5 Unique Pinterest Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Business

How do you improve your Pinterest marketing strategies? What could Pinterest contribute to your business? Those are the common questions when you are putting up an online business and thinking on starting using Pinterest as one of your sales venue. One of the main reasons why it is necessary to improve your Pinterest marketing strategies is to advertise your business through social media.

You advertise your business in Pinterest by uploading and sharing the images of your products or services. It allows you to create and manage different theme-based image collection. Here are 5 unique Pinterest marketing strategies that you can use to improve your business.

Creating a unique board can boost your marketing plan. But how can it enhance your marketing plan? To grow, the business should have a marketing plan on how you will describe the products or services that you have and how they work. Your boards are the examples of your plan. Boards are like folders that you will collect from your different files and you will organize them in that folder.

In Pinterest, boards are where you arrange the pins. You will be the one to decide on how you will label those different boards, which depend on your pins. For example, your pins or the images that you are about to upload are more on flowers. You can rename your board as FLOWER, but be sure that you are creating a unique board so it will really improve the strategy of using Pinterest as social network.

Pins are the images or videos that you put on different boards. What kind of images will do better on your Pinterest and how will you put it up as one of your marketing strategies using your pins?

The social media has become more visual and the optimization of images to your content marketing is really important. Social media is now considered as one of the best platforms to promote anything especially products and services. Businesses can now buy cheap Instagram followers to further grow their profiles. 

  • Create pins that will surely help to boost 

 When it comes to pinning your images to your board, just always make sure that those pictures have high quality. Because vertical images do have aspect ratio of 2:3, they are better than taller images. Think about the color. Reddish to orange images are getting more repins than bluish images.It is also better to have multiple colors than single color. The lightness should be medium light and not very dark. Images that are saturated 50% are better than very saturated. The background of your image also matters. The background of your image should have at least less than 10% because it is better than 100% background. Always remember that when you are pinning your images to your board, always focus on the subject.

  • Make sure that your pins will be repinned by others

 It is not enough that you will just only post different images on Pinterest. Just always make sure that you pin and others will repin your posts.The marketing strategy of your business will surely run. You will have a great feeling if others will repin your pins that is why it is better to make an original pin.

Rich pin are the additional details of your pin so that they will become helpful. Having rich pins are really helpful so you will become organized when it comes to searching the different stuffs you really want.

There are five types of rich pins: recipe, movie, article, product, and place.

  • Recipe Pins

 When you are about to pin this kind of rich pin, you should include the cooking time, the ingredients, and the serving information of the food to help those people who love to cook.

  • Movie Pins

 If you are about to pin different movies, they should include the ratings, members of the cast, and reviews because those are the big factors that pinners find out the information of movie.

  • Article Pins

 When you are about to pin your article, you must post the headline of your article. It includes the author and description of the story to become useful especially for those creating a list of articles.

  • Product Pins

 If you are pinning different products, you need to include the availability of the product and where you can buy the said product to make it simple for buyers to buy different stuff.

  • Place Pins

 If you love to travel, place pins are important and it will be actually useful to you because it includes the maps, address, and also cont

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Pinterest allow you to post comments, links, photos, and different things that you want to post. You must produce absolute content so that pinners do have idea of what you have pinned. It should be in a complete detail. You can also include the different rich pins that will depend on your pin or your material.

How to interact to your audience? You must follow those pinners or boards; you must also increase your followers to be popular and comment to their pins; and you must communicate with them, which is also one of the marketing strategies that you need to remember.

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