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The Football (Soccer) Remote Control – Use It As A Remote And Kick It Like A Soccer Ball

One of my favorite things to do is to participate in sports. My love for sports has led to me purchasing a lot different sports related products. Two of my favorite sports include basketball in soccer. I constantly see advancements in the basketball design and never any advancements when it comes to the soccer ball. I frequently visit the dedicated store,this is American soccer around the block to explore new soccer merchandise. This is why I was pleasantly surprised to find something called the Football (soccer) Remote Control. The concept was incredibly interesting to me and I wanted to see what it was all about. So I decided to purchase one and it took way too long to receive it, but the wait was well worth it. Here is my quick review of the Football Remote Control made by the Shift company.

Soccer is not considered one of the most popular sports in the United States. The truth is that soccer is actually one of the most popular sports in the world. This popularity has resulted in companies always trying to make soccer related gear. The Football Remote Control is a unique product that allows you to play with it and use it to control the electronics in your home. Shift has created a product that contains light electronic equipment that allows it to be used for more than one thing. The first thing you can use the Football Remote Control for is actually playing a game of soccer. You can then also use the soccer ball remote for handling your TV, DVD, and satellite controls.

My Football Remote Control is pretty damn cool if I may say so myself. The soccer ball meets regulation size standards and is cool to handle. A close glimpse at the ball shows you numbers and other control options. All you have to do is press the giant button that has the number or option on it and you will get the option that you want. Simply put, type the number seven and get the number seven. If you want to switch between television and DVD mode, press the DVD button to set everything up. What I was wondering was how well the remote would last when I spent half of the day kicking it around the house. I was surprised to find out that the manufacturer created a product that was very sturdy and reliable. The soccer ball has gone through a whole bunch of damage and is still working as if it was brand new.

The Football Remote Control is not that expensive either. You can purchase one of the remote control soccer balls for the low price of $41. Anyone who has purchased a high quality basketball or soccer ball has to understand that this is a pretty decent price considering that you also get a remote control as well. You will quickly find out that using the soccer ball remote is a lot of fun. This is because it is defiantly weird to handle. Using the soccer ball remote offers you a fun activity to change the channels with. You will no longer feel bored as if you are being useless while using the remote control. Shift has created a top of the line product that is worth the investment. I believe this because I happen to own one of the devices and have yet to get sick of it. If you like the sport of soccer and want to change the way you watch and control television, try out the Football Remote Control and start making television watching a new sports activity that you love.

Marijuana Dispensary- Watch Out

Is it possible to count the number of hospitals in the world? There are way too many so no one would want to even attempt it. With the number of diseases and ailments prevailing all over the world, you will see one opening up in your vicinity every other day.

However, hospitals are only for treating and curing diseases but what about those who are addicted like alcohol and drugs, especially the latter which has become a growing concern since the past few decades.

Marijuana/cannabis is the most common form that youngsters take to like fish to water and the number of cases on the rise due to this problem is going up at an alarming rate but thankfully, there are many rehab centers available that are taking care of this problem.

Clinic Remedy

To tackle the issue, there are many marijuana dispensaries opening up everywhere these days, which is a step in the right direction but people just can’t enter it at will as there are certain things that need to be taken care of before doing so.

Therefore, we are going to talk about some important points that need to be kept in mind before setting foot inside a marijuana dispensary. The points are as follows:

  • The authorities are interested to know where you want to go ahead with cannabis so be sure of your destination
  • Marijuana Dispensaries in Des Moines have strict rules and regulations so be prepared to answer the questions that they will throw at you because it is of great importance
  • Always keep cash ready at hand and find out in advance what is the mode of payment in the dispensary
  • The side effects of marijuana may or may not be serious depending on the situation so keep the health issues in mind
  • Always carry the necessary documents like ID card, official papers, etc. before entering the ward

Buying And Managing Decorations And Accessories In Birdland

In this guide, I am going to show you how to buy accessories and decorations in BirdLand. I will also show you how to manage your decorations and accessories by moving them and selling them. To begin using this guide, you will need to load BirdLand. Then we will start with buying the decorations and accessories.

How to Buy Decorations in BirdLand

Let’s start with buying decorations in BirdLand. At the bottom of your game, you will need to click the Store icon. When the box opens, click the Decorations tab. Then browse through the decorations using the arrows. When you find something that you want to purchase, click the item. When the box opens, you can click the button to make the purchase. The decoration will then be placed in your cage.

How to Buy Accessories in BirdLand

Next, I will show you how to buy accessories in BirdLand. To buy accessories, you do about the same as with the decorations, except with this, you need to click the Accessories tab. So, click the Store icon at the bottom of your game. When the box opens, click the Accessories tab. Then click the accessory you want to purchase.

How to Move Decorations and Accessories in BirdLand

Next, I will show you how to move your decorations and accessories in BirdLand. You will need to click the arrow tool at the bottom of your game. Then you will need to click what you want to move. When you click it, you will see a box open. In the box, you will see the move option and the four arrows. Click the four arrows with your mouse, hold your mouse down and drag the item to where you want it.

How to Sell Your Decorations and Accessories in BirdLand

Next, I will show you how to sell them. You will need to select the arrow tool again. Then click an item that you want to sell. A box will open and you will need to click the Sell option in the box. A new box will open and let you know how much you will get for the item you are trying to sell. If you still want to sell the item, you will need to click the OK button. If you have decide that it is not worth selling, you can click the Cancel button to cancel the sale. The equipments and accessories of the game are available at Pokemon go accounts for sale. Various options will be made available to the players for buying of the game equipments.

Refilling Your Water Bottle and Feed Bowl in BirdLand

If you are using items like the feed bowls and water bottles, you will have to refill them. To do this, click the bottle or bowl with the white arrow. When the box opens, click the Fill option. They will then be refilled.

Secret World Of The Night Scene

For over two decades, we have heard numerous stories about these high-energy dance parties that continue throughout the night and into the wee hours. Raves have been in existence for approximately two decades. Almost everyone outside of the rave scene knows that these places often consist of club kids and of course there are the “club drugs.” But there are some things about the rave scene that the general public does not know.

Raves take place in locations such as a permanent dance club and/or at short-termed venues that are used for a single weekend event. These places are often in unoccupied warehouses and buildings.

Night life is often considered to be for people belonging to the modern age for it is them that venture out for late night parties and raves are probably the best hangout spots for them as that is the only one they can find. Nightclubs are excellent haunts for party people who are lively and outgoing and if it includes drugs then nothing can get better and lavelle Toronto is one such jaunt that is well known for its night culture that has people from all walks of life thronging to it to get a respite from tension and stress.

Unlike traditional dance club events, which are promoted in the open media, raves are hardly promoted in the mass media, such as on radio stations. Instead, they are promoted by way of flyers, which are available in record and clothing stores. They are also found in various rave parties, rave clubs, and even on websites that reference raves. However, these advertisements only feature the city where the event will take place and a phone number to get more information about the event. The rave event’s location is revealed to the caller via the telephone. There are some promoters who would rather remain in secrecy in terms of giving just the location. In the raver’s world, this is known as a “map point.”

Of course with the rave party scenes, which I am not a fan, comes these drugs such as MDMA, or ecstasy and LSD, just anything that will alter an individual’s train of thought. This is the staple of this high-energy culture. The bad news is that most of these ravers use these drugs and see nothing wrong with it. In his/her mind, the belief is that it is unharmful if used in the proper fashion. In addition to these hallucinogen drugs that are very common in this setting, inhalants as in nitrous oxide, or whippets, is beginning to become very popular. The price range for them is between five and ten dollars. Let’s not forget about a drug that is popular on the streets-heroin. Heroin is also becoming more popular among the ravers in larger cities, in particular in the eastern United States. Drugs such as ecstasy, LSD, heroin, and combination tablets are not only available in the rave scene, but also on the college campuses.

Most of the general public is not aware of this, but people who frequent these rave parties and clubs wear clothing that most of us would not consider wearing to a club. They usually tend to dress in clothing that are very loose and layered so that he/she will have the opportunity to take them off when on the dance floor for hours. Ravers also carry drug paraphernalia, such as wearing a pacifier along with beaded necklace around the neck. The purpose of wearing the pacifier is for the raver to chew on to avoid the teeth grinding that is associated with the use of ecstasy, or MDMA.

Ravers use tools that the average individuals that go to clubs do not use. Those are the chemical glow sticks. These sticks are waved in individual’s eyes that are under the influence of MDMA for the visual stimulation. During their highness on these hallucinogen drugs, especially ecstasy, they think that when breathing the mentholated fumes, they are in the state of euphoria. The reality is that inhaling these fumes is likely to cause overheating of the body. This is due to the fumes making the eyes and the nasal region to become dried out.

It is okay to go to a club to mingle with other individuals and have fun. I am a very big advocate for going out and having a good time, but not to the point that will cause any type of harm to the body. Have fun and do not harm the body in the process!

How to Become an Olympic Swimmer

With the conclusion of the Beijing Olympics and the incredible accomplishments of swimmer Michael Phelps, many swimmers of all ages around the country have one question on their minds: how can I become an Olympic swimmer?

Many fans of all ages wonder how much time, commitment, and skill it takes to become an Olympic swimmer. As a swimmer myself, I assure you that it is incredibly difficult to have your name even in the running for the United States Olympic team. The United States, as witnessed by their Beijing dominance, is the best swimming country in the world. Australia takes a close second, as they also have a great number of Olympic caliber swimmers.

If you are wondering how to become an Olympic swimmer, here are some skills you need to have and the steps you need to take to achieve your ultimate goal.

To become a world class swimmer, you must first have what every Olympian clearly has: a constant drive to succeed and the willingness to give up a lot of time and effort to achieve your goal. Swimming is a sport that requires exceptional dedication: many swimmers train multiple times a day for hours on end.

Yes, if you are a student currently in school, you may have to sacrifice class time to get more practice time in the pool. Olympic swimming is full of a lot of different countries and characters, but no Olympian gets to where they are without a lot of training time. As a former swimmer in the Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL), I know of a few Olympians who have sacrificed class time and even their entire college experiences to train for the Olympic Games.

Secondly, an aspiring Olympic swimmer must select a suitable year-round program to train with. The swimmer must be sure that the swim program he/she chooses should be United States Swimming Certified, as these programs are accredited and normally high-quality programs.

In addition, the swimmer should take a pro-active approach to finding a coach or personal trainer. The coach or trainer can be found either within the swim organization or outside of. If the swimmer is currently attending college or about to attend college, be sure to contact the coaches and discuss goals in depth.College decisions should be taken seriously and given a lot of thought. Even though most college swimmers will not become Olympic swimmers, long-shot kinds of swimmers pop up at swim programs all around the country. The college swim coach is an important choice, since he/she will have a key impact on how a college swimmer performs in big events. Never underestimate the importance of school coaches, even at the high school level. Click here at the sites to know about the importance of the coaches at the swimming classes. They will protect the person from drowning and educate about the things about swimming.

What To Keep In Your Ultimate Survival Kit

A very important item in the Ultimate Survival Kit is potassium permanganate. It has a wide variety of uses, but one of the most common is purifying water. This alone could be an excellent reason to have it in the Ultimate Survival Kit. However, there is one more very important reason to include potassium permanganate: it can be used to make fire. Yes; it can. When glycerol (antifreeze) or glycerin (present in most soaps in small quantities) makes contact with potassium permanganate, a violently exothermic reaction occurs which results in safe, effective fire. In a survival situation, if you happen to run across any glycerol or glycerin, this bit of information could be your saving grace. A viable source of antifreeze might be your car.

Another very important item is rubbing alcohol. For one, rubbing alcohol can be used to clean your flesh wounds–and in a survival situation, it is highly unlikely that you will not sustain any flesh wounds at all. It may burn like heck, but it’s better than waking up with green puss oozing out of a cut. Rubbing alcohol can also be used for the purposes of fuel for your fire. And if you end up taking a swim, you would probably want to clean your ears out with rubbing alcohol in order to prevent such ailments as swimmer’s ear, which would make survival even more difficult.

Bring along a flint and magnesium stick, if you can. They’re small, but can be very useful. This is the only item in the Ultimate Survival Kit that has but one real purpose (although, there are probably more uses that I hadn’t considered); and that purpose is take make fire. Chip off a bit of magnesium from the stick and then scrape your knife against the flint hard to cause a spark to set your magnesium ablaze. Also, it probably wouldn’t hurt to have a source of magnesium at your disposal.

Bring a knife–a good knife. Stainless steel or carbon steel, if at all possible. Preferably a knife with a blade that can both slice and rip. In a survival situation, you may need to cut or tear things that your hands alone couldn’t do. The reasons for having a knife are obvious.

Bring thick cotton bandages. Cotton bandages are not a uni-tasker, despite common misconceptions. They can be used as bandages (of course), fuel for fire, makeshift torches, sweat rags, makeshift water filters, or socks. It is advised to not use a cotton bandage on a flesh wound after it has been used as a sock.

Several heavy-duty garbage bags. The 40 or 50 gallon black kind, that you take your garbage out in, or that you’ve seen mafiosos disposing of bodies with in movies. These bags have a variety of uses. If the weather outside is harsh and cold, one of these bags could be a surprisingly effective way to stay warm. You could fashion one to wear like a jacket by cutting holes in appropriate places with your knife, or you could use it as a sleeping bag. Because these garbage bags are made to keep smell in, they are also highly effective at keeping heat in, as well as water–which is another use of these garbage bags. One could be used as a makeshift canteen. While it might get rigorous hauling around a 40-50 gallon garbage bag full of water, it would certainly be much less rigorous than death by dehydration.

Bring along a source of oil (via fat). You may’ve heard stories of stranded campers burning things like fried chips to help stay warm. This is applying that same idea. Except instead of using fried chips, I suggest you use peanut butter. You could also use any other kind of oil, but peanut butter is my recommendation here for several reasons. It’s an excellent source of protein and is very calorically dense. A medium sized jar (buy plastic jars for survival purposes, by the way.) of peanut butter could last one a surprisingly long time in a survival situation, and really doesn’t take up much room. It’s also a very good source of fat, which makes it good for burning. And because it is sticky, it might be possible to blot some on the end of a stick or one of your thick cotton bandages and make a makeshift torch or lantern.

One should always be open-minded when looking at survival. Think compact but multi-effective. The link will direct the person about different health benefits for healthy immune system. The following of the link will provide excellent digestive system to the person. The use of the supplements should be done with open mind.

How to Have a Successful Yard Sale

If you’re a little low on cash, overstocked on junk, and have some good weather coming your way, why not hold a yard sale? It’s a very simple and quick way to make some extra bucks and clear out some room in your living space. So what are you waiting for? Use the following tips and advice to host your very own yard sale.

  1. Get a Permit

– Most cities require you to obtain a permit before selling anything, let alone holding a garage sale. You can contact your city’s officials to figure out exactly how to obtain one and what you will need in order to do so. Besides getting the permit, make sure that you also book your appointment or hire a cleaning service to help you with the cleaning after your sale. Junk removal philly, is an affordable and efficient service provider in this field. This will save you a lot of time and energy as you finish up with your yard sale.

  1. Gather your Goods

– Go through your entire house and gather up items that are no longer of use to you. Be sure to ask before you go through anyone else’s things! Remember to check your closets, attic, basement, garage, etc. You can even ask your friends or family if they have any old junk they are willing to hand over for you to sell. Some of the top-selling items in yard sales are kitchen items, knick-knacks, board games, undamaged clothes, and furniture. Sort all of your goods into separate boxes in an organized fashion (clothes in one box, kitchen items in another, etc). Label these boxes so that you’ll have everything easily accessible when you are ready to set up.

  1. Pick a Time  amp; Date

– Check out your weekly weather forecast online and choose a nice, warm day to hold your sale. Usually, people prefer to keep their yard sale up for at least a weekend or until they get rid of most of their goods. Pick a time range (2-4 hours is a good idea), and try to give yourself at least 2 hours before the sale to set up. For example, if you’re having your sale at 10:00 AM, make sure you begin getting everything out and ready at 8:00 AM. Also, here’s another tip: hold your yard sale at the beginning of the month (older people love yard sales and usually receive their SS check around the first).

  1. Advertise

– Choose three different places to put a sign in your neighborhood. These signs should be written large enough so that they can be read from the street. They should include the event title (Yard Sale), your address (and brief directions if possible), time, dates, and an arrow pointing in the direction of where to go. Add another sign little ways down the road pointing to the next street they must turn on with the same information written on it. Other advertising options include the internet (sites like and are popular choices), and your local paper. I personally believe that the best way to advertise is simply by word of mouth. Tell all of your friends, family members, and co-workers about your sale and ask them to spread the news along. Oh and be sure to begin advertising at least 2-3 days before (and during!) your yard sale.

  1. Set-Up Pricing

– Begin setting up at least two hours before the actual time you “open” for business. To set up your things, you will need tables to place your items on and make “aisles”. You’ll also need an area for you to sit to cash out your customers. When you set your items up, keep it organized. There’s nothing worse than an unorganized yard sale. Nobody wants to look through heaps of clothes to find a spatula if you know what I’m saying. Keep it simple. Clothes in one area, electronics, and games in another. Once everything is out and set up, begin adding price tags. You can use regular paper and scotch tape or you can use one of those label makers. Please price reasonably. That outdated microwave you bought 20 years ago probably isn’t worth $75 dollars anymore even if you haven’t used it. A lot of people like to have separate boxes of items that are priced the same and considered miscellaneous. For example, you can have a “$1 Box” where you put everything extra that only costs a dollar. People won’t mind digging through that box considering the deal! Next, remember to keep the lost of change on hand. Twenty-one dollar bills, ten fives, and at least three rolls each of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies should be sufficient. Keep a calculator at your “cashier” table for quick and easy adding and you can also keep bags at that table so that your customers don’t have to carry armfuls of things to their car. Another tip: you may want to add a sign at the cashier table that says, “All sales final” in order to avoid people trying to get refunds for the items they buy.

  1. Safety/Security

– Even at yard sales, there are thieves. The best way to avoid being taken advantage of is to keep a few family members as “lookouts” to watch over customers while they shop. It’s also a good idea to keep all the money on you at all times in a fanny pack around your waist. This way, any potential criminals won’t have the chance to just grab your money and make a run for it (it’s happened many times at yard sales!). Also, keep a cordless phone or cell with you at all times in case of an emergency.

Now that you know all you need to know about having a successful yard sale, get off your behind and start looking for junk. Before you know it, your house will be cleaner and you’ll be rolling in the dough.

Motorcycle Helmets- All You Should Know!

Riding a bike is the best thing to do when we have a long stretch of clear road or even when the road is full of cars. Why? Because the biker is free to maneuver and move ahead. But this comes with its own disadvantage and that is that you are open to the danger of being hit by the other vehicles.

Worry not, you have something to help you and that important gear is the motorcycle helmets. Selecting the right kind of Motorcycle helmets will be the difference between life and death, between pleasure and pain. So make sure to pick the perfect one so as to safeguard yourself.

The major criteria for selecting the correct motorcycle helmets are:

1) Cost: The motorcycle helmets come in various cost categories though the fact that more expensive will give a better helmet is not applicable. According to a famous motorbike magazine, soft polycarbonate motorcycle helmets provide the maximum safety, which is priced lower than the strong Snell rated helmet, which provides less protection.

2) Dynamics: The color of the motorcycle helmets should match your motorbike’s color or be in perfect contrast or be so outlandish that all the eyes are turned towards you. This does not mean that you should compromise on the safety issue. The size should also be perfectly fitting because an ill-fitting headgear will increase the risk in case of an accident. While a good fitting one provides greater precaution in case of an accident.

3) Internal Shape: The shape on the inside half of motorcycle helmets is equally important as the outer half. A better-shaped helmet on the inside will make for a better fit and make you feel as if it is second skin. This is very important not only on the physical level but it also gives you mental peace that there is something to protect you against anything.

4) Trial: While buying motorcycle helmets, make sure to put it on first. Though very basic it is of utmost importance. This feature is not available when buying over the internet, but only available when you go to a store personally. How does this help? This helps you to check on all the above-mentioned points plus you can also see yourself and decide how you look with this helmet and how this helmet looks on you. Plus your hunger getting satiated only by eating and not by seeing the photograph of a pizza. Hence it is advisable to try the helmet before you buy it.

So how does one go about buying good motorcycle helmets? These days the internet has captured most of the market, but the local stores are also doing good business. So what is the best option! The answer is not so simple. The Internet offers you huge variety and different price levels but will not allow any trials and so it is like buying seeing the picture. While the local store offers you a decent range and a smaller range but allows you to feel the motorcycle helmets and also allows you to try it.

So if any store is near your home then it is advisable to go and pick up the headgear with a friend but if it is far then the internet is the choice for you.

Sharing is caring but not in the case of motorcycle helmets. Your friends may have a well-fitting helmet but it does not mean that it will fit you as well and it may be not good for you and even cause damage to you.

So make sure to use this article and make the correct choice of your protective gear because life is precious.


Tall Women’s Dating Dilemma

If you’re a short man who can’t get dates, or a tall women thinking about that short man, read this. I wonder how many short men who can’t get dates limit themselves to even shorter women for fear that a woman even two inches taller would blow them off. If you’re a short man struggling with this problem, ever consider that some very tall women might be drawn to only very short men – to even out the height genes? A 6-foot-tall woman knows if she has daughters with a 6-3 man, odds are high those daughters will be super tall, and maybe this tall woman doesn’t want super tall daughters. Thus, she chooses only short men, to lower these super tall odds.

That’s where you, the short man, comes in. If you’re, say, 5-4, and you’ve been seeking out women 5 feet to 5-3, consider this: Women this short may be seeking out only tall men, to feel “protected!” So if the short man is puzzled over why shorter women aren’t interested in him, maybe it’s because short women want tall men for their “protection”! The desire for a tall man is common among women of all heights, and may be rooted in evolution, but in other cases, is connected to other variables.

On the other hand, many women don’t even consider how well a man can fight, when dating men. This is why scrawny men can get dates; or fat men who get winded easily, can get dates. Men who are bookworms and computer geeks get dates. Physically handicapped men get dates. These categories of men do not exude the ability to protect and fight, yet they DO get women.

So you see, the requirement to feel protected isn’t necessarily universal amongst women.

Otherwise, only tough guys would get dates. Nevertheless, a good explanation for why a short man, who has charm, wit and self-confidence, has no luck getting women may be because he’s been approaching women who are fixated on the protection factor.

A short man might want to try his luck on the most self-confident women he can find, including very tall ones who may be specifically seeking out short men who can pass on “short genes” rather than “tall genes.”

I also recommend that short men take up weight lifting. There are quite a few short, but chiseled men I see at the health clubs I work out at. They wear tank tops and have beautiful symmetry and musculature. Nobody’s going to look at them and think, “What a puny little guy. I bet he has trouble getting dates.” When a short man has a sculpted, strong physique, you quickly forget he’s a short guy.

It is the best alternative for a short statured guy to win a tall girl over because if he really wants her, then he needs to take drastic measures to achieve his goal and this is nothing too difficult except in the initial stages. Also, they will need to understand that this may be the only chance they can get as woman, irrespective of their own stature, look up for a man who has lots of charm and charisma, height notwithstanding, and no okcupid dating app can help him in this regard.

Legal Tips For Us Immigration H-1B Visas

For a business in the United States to employ foreign nationals to work in specialized fields with your company for a set period, H-1B visas are required. These can be applied for directly but the process will be smoothened and expedited by hiring a lawyer who specializes in US immigration and green cards. A visa lawyer will also advise you of the employment limitations applicable in the US.

An H-1B visa issued to non-immigrants is valid for a period of six years and allows a US based company to employ a foreign individual for that duration. It is quicker to be applied for and issued than a green card. Even if you presume your hired staff will be required for a period in excess of six years, the H-1B visa is the starting point.

An application for this visa can only be made by a company and not a potential employee. A numerical limit exists on the number of such visas issued each year. You have to submit a petition for which the US immigration and visa attorney will discuss with you and advise you how best to do so. Having spent years in mastering the complex legislation entailed in US immigration law, they are conversant with the procedures of the legal paperwork. A visa attorney will anticipate the likely problems that may arise with issue of an H-1B visa for an employee.

The application may be submitted upto six months before the actual date when the visa is required. For instance, for the fiscal year commencing in October, the employer may submit his application the preceding April. If approved, the employee may start work in October.

Eligibility Requirements:

An H-1B visa is restricted to those highly educated employees who work in specialty fields needing their specialized skills. These are professionals like doctors, chemists, architects, teachers, engineers etc. The employee must have obtained a three year degree with three years experience in the relevant field. This is considered equivalent to a four-year US degree course. A license to practice issued by the state in which they will work will also be required by professionals like doctors, architects and lawyers etc.

Should you wish to employ non-graduates, the criterion is twelve years experience in their occupation. The visa applicable to such non-specialty occupations is H-2B.

Procedures and Formalities:

The sponsoring employer will need to file a Labor Condition Application (LCA) with the Department of Labor first. On receiving approval, the employer will file Form I-129 and H supplement with the Immigration department with jurisdiction in the place of employment. Form I-129W must be filed along with the petition. The applicable fee structure which must accompany the application will depend on the number of proposed employees. Once approval is communicated you are ready to intimate your applicant and send all required documents to be filed at the US embassy or consulate in his/her home country. The canada’s best immigration lawyer will provide the basic formalities to the person. The procedure of filling the case in the court will be simple and comfortable for the person.

The documentation and procedures are daunting but the process will be streamlined with the services of an attorney. Visa lawyers, familiar with the complex process will help you through the paperwork painlessly. Even if you cannot locate an attorney locally, US immigration and visa lawyers have websites and will assist you online. Hiring one will save you endless effort and frustration. They are also abreast of and can assist with other formalities like PERM Labor Certification, L-1 visas, E-1, 2 or 3 visas, H-3 visas, P-1, 2 or 3 visas, O-1 or O-2 visas, TN visas, green cards, and other immigration requirements. To build a powerful workforce, contact an online visa lawyer today.

Local Social Networking

So you’ve developed a nice circle of “friends” and attracted some fans in Facebook and MySpace but let’s face it, these social networks are all starting to feel the same, and the communal effects are no longer satisfying your needs. Remember the theme song “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” from the TV comedy series Cheers? Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and where people are all the same. Cheers were the place where bar owner, Sam Malone, served up beers and traded one-liners with the regulars.

Perhaps it’s time to get back to the basics of what makes a community. The popularity of social networking has created a sub-trend whose timing couldn’t be better. Lots of us are moving around, uprooted from our familiar surroundings. All of this makes for a long ramp-up time for familiarizing ourselves with our neighbors and local commerce. Imagine if you could actually see and talk with the person within your social network. If you knew people in your social network, somehow a site member’s glowing comment about the Thai restaurant two doors down from you seems to hold more credibility. With the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram DM, Facebook, and Twitter, local social networking is more convenient than ever. You can easily connect and communicate with your friends easily 

It’s a good thing social networks have gone local. Okay, probably hyper-local. What do I mean? This is networking at the grassroots level – networking among neighborhoods, streets, and even buildings or condos. The idea is that neighborhoods, streets, and apartment buildings get their own internet or intranet site. The aim is to not only promote the benefits the buildings have for their current or prospective residents but to foster a sense of community through interaction and localized services. At its best, it even allows occupants to gripe about the current noise pollution, sometimes lack of heat, or malfunctioning elevators. All these gripes are translated into feedback for the property managers, who can be held accountable for their services.

Take LifeAt, for example. They realized the opportunity in 2007 when they approached the idea of “local” in an innovative way. What’s refreshing and unique about LifeAt is that social networking is at the building level. The idea is that in urban cities, your building is your neighborhood and community. As a city dweller, the experience you have depends on how much you know about those around you. LifeAt provides property managers with a turnkey solution for launching a network for their building. The property Web sites are private and password- protected. Residents can virtually meet and communicate through posting ads and rating and reviewing local businesses. Property managers can post notices about vacancies and maintenance work. With a one-off setup fee with no yearly fees, this local social network may appeal to most property managers.

Why It Works

People have been more likely to share information online, which makes the local social network an optimal forum or outlet. Companies, such as LifeAt, that are poised to capitalize on this need, are not only providing logistical information, they provide a connection between people with similar socioeconomic backgrounds. According to the U.S. Census (, 20% of Americans move each year. These transients never get a feel of their own town and neighbors, but with the localized social network it can be the catalyst for gathering relevant information about neighbors and local businesses – getting the real scoop on the lay of the land, so to speak. Residents in a condo who create personal pages or ads reach a larger and more receptive audience because it’s relevant to where consumers live. Newspapers have joined the local network to establish themselves as the hub of their community. Some have also used the source from social networks to print in the newspapers, which provides further exposure to the site’s members.


What is the depth and scope of localized social networking? Let’s say it has the potential to extend to office buildings or other countries. LifeAt has branched out to England and Australia. However, LifeAt is not the first to try this new approach to the social networking model – there are others such as Townconnect. Unlike MySpace and Facebook, Townconnect allows you to share information about your children’s coaches, classes, teammates, and carpools.

With these types of venues, local businesses should start thinking about and acting on the opportunity to interact socially with potential customers. It’s as simple as adding contacts, joining groups to find local residents that might be interested in your product or services, or using the Classified section to advertise your business. The prospect of Yellow Pages and Google Local buying you are high.

If Facebook or MySpace finds a way to partner with third-party applications, the opportunities are endless for location-based social networking. For some of us, it’s important to know who’s in the same coffee shop downtown and whether we want our friends to know about it, too. For example, the iPhone 3G, by using GPS, provides third-party applications such as Loopt or Whrrl that create hyper-local interactions with friends (or strangers) currently in the neighborhood. It also finds local restaurants and other points of interest in the area. Loopt even includes a link to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. If that wasn’t enough, those who are addicted to social networking can continue to microblog with small local groups.

Skeptics continue to voice opinions about local social networks as being short-lived. The belief is that they have minimal member participation and interaction. It’s too early to make that call. In the meantime, if you’re in a city or building that offers the local social network, you should kick the tires a bit and see if it works for you.x