from the internet and not by the traditional method of visiting the store, it is known as online shopping. The trend of buying things online through interest is growing at a rapid pace and is attracting more and more people. Online shopping was started in 1995 and become popular in 1999-2000. There are many new portals that came up offering great online shopping options for customers. It is faster, convenient, and is cheaper than traditional shopping. You don’t need to go anywhere and buy things but can order online and get a product or service delivered at home.

Tips for shopping and saving money through Online Shopping

  1. Add products in cart and leave.

The best strategy to get discounts on products while shopping online is to add the products in the shopping cart and leave. The cart is then known as an abandoned cart, which is an issue for websites. They will offer you discounts on selected items, and you can buy them and save money.

  1. Cashback

There are numerous products and services that offer cashback while buying things. It is better to buy things with cashback and get money in your account.