5 Hot Fall Fashions from Eley Kishimoto

Eley Kishimoto shows us some traditional English tailoring in their fall 2009 ready to wear collection for women this year. Red, blue, purple, mauve, gray, black, and herringbone patterns all appear in this collection. Pleating and classic lines make up the attractive fashions in this fall’s collection. Below are my top five picks for the fall season:

Here is a pretty red suit(1) that can be worn to the office this fall. The jacket’s collars have soft edges, and the skirt has two darker stripes down the front to match the edging of the jacket. You can wear a different colored blouse other than the one you see here. I like the red, black and white blouse but I would also wear a pale blue, camel, or brown blouse with this suit.

If you like English tailoring you will like this coat(2) in purple with front pockets and a double row of brass buttons. The edges have a brighter shade of purple cording in the front. Yellow might not be your color for leggings, so you can wear any blouse with skirt or pants, or dress when you go out this fall to show off this gorgeous coat.

This next two piece suit(3) is mauve in color with purple ribbon for decoration on the collar, cuffs, and at the pockets. This is so cute and chic it can be worn to college for you students, and to the office. Instead of knee highs, wear sheer natural colored stockings with this outfit. It is like kogal dressing. It is very stylish, fashionable and attention catchy. Generally, you just have to be creative and stylish so you can mix garments and come up with a fashionable outfit.

Here is another suit(4) with a herringbone pattern and a solid colored blouse. This is chic enough to wear to a benefit lunch. In place of the black blouse, wear a green or plum silk blouse with this suit.

Lastly, the blue dress(5) here has gathers at the waist with a crossover section in the bodice. The singular diagonal black stripe across the left shoulder down to the left side add all the decoration this dress needs. Wear this dress to an informal fall event or lunch with your friends.

Eley Kishimoto(6) fashions can be purchased though Honey in the Rough and Heart in New York City. The average price range of their fashions are between $200.00 and $600.00.

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