2048 – The Game Of The Future

Well this article ought to be very interesting as it is regarding a topic about what the future holds for online games. The video game industry has been thriving since the past few decades as it has seen games of various genres which cater to the needs and interests of people of various age groups. 

However, the primary target audience has always been the youth brigade, whose affinity for it can be gauged from the fact that there have been instances when they have even killed for the sake of it. 

While, this might not be very encouraging news, alarming if anything, but still this proves the mettle of such games and how they have influenced young minds in both positive and negative manner. 

Artificial Intelligence 

2048 is a game that you can find on the AI application, but it is primarily for apple users, with the help of which the game can be played easily and the problems and hurdles can be solved with the help of artificial intelligence. 

It is kind of like a puzzle of blocks in which a single player can have a go on the first attempt. The credit for the discovery of this unique game has to go to Italian web designer Gabriele Cirulli, who had gauged the fact that artificial intelligence is going to rule the new decade of 2020-2030. 

Free Online Trial 

2048 cupcakes online is similar to a trial of the real game which you can get for free from Gamesgames.com, apart from valuable information about various other games but the primary focus is on 2048 at the moment. This one is easier compared to 2048, which relies entirely on artificial intelligence to solve puzzles. 

There are many things that you can learn from 2048 and at first glance it may seem similar to Sudoku, but requires extraordinary skillful thinking to tackle the complicated problems. 

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