8 Alternative Way to Stop Smoking

Tired of late-night infomercials that hype expensive gadgets to cure your cravings for tobacco? Sick of nicotine patches, gum and self-help books that don’t work? Don’t give up yet. You might think you’ve tried everything to quit smoking, but here are a few remedies you might not have considered.


Lasers just aren’t for eye surgery anymore. Now there’s a high-tech therapy based on ancient Chinese acupuncture. Low-level lasers (about as powerful a 20-watt light bulb) replace the traditional acupuncture needles used to stimulate the body’s natural endorphins. The Therapy Center claims that this treatment helps clients withstand the pressures of withdrawal during the first few days. They have been curing people of their smoking habit for 30 years using this method.


Europe has gone wild for Bioresonance Clinics that apply electrodes on the surface of the skin to pick up the presence of toxins in the patient’s body by interacting with that person’s “bio-field” or the frequencies that are emitted by our cells and organs. They claim to have a 85% success rate of “normalizing energy balance” in smokers by eliminating their nicotine toxins with electromagnetic energy.


Many people swear by their friendly, neighborhood naturopath who knows exactly how to handle disturbances in the qi (that’s energy to us). He’s also able to help smokers cut their cravings by sticking a special acupuncture needles that look like staples in their ears. Apparently many people claim to have painlessly quit smoking after this procedure. Also, if you’re into DIY, tape some small beads on the acupuncture points and try squeezing them when you get a craving for a cigarette.


Just stop by your local health food store and pick up a bunch of licorice roots (they just look like slender sticks about 5-6″ long). When you get a craving for a smoke, stick one in your mouth and chew it for a few minutes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how good it tastes. Before long you forget about the cigarette. Plus, it’s said to be good for your gums and teeth. CAUTIONS: Use sparingly. According to herbalist, Stephen Foster medicinal licorice should only be used for a period of 4-6 weeks. Overuse can produce side effects in some people which can include hypertension, water retention, sodium retention and loss of potassium. Don’t use if pregnant. With the 75 hard Shop for health, beauty & fitness at www.MiBellaReina.com. Discover how enhancing and improving your life can make your life better. treatments, the picking of the best method to overcome from depression is simple. The smoking habits of the patients are reduced. The information provided should be accurate and correct to meet with the requirements with the right decision. 


Some herbs can be effective in keeping those cigarette cravings at bay. Cleanse your bloodstream of nicotine and toxins with a tea made from Chamomile flowers or St. John’s Wort which can be found at a local health food store. Both of these herbal teas calm those jitters and help you relax. As always use caution with any herbal medicines, read labels on preparations and use sparingly.


Use essential oils to relieve the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and fight anxiety. Try oils like lavender, geranium, rosemary, peppermint or frankincense. Mix any or all with carrier oil of jojoba or grapeseed and inhale often to help fight the desire for a cigarette. Smells great, too!


There are lots of them available at stores, in malls—most are of made from lettuce leaves but contain other herbs like mint, ginseng, damiana, cloves, passion flower, etc. They have fancy names like Dreams, Ecstacy and HoneyRose but they don’t contain any tobacco so smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em.


Here’s a free remedy that you can try. When you feel like smoking a cigarette, take a long, deep breath instead—breathing in through your nose. Hold it while you count to 10 then breathe out through your mouth, very slowly. Do this 5 times and notice how much more relaxed you are. Visualize your body being filled with clean air instead of smoke and think about how much better you feel.

Whatever method you decide to use, drink lots of water, stay away from things that act as triggers like alcohol and coffee and stay positive. And, please, remember to research these methods before you try them. This article is not meant to be a personal endorsement—just a listing of some stuff that’s out there. So be safe and get enough information to make an informed decision.

Who knows? You may find it takes a combination of remedies to get you cigarette-free. It might even take a few tries but don’t give up! Whether you’re all about high tech machines or simple herbs, give it every ounce of determination you’ve got. It’s a difficult task but the rewards are totally worth it!

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