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The Football (Soccer) Remote Control – Use It As A Remote And Kick It Like A Soccer Ball

One of my favorite things to do is to participate in sports. My love for sports has led to me purchasing a lot different sports related products. Two of my favorite sports include basketball in soccer. I constantly see advancements in the basketball design and never any advancements when it comes to the soccer ball. I frequently visit the dedicated store,this is American soccer around the block to explore new soccer merchandise. This is why I was pleasantly surprised to find something called the Football (soccer) Remote Control. The concept was incredibly interesting to me and I wanted to see what it was all about. So I decided to purchase one and it took way too long to receive it, but the wait was well worth it. Here is my quick review of the Football Remote Control made by the Shift company.

Soccer is not considered one of the most popular sports in the United States. The truth is that soccer is actually one of the most popular sports in the world. This popularity has resulted in companies always trying to make soccer related gear. The Football Remote Control is a unique product that allows you to play with it and use it to control the electronics in your home. Shift has created a product that contains light electronic equipment that allows it to be used for more than one thing. The first thing you can use the Football Remote Control for is actually playing a game of soccer. You can then also use the soccer ball remote for handling your TV, DVD, and satellite controls.

My Football Remote Control is pretty damn cool if I may say so myself. The soccer ball meets regulation size standards and is cool to handle. A close glimpse at the ball shows you numbers and other control options. All you have to do is press the giant button that has the number or option on it and you will get the option that you want. Simply put, type the number seven and get the number seven. If you want to switch between television and DVD mode, press the DVD button to set everything up. What I was wondering was how well the remote would last when I spent half of the day kicking it around the house. I was surprised to find out that the manufacturer created a product that was very sturdy and reliable. The soccer ball has gone through a whole bunch of damage and is still working as if it was brand new.

The Football Remote Control is not that expensive either. You can purchase one of the remote control soccer balls for the low price of $41. Anyone who has purchased a high quality basketball or soccer ball has to understand that this is a pretty decent price considering that you also get a remote control as well. You will quickly find out that using the soccer ball remote is a lot of fun. This is because it is defiantly weird to handle. Using the soccer ball remote offers you a fun activity to change the channels with. You will no longer feel bored as if you are being useless while using the remote control. Shift has created a top of the line product that is worth the investment. I believe this because I happen to own one of the devices and have yet to get sick of it. If you like the sport of soccer and want to change the way you watch and control television, try out the Football Remote Control and start making television watching a new sports activity that you love.

Anti-Hacking Software- Keep Your PC Safe From Hackers

When it comes to the topic of computers, it is pretty much a vast field and technical enough to be understood only by people who have studied it thoroughly and have in depth knowledge of the subject.

For those who are familiar with only the basics, it is merely a device with which they can play games on and surf the internet during times of leisure. At the same time, it is also a device that is used for work purposes such as business projects and power point presentations.

So you can see that computer is neither limited to being a gadget for youth brigade a work device which can be used only by IT experts. With the advent of social media, several people have taken advantage of the phenomenon by turning their passions into flourishing careers.


Computers have also become a medium through which the hackers can earn some money by stealing sensitive information from unsuspecting victims and it becomes necessary to make people aware of this problem before it is too late.

Therefore, we are going to list out some important anti-hacking software for the device which will keep it safe from hackers and they are as follows:

  1. Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection is the first of the lot and is a product of Microsoft. It is for preventive protection, security breach and external threats
  2. Another Microsoft discovery is the Reason Core Security is designed to keep the system shielded from malware, spyware and other things while windows drivers are for new systems
  3. Mitigation Toolkit is a highly enhanced form of software that is specifically designed for Windows 10 model of PC and prevents vulnerable data from falling into the hands of hackers
  4. Another software designed to fight malware is Malwarebytes that is utilized by both Microsoft and Apple

Using Roof Rakes or Snow Rakes

Why is using a roof rake essential winter roof maintenance? Removing snow from your roof is important because of the damage the weight of the snow can inflict. Heavy snow can cause a roof to buckle or collapse. It can also melt and re-freeze. This causes ice dams that block drainage. Using a roof rake isn’t the only winter roof maintenance you should be concerned with. Here’s how to use a roof rake, plus other winter roof maintenance tips. Although, before the installation process make sure to consult for better tips and recommendations that you should take into account. This can save you a lot of time and money.

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Using a roof rake is simple but requires some knowledge. A roof rake is specially designed so that the rake itself never touches the roof. That being said, you should always use downward strokes. This keeps shingles from being damaged or pulled from the roof. There’s no need to climb a ladder to use a roof rake. Simply buy extensions or a longer rake. This way you can reach the roof from the ground. Climbing a ladder in winter is a shaky proposition at best. Roof rakes provide safer winter roof maintenance.

Consider using heat tape to prevent ice dams on your roof. This winter roof maintenance should be installed in the fall. You can buy a specially designed heat tape to use on the lower half of your roof. Melting snow often settles there to form ice. The heat tape will discourage these ice patches from growing into gutter blocking dams. Heat tape is not a substitute for roof rakes. You will still have to remove the snow from the roof.

What if you already have ice dams on your roof? Roof rakes are no help for this issue, nor is heat tape. Chipping away randomly at the ice on your roof is a bad idea. How do you conquer ice dams? One thing you can do is to make a water channel through the ice dam. This can be done carefully with a hammer and chisel. You can also use the roof melt on the ice dams. This is a product similar to the ice melt used on driveways and sidewalks.

Keeping gutters clear is essential winter roof maintenance. Before the first snow falls, always clean your gutters thoroughly. Fall leaves and other debris can cause some serious blockage. Blocked gutters don’t drain properly. This exacerbates issues with ice damning and pooling on your roof and where your drain-spouts end. Pulling snow over clogged gutters with a roof rake compounds ice dams as well.

Trim trees back from the roof in the fall. This winter roof maintenance tip keeps snow and ice-laden branches from breaking. Heavy branches can cause serious damage to your roof. Even small branches can mar and break shingles. Roof replacement is one of the most costly repairs to a home. Why not be sure to use roof rakes, heat tape and other winter roof maintenance? The cost is minimal and it may save your roof.

How To Make The Most Of Double XP Weekend? Top 4 Fortnite Tips Are Here!

If you love to play fortnite then you may know all about this addictive game. The game developers are introducing the new updates and game content regularly. With the help of this, you can get new experiences and also flavor up your game experience. When it comes to the double XP weekend then you need to learn about how to take its advantages. To make the most out of it, you should read the fortnite tips which have been mentioned below.

  1. play the game

In order to grind XP, you should play the game as much as you can. Whether you are playing the classic matches or taking part in other modes, try to grab the rewards. you should perform better for getting the rewards in the form of XP.

  1. involve your friend

If you are playing alone then you can’t give your best and that’s why it is important to involve one of your friends.  Always make a good cooperation with your friend in order to enhance your overall performance in the game.

  1. improve the battle pass tier

You should also make efforts to improve the battle pass tier which will provide you an XP multiplier. With the help of higher multiplier, you can get more rewards in the form of XP. It is easy to buy fortnite accounts online from the reputed sources. Many game lovers prefer to buy these accounts before going to start playing the game.

  1. battle pass challenges

It is good to take part in the battle pass challenges which offer lots of amazing rewards for players. With the help of competing in these challenges, you can get XP and other bonuses which can be used later to make improvements in the game.

The Movie Vs. Book Debate: Which One is Better?

Movies or books, which one is better? Let me get the first thought stated, and then we can build up from there. Simply put, the question is this, “Which is better, movies or books?” The answer is quite simple and yet very complex as well. The simple answer is that books are obviously better. But the complication is the fact that it’s not fair to compare them. Now just to say this to my old Movie Gallery customers wasn’t enough, so I’ll assume it’s not enough for my readers either, so let me expand on this concept.

For a fast reader, how long does it take to read through a good book? I’m not talking about speed reading either. I’m talking about quickly reading a book while going slow enough to enjoy every detail. Well, my best friend is probably about the fastest reader I know, so I’ll use him for my example. And since many people will probably be familiar I’ll also use the first “Twilight” movie and book for a point of reference. One evening while we were visiting my brother, my friend spent most of the evening reading the first book in the Twilight Saga. Reading at what he called a comfortable pace, he smashed out the first half of the book in a mere three and a half hours. Now let’s go ahead and stop here to think about something important.

Why do we read or watch movies? Entertainment is pure and simple. We do these activities to provide ourselves with entertainment. So if we go back to the example, we know that half of a normal book equals about 3.5 hours of entertainment. This would make the whole book worth an astounding 7 full hours of entertainment, or probably closer to 10 or more for an average reader. Now, what about the movie? Well, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), the first “Twilight” movie has a run time of 122 minutes. Since that is only 2 minutes past the nearest hour marker, we’ll just call it 2 hours. is where you can enjoy movies for free. There you get countless hours of entertaining movies of every genre. 

So in truth, we are trying to compare 2 hours of entertainment to 10 hours of entertainment. Is that even a fair comparison? Of course not, but who really cares about the fair in this discussion. The final part that I would like to share to sum it all up, and the line that I used with my customers and still use now is this, “Have you ever read a book that was 5 times better than the movie counterpart?” I rarely hear anyone answer yes to that question which gives the real answer. Movies are usually better, just shorter.

Now let’s add another thought that I have shared with many people. Have you ever watched a movie after reading the book and felt discomfort with the choice of actors and actresses? It’s a statement I’ve heard many times, “So and so just didn’t play the part well enough.” Now this gives the implied meaning that watching a movie after a book is a gamble, because if you have details about the characters solidified in your mind, the movie may not represent them in a perfect way for you, dropping the quality of the entertainment. But if you watch a movie first and then read the book, your entertainment is maximized because you now know EXACTLY what the characters look and sound like to the T. This final thought proves further still that on a head to head comparison, books may win against movies, but when you look at the bigger picture, movies provide the most powerful entertainment of the two, and when viewed in “reverse order” can even increase the value of the book as well making movies win this little battle hands down.

From the B-Movie Hive: Where the Sidewalk Ends

Where the Sidewalk Ends represents a second pairing of Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney in a suspense film in which Andrews plays a cop named Mark. If you are a movie buff, you would have seen many such movies on il genio dello streaming, the most popular online streaming platform. The more famous film that teams Andrews and Tierney is the uberclassic Laura, of course, but I would hazard to propose that Where the Sidewalk Ends is actually the better of the two. I say that as a big fan of Laura. With stars of the magnitude of Andrews and Tierney, Where the Sidewalk Ends really doesn’t quite qualify as an offering from the B-movie hive, but it has a B-movie feel to it and that’s not an insult.

Dana Andrews plays a cop whose father was a gangster. This cop also has a reputation for beating evidence and confessions out of the bad guys that tend to remind him of his paternal ties. He’s a decent sort of Joe at the heart, but he’s got a chip on his shoulder as it relates to his bloodlines. The plot kicks off with an investigation that brings Andrews to the apartment of one of those crooks whom he feels the need to beat information out of. The guy falls down and appears to be knocked out, but since this is a suspenseful little flick, it turns out the guy is dead. The rest of the movie is a thriller that offers a nifty little twist on the standard Hitchcockian tale of an innocent plan trying to prove he isn’t guilty. Here we have a guilty man doing everything he can to keep up the appearance of being innocent.

The web of lies that Dana Andrews must weave in order to throw off suspicion of himself ultimately threatens his burgeoning relationship with Gene Tierney. Tierney plays the estranged wife of a not very nice person at all; a slapper of women is he. The ties that bind Andrews and Tierney expand to include her soon-to-be-dead husband as well as her father. Things get especially complicated when suspicion of Andrew’s accidental murder is cast upon Tierney’s dear old dad.

Where the Sidewalk Ends offers a very tense and exciting couple of hours that definitely has a touch of Hitchcock to it. The stomach knots as you watch Andrews’ nefarious plans almost go awry several times. The entertainment value of a movie like this is based upon how much you can invest in a character who is trying to cover up what qualifies at least as manslaughter. Where the Sidewalk Ends would completely fall apart if the Andrews character had not been set up as a very decent sort who only uses fascist techniques against know guilty people. If you can sustain your belief in his character despite questionable investigative techniques, you will find yourself actually rooting for him to get away with murder. The delicate relationship that develops between Andrews and Tierney also is designed to get you on the cop’s side.

Ultimately, Andrews must come face to face with his Kantian dilemma. This decision sets the stage for a somewhat unsatisfying conclusion, but before we get there Andrews sets up for himself a maze of intrigue that provides some gritty scenes with Gary Merrill as a mob boss and the minions with which he surrounds himself.

Where the Sidewalk Ends is currently available for instant streaming on Netflix.

Hiring a Social Media “Expert” for Your Business

In today’s world, social media marketing is a must for any business. However, most people aren’t adept at this so they hire a social media expert. Here are 5 tips that you should look for in an applicant for social media expert.

Their Plan

Ask the applicant what their plan will be and how they will use social media to spread your business to increase revenue. If they seem to talk about just one way then this is a no-no because a social media expert should have plenty of different ways to spread the word about a business. They should use many different websites and not just stick to one. Ask them what they will do if one fails to do the trick. Their response is sure to give a sign of their work ethics and implementation.


A social media expert should be as simple as the social websites out there. Their personality shouldn’t be like they are stressed out and are scared to try something new. They should be flexible and be willing to use new websites to perform the tasks that you give them and not rely on the old and be scared of change. They should also be calm when they talk to you because if they can’t talk to a boss how are they going to talk to your customers where they might ask cross questions.

Good Speaker

Yes, I know. You don’t really have to speak over the internet because it is all words. However, you should be able to speak well to be able to write well, because writing is what they will be doing on the websites to help your business. If they can speak well then they will be able to type well and won’t have any problems expressing their ideas through different mediums. A good and comfortable speaker is a must for any social media expert. A good speaker is also capable of growing your free instagram followers. This will help you gain more audience or potential customers for your business.

Professional Yet Fun

In any job, one must be professional and should know how to treat customers, but in the social media world you must be professional and fun because people don’t want some serious person communicating with them over the internet. If you have ever been on Twitter then you have seen how people Tweet. You only have 140 characters and you do not want to fill them up with professional gunk and have your viewers look at 5 separate Tweets to finish one idea. They should be fun about it but be professional and give off a good name for the company. When the customers feel comfortable then your business will thrive.


Lastly, one should see how much experience the expert has in their field. This is true for any job, but for this one they should know exactly how different social medias work and know how to use them. However, they should also pick things up quickly and learn new medias because there will always be new ones coming up everyday. Knowing the old is good but being able to learn another one is a must skill for any social media expert.

These are 5 characteristics that you should look for when hiring a social media expert. If they have all 5 of these then they are a great employee and will help your company thrive in the social media world and you will get a lot of good revenue from them.

Ideal Proactive Steps To Take When Stuck In An Unideal Job

Do you hate your job? Do you dread going into work each day? Do you have annoying co-workers or a demanding boss? Do you feel you are wasting your time and heading away from your goals instead of toward them? Are you overworked and underappreciated?

All of us, at one time or another have had to put up with less than perfect jobs. Don’t worry! Your suffering is not in vain. In fact, it could be just the thing you need to catapult you into a job you love, such as นำเข้าแรงงานต่างด้าว or some other careers. Before you give your two weeks notice, take time to follow these simple, pro-active steps that will ensure you are doing the right thing and save you from doing something you regret.


Take a good look at your job situation. What is it about your job you dislike? Take an honest look at yourself and see if some of the conflict might be resolved by making personal changes. Overcoming a difficult job situation will only help you in your career and make you a more valuable employee for any future employer.

Set Goals

What do you want to accomplish? Is your current job a stepping stone to help you reach your ultimate goal? Make a plan for achieving your goals and stay on track. If your current job is necessary for you to achieve your goals, set weekly, smaller goals that will help you progress quickly and move on to a more desirable step in the process of reaching your goal.

If your job is not a step towards your goals, re-evaluate your plan and get back on track. Try and see your current job as the ticket to your next job. What can you get out of it before moving on? Whether it’s contacts, experience, or simply a way to pay the bills, your current job has some merit. Focusing on the positive will make your job a bit more bearable.


Many companies offer paid training or tuition reimbursement. Take advantage of this by enrolling in courses or working towards an advanced degree. This is one of the best things you can do to improve your chances of landing another job, and increasing your salary as well.

Every job is an education whether you are formally enrolled in a class or just performing day to day tasks. Learn on the job as much as you can and keep track of your progress and accomplishments to list on your résumé.


One of the best ways to improve your career is to network. Networking is creating relationships with those with whom you have a commercial relationship. Believe it or not, one of the best places to start networking is at your current job. Maintain good relationships with your boss and clients. It can be a small world and you never know when you might need a reference from a former boss. Don’t burn bridges.

Other great networking resources are friends and family, alumni associations, professional meetings and organizations. There are also on-line networking organizations such as which uses the power of the internet to bring people together from all over the world for business networking.

Knowing the right person could just land you your next job.


Don’t let frustration about your job affect the quality of your work. Maintain a good quality of work because you may need a reference from your employer. If you truly hate your job, doing a good job may not be your biggest concern. You can create a routine that will provide hope and joy in each day. Start your day at the gym instead of heading directly to work. Plan to have lunch with a friend or shop at the mall for your next “interview suit”. Place a motivational item at your desk that will remind you of your goals. Focus on achieving your goals and realize that soon your horrible job experience will see like a small blip in your career.


Update your resume to include your current job information. Be sure to include any accomplishments, additional education and responsibilities. Consider posting your résumé on line with a service like Depending on your current work environment, you may want to consider being more discreet when posting your résumé. offers tips for how to keep things on the “down-low” so your current employer won’t find out you’re looking if you’re not ready to share that information.

Following these steps will give you the best foundation for finding your next job.

Backyard Beautification- A Welcome Change For Nature Lovers

What do you do when you have guests in your house? What is your reaction when you are informed that your uncle, aunt or any other distant relative is on his way to pay you a visit?

Obviously, you start running all over the place to clean it up and give it a tidy appearance for their stay at your place. The house, that has acquired the look of a horse stable or pigsty, has to be revamped in order to give it a regal and royal look.

In order to cast an everlasting impression on the visitors, you will need to resort to tactics that you would not do normally, but it is a matter of pride and prestige, so there is no other choice left than go ahead with the preparations.

Composite Decking

One thing that you would need to watch out for is to start from your lawn and then move onto to the backyard. You would need a nice space outside and install a new deck on it which is called the process of composite decking.

You can get decks of your choice right from plastic, wood, concrete, to name a few and these are the ones that can be availed easily due to them being at affordable prices and are right within your budget.

The best decking material options are as follows:

  • Hardwood: It is made up of tropical wood and is a nice choice for a new deck as the dark color is a combination of mahogany, cumaru and ipe.
  • Concrete materials are quite straightforward when it comes to decking and is also versatile in nature
  • Redwood: They are quite authentic as they are devoid of chemicals and are rick in color and looks
  • Pressure wood: It is made up of pine and has a yellowish texture and free from insects and rot
  • Composite: It is made up of fibre wood and plastic that is in recycled form



U.S. Government Seizes Washington Mutual

Washington Mutual, the nation’s largest savings and loan bank, was officially seized by the U.S. government late Thursday evening. The lion’s share of WaMu was sold to J.P. Morgan Chase for $1.9 billion. The seizure was made in an effort to avoid allowing WaMu to join the long list of financial institutions that have collapsed in the last few months, sending the American economy into its most precarious position since the Great Depression. J.P. Morgan Chase is the same company that bailed out the failed Bear Stearns in March of this year.


The seizure of WaMu is by far the largest bank seizure in American history. Until Thursday, the title of “largest government bailout of a bank” belonged to the Continental Bank and Loan Trust of Chicago which collapsed during the infamous savings and loans scandals of 1984. While Continental Bank and Loan needed the government to help secure its $40 billion in assets at the time of its collapse, Washington Mutual has securing over $300 billion in assets in need of backing. Experts estimate that had WaMu not been sold to J.P. Morgan Chase, the already strained FDIC could have been forced to provide $30 billion in cash to the failed bank in the coming weeks.

Like so many other crumbling financial institutions, Washington Mutual lost billions by offering mortgage loans to borrowers without collateral. As the U.S. housing market has collapsed, thousands of people have defaulted on those loans, leaving WaMu holding the bag.

Fueled by rumors of the bank’s imminent collapse, Washington Mutual customers withdrew nearly $16.5 billion from branches across the country over the last ten days.

The WaMu Board of Directors and CEO Alan Fishman were apparently among the last to know about their company’s seizure. Fishman was traveling by airplane while the deal was being brokered and only received news about it after he had landed when the deal was already completed.

What Does it Mean?

On the Washington Mutual website, a simple link cheerfully reports in warm, encouraging colors: “WaMu Customers: Welcome to JP Morgan Chase!” The link leads to an explanation of how account holders will be affected by the acquisition, stating that customers should notice no difference in the way that they conduct their banking and can go about business as usual.

The statement on the website asserts that the only essential difference at this point is that WaMu customers now have the extra security of the financial backing of JP Morgan Chase, so they can feel more secure that their deposits are safe and secure. WaMu customers will eventually have the opportunity to use Chase ATMs in addition to those at Washington Mutual branches in the coming months. Eventually, all Washington Mutual branches will become Chase banks and customers will begin to start seeing “Chase” on their bank statements instead of WaMu.


While multiple sources report that WaMu customers can feel confident that their funds are secure, shareholders of Washington Mutual will likely lose everything. Washington Mutual common stock will be sold starting Friday morning in an attempt to defray some of the cost of the bailout. The value of the stocks and credit score of the commercial banks can be checked at Omalaina yhteistyökumppanit. The log in on to the website should be free for the applicant. 

Some Factors That Will Guide You To Make The Perfect Baby Basket

Earlier people were just including flowers and cards as a present on the baby shower. But this trend has been upgraded from the last few decades as not the baby gift baskets are the best gift that you can include as the gift.

There are infinite numbers of websites that offer baby gift baskets, and you have the option to make customization in them. These are the best thing that you can give as presents to show them love and affection.

If you have no idea of making your gift basket appearance more amazing, then you must go through the below mentioned points.

The following are eth points included by you

The theme of the basket

  • The theme is an essential factor to be included by you as the mother of the baby will highly be impressed by the type of theme chosen by you.
  • There are hundreds of themes available on the baby gift baskets service, and it is you who can choose them according to your budget and suitability.
  • You are suggested to include the theme, which has soft and vibrant colors.

So through the sample baskets

  • As there are massive numbers of gift baskets available on the website, you can go through the samples of the baskets, which will give you an idea about deigning the basket.
  • The baby gift baskets available on these websites have been designed by the professionals, so you will always get some amazing designs that are mostly unexpected by you.
  • So you are advised to try the samples from the online websites as these will surely give you the best thing to make your basket attractive.