7 Basic Facts Of Marijuana And Cannabis

Talking about the difference between the interesting names- marijuana and cannabis, there is no prominent or big difference. It’s just a play of semantics. Both are one and the same thing.

Marijuana is often perceived in a very negative term than the word cannabis. People predict that you get high on marijuana dose, which is nothing but a myth. These compounds have come a long way. They have been in use since the time humans got the smell of it.

People around the world either purchasing cannabis in Queens of any other part of the world have lots of interesting facts to know.

Below listed are some of the surprising basic facts about marijuana and cannabis. They are:

  • Marijuana can kill the cells of cancer.

Isn’t it interesting? That doesn’t mean you start taking high doses of it. Consult your doctor and then take a step. But marijuana can kill the cells causing cancer.

  • Females and males have different tolerance levels for cannabis.

Well, this is completely dependent on research. Females can build more tolerance than the average man in existence.

  • Marijuana can lift your mood surprisingly.

Having a bad day? Marijuana can be your solution if you want. It’s been found that people who smoke pot after stress are more relaxed, relieved, and happy than the normal human.

  • Marijuana doesn’t cause lung cancer.

This is one of the most common lies you have ever heard. Smoking causes lung cancer but smoking marijuana doesn’t.

  • The overdose of cannabis cannot kill you.

People believe that overdosing on cannabis can kill you instantly but it is not so. You need something poisonous for that.

  • Italy’s air has marijuana.

For real, the air of Italy once checked and concluded that due to pollution it’s air consists of weeds and marijuana.

  • Addiction is not happening with marijuana.

It’s rare to be addicted to marijuana as it does not have a contagious effect on the human.

Above listed are some unknown and by far interesting facts for marijuana and cannabis. Trust the unpredictable nature, there’s still more to know.

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