5 Status Posts That Annoy Your Facebook Friends And Followers Too!

Guess what? If you commit any of the following offenses online, your friends and acquaintances are probably fed up. A good portion of them have probably already placed you on their “hidden” list so that your ramblings don’t show up in their feeds any longer. The other portion of them roll their eyes and mutter under their breath every time they read your missives. It is now time to stop doing the following types of posting:

  1. Stay away from vague, attention seeking posts also known as “Vaguebooking”. If you aren’t already familiar with these, they are the ultimate eye-roller posts, and they read something like this: “So Sad….so let down…” . Yes, your friends and acquaintances know that you are simply looking for them to respond with an inquiry: “What’s wrong?” Eventually, everyone will stop asking and start ignoring. Finally, when you’ve pulled this stunt one too many times, they will simply hide all of your future posts from their newsfeeds in order to avoid the drama-queen or king.
  2. Stop posting obscure music lyrics without explanation or giving credit to the artist. This practice is the cousin of vaguebooking, and is almost as bothersome. It is important to understand that your Great Aunt Sandy has no idea what you are talking about, and those that do know, think you are trying to be oh-so-clever to post your emotions in a song lyric, and they all find it ridiculous. If you like a song, posts a link to the video, or posts all of the lyrics.
  3. Continuous bragging about your romance or job or complaining about your romance or job. Trust us on this one, no one wants to see the photo of the bouquet you received at work, when yesterday you did nothing but complain about your significant other openly on Facebook, instagram to all of your connections and get free instagram followers now, the occasional remark about your relationship is nice, but we don’t need to know every up and every down.

This goes for work, too! When you post all that is wrong with your workplace, your friends, acquaintances and coworkers shake their heads and think “not again…it’s not that bright to complain about your job, you are going to get fired!” Trust us, they don’t sympathize.

  1. Cringe-worthy postings including gory medical photos of your broken foot, any post involving your sex life or risque photos, and jokes in poor taste. Do we need to explain these? Again, let’s think of your Great Aunt Sandy. You friended her for some reason, if you now regret it, please use the “list” feature and use it to exclude her and certain readers from seeing the F-bombs and sexual comments. Yes, you are being judged by everything you post.
  2. Constant political rantings. Plain and simple. Right or left, blue or red, constantly posting political rants are a surefire way to get yourself booted from your reader’s newsfeeds. Just don’t do it.

The bottom line is that you have every right to post whatever you want in your Facebook and other social media status updates. It is important to remember that it is also the right of your readers to block you, unfriend you, or more commonly, simply and quickly hide your posts forever. Moderation is key here. Happy posting!

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