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The Football (Soccer) Remote Control – Use It As A Remote And Kick It Like A Soccer Ball

One of my favorite things to do is to participate in sports. My love for sports has led to me purchasing a lot different sports related products. Two of my favorite sports include basketball in soccer. I constantly see advancements in the basketball design and never any advancements when it comes to the soccer ball. I frequently visit the dedicated store,this is American soccer around the block to explore new soccer merchandise. This is why I was pleasantly surprised to find something called the Football (soccer) Remote Control. The concept was incredibly interesting to me and I wanted to see what it was all about. So I decided to purchase one and it took way too long to receive it, but the wait was well worth it. Here is my quick review of the Football Remote Control made by the Shift company.

Soccer is not considered one of the most popular sports in the United States. The truth is that soccer is actually one of the most popular sports in the world. This popularity has resulted in companies always trying to make soccer related gear. The Football Remote Control is a unique product that allows you to play with it and use it to control the electronics in your home. Shift has created a product that contains light electronic equipment that allows it to be used for more than one thing. The first thing you can use the Football Remote Control for is actually playing a game of soccer. You can then also use the soccer ball remote for handling your TV, DVD, and satellite controls.

My Football Remote Control is pretty damn cool if I may say so myself. The soccer ball meets regulation size standards and is cool to handle. A close glimpse at the ball shows you numbers and other control options. All you have to do is press the giant button that has the number or option on it and you will get the option that you want. Simply put, type the number seven and get the number seven. If you want to switch between television and DVD mode, press the DVD button to set everything up. What I was wondering was how well the remote would last when I spent half of the day kicking it around the house. I was surprised to find out that the manufacturer created a product that was very sturdy and reliable. The soccer ball has gone through a whole bunch of damage and is still working as if it was brand new.

The Football Remote Control is not that expensive either. You can purchase one of the remote control soccer balls for the low price of $41. Anyone who has purchased a high quality basketball or soccer ball has to understand that this is a pretty decent price considering that you also get a remote control as well. You will quickly find out that using the soccer ball remote is a lot of fun. This is because it is defiantly weird to handle. Using the soccer ball remote offers you a fun activity to change the channels with. You will no longer feel bored as if you are being useless while using the remote control. Shift has created a top of the line product that is worth the investment. I believe this because I happen to own one of the devices and have yet to get sick of it. If you like the sport of soccer and want to change the way you watch and control television, try out the Football Remote Control and start making television watching a new sports activity that you love.

Working From Home While Your House Is Under Construction

Like many of my fellow writers on AC—and a growing number of workers nationwide—I work exclusively from home. Most of the time, this is a true blessing, and I rarely have a complaint about my home office, which doesn’t resemble a cubicle in the least. However, when your house is under construction, working from home can try your patience in unique ways. So how do you deal with contractors during remodeling? Moreover, it can be overwhelming at times as we see construction recruitment agencies doing a lot of work simultaneously in order to finish the work on time. With the help of the following tips, you can manage yourself as your house gets renovated or constructed.

Talk to the Supervisor

The best way to deal with any uncomfortable or frustrating situation is to communicate your irritation before it ever begins. You know that you work from home and you know that your house is going to be under construction, so let the supervisor know that you need to be productive while his contractors work on your house.

Of course, there is only a limited number of things the supervisor can do to keep your sanity intact. If the contractors are knocking out a kitchen wall, you’re not going to be able to tune it out by closing your office door. However, the supervisor can tell his crew to cut down on loud music, laughter, shouting and other unnecessary noise.

Set Boundaries in Your Home

Dealing with contractors during remodeling isn’t all that much different from dealing with a group of children in your home. They need boundaries in order to coexist with you in harmony, so lay them out as soon as they arrive. Let them know that your office is off limits unless you give them instructions otherwise, and that you need as much peace and quiet as possible while you work from home.

Just because your house is under construction doesn’t mean that you need to be bothered every ten minutes with questions or comments from contractors. Instead, instruct them to call you on your cell phone when they need you just as they would if you worked from a remote office. When they have to pick up a phone and dial, they won’t bother you nearly as often.

Take Your Work Elsewhere

Some writers, Web designers, programmers and other freelance professionals can work from any location where a computer and word processing program are available. If you find that you can’t work from home while your house is under construction, consider taking your work elsewhere. Internet cafes, friends’ houses, hotel rooms and other locations can provide the peace and quiet you require.

If you take this option, you might want to have a neighbor or friend come to your house to supervise the contractors. While they’re remodeling your house, your “baby-sitter” can watch television or find other ways to keep themselves busy. Unfortunately, you can’t always trust contractors alone in your home, so don’t take any unnecessary chances.

Set Time Limits

Some people (i.e. me) respond well to limits, in which case you need to be more firm with contractors while your house is under construction. Let them know that they can’t just show up at any old time, and that you need a definitive starting point so you can work from home. If necessary, you can call their superiors to stress the importance of arriving (and finishing) on time every day.

How to List Your Own Property on the MLS

Understandably, many residential real estate owners frown upon paying a real estate agent a commission for listing their property for sale. Owners often turn to For Sale By Owner (FSBO) websites that allow owners to list their property on the site for a flat fee, usually around $300. While this makes owners feel good about getting their home on the market, the reality soon sets in that FSBO’s simply don’t get that much attention. If fact, most calls owners receive are from Realtors that want to list their property for sale (for a commission).

The secret real estate agents know that owners don’t is that approximately 85% of FSBO homes on the market will eventually be listed and sold by real estate agents. Real estate agents have access to the tool that approximately 90% of real estate transactions are generated from: the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Most real estate professionals in any given area have access to a local MLS; therefore, anything listed in the MLS is visible to nearly the entire population of real estate professionals. Consequently, the sales potential for an owner is exponentially higher when their home is listed within the MLS.


There are several companies that can be found on the internet that provide “MLS Listing services”. Many of them promise to list homes on, for example. Unfortunately that’s no guarantee that it will appear in the local MLS system. Without traffic from local real estate professionals, you’ll do just as well with the exclusive use of the few FSBO sites out there. Just be prepared to wait. FSBO’s typically take at least twice as long to sell as a property listed in the MLS, which is why most FSBO owners eventually give in and go with a Realtor.

The best bet to take advantage of the MLS system while avoiding excessive commissions is to call a Realtor. In almost every town you can find at least one Realtor or agency that is willing to list your property in the MLS for a flat fee (usually $300 to $500) with no further services or commitments. Be patient. Some Realtors may actually get offended at the suggestion that they might provide such a service. Just thank them for their time and call the next one. Once you find the right Realtor, they should be able to get you into the MLS within 24 hours of paying for the service, and you’ll be in business.

Remember to keep your options open. Most of the people calling you about MLS listings will be Realtors. If they bring a buyer to your property they expect (and deserve) a commission for doing so. The good news is that you’ll be able to get away with only paying half of a commission. Normally a Realtor’s commission is split between the listing agent and a selling agent. With only a selling agent involved, you keep half of the commission you would have otherwise paid. Hiring property management for condo associations is also a good thing to do. Having your property managed properly by a company will lessen your stress and worries.


If you are not willing to give up any commission whatsoever, you will spend most of your time telling real estate agents that you’re not interested in their business. For some, that could mean holding on to the property for many months longer than they otherwise would have if they’d have just paid the commission. Each seller’s situation is different. The value of the MLS and a Realtors services should be weighed carefully when deciding how to proceed with a sale.

How To Be An Electrical Professional

It is not that difficult to become a professional electrician. There are just few simple steps that you need to follow in order to start your career as a credible and professional electrician. You can also learn more about it through electricians Brisbane as well.


Let us start with the 4 steps that are there in the process of becoming a certified electrician:

  1. You start your career by getting yourself a high school diploma or anything equivalent. This is the basic education requirement that is required by you in order to be an electrician. If you are still in high school then it is important that you choose your subject carefully as they are going to help you pursue your dream job. 
  2. After completing your high school you should go to a trading school or get an apprenticeship from someone highly experience in this field. This is how you polish your skills and learn new things about this profession as well. There are several credible and popular placed that you can consider for your apprenticeship as well. Since there can be entrance exams you should always prepare for that. 
  3. After getting all the required documents you should get yourself registered as an electrician in your state. There are certain requirements that you need to follow in order to fill the form that you should check as you apply. 
  4. Now with experience and skills, you can complete your apprenticeship. Along with all the experience, you are now capable of reading construction blueprints and other electrical plans. As a trained electrician you are capable of installing, maintaining, and repairing almost every electrical appliance and gadget. 
  5. In the last step, you get your electrician license from the designated department after completing all the required documents and necessary forms. 

In order to become a professional electrician, it would take you 4-5 years. This is why you should always plan all your steps accordingly as you learn new skills and gain more experience of this field.


Tips And Tricks To Help You Choose The Best Web Host

When it came time to pick a web host you did your research. You scoured the forums for reviews. You emailed the company’s sales department and got a reply in less than hour. Even after that you were not convinced until you read A. Fillate’s blog post: “Harry’s Spider Leg Hosting: The Best Web Hosting Ever”. He was very convincing.

So why then has your site been down for four days? To make matters worse, Harry was running a special and offered to register your domain for free. Your control panel is down along with the rest of the site and you can’t get in to change the name servers to point to your new host. Assuming you eventually regain control of your site, a series of best practices can prevent this from happening again.

Review The Reviewer

One of the biggest problems with web hosting reviews comes from the industry practice of using affiliates. Many hosting companies offer excellent incentives for affiliates who drive sign-ups. In addition to an initial referral payment, the affiliate will often earn a recurring monthly commission as long as the person stays with the host.

While most affiliates are completely honest sales people, the lure of passive income does draw the unscrupulous as well. Less than honest affiliates will often use comments in blog posts, or one sided reviews that just happen to include an affiliate link to the host they promote.

This is not to say that reviews are without value. They can be a good first step to get a group of hosts for further examination. Just make sure not to base your decision exclusively on reviews.

Plan For Problems

Before spending any time examining a host, decide on the level and type of technical support you require. Many web hosts only offer email and forum based support. If you need phone based support, you can eliminate some options without any further work.

Finding good phone support can be tricky. Some hosting companies proudly claim 24/7 support, but there is often a catch. Your call is likely to be routed to a call center that could be anywhere in the world. Wherever it happens to be, it is unlikely to be anywhere near the actual hardware that supports your site. In addition to not being able to troubleshoot physical problems, the call center employees will likely have only limited rights to employee fixes. Major problems will probably have to wait to business hours anyway.

As a result, it is worth taking a look at hosts that do not promise 24/7 phone support. The ability of the technical staff to actually resolve the problem is more important than having a voice on the line. Even thought they may only advertise a daytime hours for general troubleshooting, a good host will have an emergency technical contact for midnight mishaps. Focus on who will be answering you call, not when.

Test There Tech

Once you have decided on a contact type that you are comfortable with, use it before signing up. Email or call the company with technical questions. Ask for details about their spam filtering system or for clarification on what version of a particular scripting language they support. Even if you know the answer, ask anyway. Keep track of how long it takes you to get an answer. This will be far more important the specific answer.

Feel Out the Forum

Most hosting companies will provide a forum where users can help each other. See how well they maintain their own forum. Are users complaining repeatedly about the same problem without any response? How long does it take for users to get replies to queries? If the forum is abandoned or filled with spam, this can a strong sign of a hosting company in decline.

Check Up On On Up Time

Most web hosting companies promise 99.99% or higher uptime. As with many marketing statements, there is find print to be considered. What qualifies as “down-time” will vary between hosting companies.

Many hosts will not consider server reboots, or other brief outages to be actual down time. Not a problem if this only happens once every few days. If however, the server reboots several times a day, visitors will notice.

The best way to check on this is to host a small site with the prospective company for a month and use a third party monitoring company or your own monitoring software to check up on them. Services like Alertra will test the server every few minutes and report on response time and availability.

This may seem like an extreme step, and in many cases it may not be necessary. If however, you are deciding on a host for a site tied to your income or reputation, it can save you in the long run.

Never Give Them Your Name Server

Today’s fabulous service and phenomenal uptime may be tomorrows downed server and unopened email. Many companies will offer to be both your host and the registrar for your domain. If you have to switch due to technical problems, you may find you cannot get at your DNS settings to point your name servers to a new host.

Even if the initial cost is slightly higher, it is better to register your host with a company who’s primary business is registration – not hosting. This will provide a bit of insurance should you need to quickly jump ship from a rapidly sinking web host.

Following these simple practices will help reduce your chances of getting stuck with a bad host. Even, so the most important practice is to have a backup plan. Keep the information for the host that came in second when you did your initial research. If your host turns out to be “Harry’s Spider Leg Hosting” in disguise, you will not have to waste time looking around.

The above mentioned points are simply what you call a drop in the ocean of this magnanimous structure. There are so many other things that you can learn from this topic with a vast array of information in abundance about cheap & best web hosting so as to understand it more and also spent less at the same time.

Gone in 60 Seconds Thrilling Car Movie Comes Zooming In!

Gone in 60 seconds is a great film that stars Nicolas Cage at his best and stealing cars. The plot was great and so was the action in the film which was non stop. In order to enjoy this movie or movies like this, you can click on 123movies where you get high-quality movies with ongoing tv shows that you can enjoy for free. 

The film starts off with Kip Raines, played by Giovanni Ribisi and his friends stealing expensive cars as they have made a deal with a stolen car salesman named Raymond Calitri. When the police burst into their warehouse and confiscate their stolen cars, the men are eventually able to escape but are in serious trouble. As Kip Raines seems unable to hold up his end of the contract, he is forced to bring in his older brother, Memphis Raines, played by Nicolas Cage.

Memphis Raines was an expert car thief and knows every trick in the book. He is considered one of the best thieves in the business. However, he had to quit once his mother told him to leave so that his brother Kip wouldn’t follow in his footsteps. Instead, Kip got himself into trouble and even though Memphis is a retired thief, Calitri threatens to kill Memphis if he does not cooperate.

The deal that Memphis must uphold is that he must steal 50 very expensive cars before a deadline in a few days and bring the cars to a loading dock on a ship for Calitri.

As Memphis finds himself back in the business of stealing cars, he enlists the help of his former team of thieves starring Robert Duval, a mechanic, and man who is the brains of the operation as well as Angelina Jolie and Delroy Lindo. Angelina Jolie and Cage also have a romance centered around a past relationship they had with each other.

The storyline then focuses on stealing these 50 cars which are no easy task. They must scout out the cars but watching how often they are driven and where they are parked. In addition, the cars must all be stolen on the same night because the police will notice if a car is missing for more than a day and will catch Raines and his brother.

On the night of the car stealings, every car is able to be hijacked except for one car, nicknamed Elanor by Cage. The car has given Cage trouble in the past and he has almost gotten killed by it several times while driving. As he hijacks the car, he is tracked down by two detectives and chases him in the car in a high-speed chase. In the chase, Cage exhibits his fancy driving skills in getting away from the police and driving at extremely high speeds.

He is also involved in a huge action stunt in which he is trapped on one end by police. His path is blocked by an ambulance and a huge ramp. As Cage accelerates rapidly on the gas, he launches the car into the air and above the ambulance, struggling to gain control of the car as it starts spinning out of control. As Cage sees his life flash before him, he finally gets control of the car and gets away. However, the car is given into the loading dock past the deadline and is in need of repairs.

Calitri rejects this last car and tries to kill Memphis Raines. As Raines escapes into a warehouse, he is chased by Calitri. In the warehouse, the policemen track down the two men. In one of the final scenes, Calitri has a gun to one of the policeman’s head and is about to kill him. Out of nowhere comes Cage who kicks Calitri off the ledge and kills him saving the detective’s life. As a result, the policeman lets Raines go free without arresting him and Raines is able to rejoin his friends in celebration; hanging up his life as a car thief once and for all.

I highly recommend this film to anyone, it will definitely not disappoint.

Find The Ferrets As Great Pets

has a great bonding and attachment with their owner. They are not a good choice for those pet lovers who can’t give enough time to their pets. There is a list of ferret breeders who can provide a good breed of the Ferret as a pet. There are ample of options in society where one can find different types of pets as per one’s interest. One should keep a few things in mind before owning Ferret as a pet.

Playful and Inquisitive: Ferrets will create a playful atmosphere with their joyful activities. They enjoy playing with toys and will surely make you amused. They leave a substantial impact on the owner, as Ferret’s nature brings happiness and joy to the mood of the owner. It can be much easy to enjoy time with it. 

Friendly in nature: Often having more than one ferret is considered better as this increase the fun and enjoyment factor for the owner. As the ferrets are friendly in nature as well as sociable, they enjoy being in the company of each other but also wants the attention of the owner. They are cute and adorable with a great look and also much playful.

Easy to be Fed: Variety of good quality foods are available in the market for Ferrets, which makes the owner easy to feed them. One can buy food from pet stores as well as online. The thing that should be kept in mind is to provide Ferret a proper and nutritious diet for their good health.

Distinctive Personalities: Individually, every Ferret is special and unique in itself and has its own personality. Some are love to cuddle while others are independent. Before owning the one, you should meet different ferret owners to learn about their nature and how they differ in their personalities.

Perks of a Reverse Phone Directory over a Traditional One

Everybody knows about phonebooks or phone directories. It’s a printed book or booklet that carries contact details of people or companies under their names. But reverse phone directories are also available which offers quite different perks than traditional ones. See for an example, and read on to know its pros.

Fascinating Pros which Reverse Phone Directories offer

  1. Reverse phone directories display the phone number of each entry at the top, instead of the name of its owner. Details such as names and addresses are displayed under the contact number. Hence, you can use it to identify to whom an anonymous number belongs.
  2. Similar with traditional phone directories, reverse directories have entries arranged in ascending order as well. So, no need to worry of having difficulty using it.
  3. If it helps you identify a mysterious number, it will help in easily knowing an anonymous caller bugging you. That means you can avoid people whom you don’t want to speak with. That includes annoying sales agents, a talkative friend or a creepy stalker.
  4. It’s a great help in stopping or catching criminals as well. Note that ill-intentioned people may use cell phones or telephones to accomplish their crimes. This is notable in cases of money scams and hacking online accounts. So, if you encounter a suspicious anonymous number, use a reverse phone directory with the help of police to catch a criminal easily.
  5. Today, reverse phone directories are available anywhere. Although, they’re difficult to find in libraries, you can spot some apps or website that offer it online. Also, your network service provider probably offer such service in valid instances. Just call their customer service and inquire about reverse phone look-up.

You see? A reverse phone directory offers tons of benefits over a traditional phonebook. Find a reliable one to use today.

Pick the right Size of Tent for an Optimal Outdoor Use

There are different type of tents today, and each comes with fancy features and style. Tent with screen porch are even available for additional function. Specific materials also add some properties to certain tents, such as waterproof and lightweight.

But regardless of the tent you’d pick, size always matter. Buying the right size means a tent would serve its basic function well. And that’s important when you’re outdoors.

Why Size is Important for any Tent?

A tent with the right size means it can accommodate people or things it’s intended to carry. Basically, there are 2, 3 or 4-persons camping tents. Bringing a tent marked 3, for example, means it can cater three people in sleeping position. |And they can all fit comfortably with some space allowance inside.

So, when you’re planning which tent to bring or buy, think of how many people you’re intending for it to cater. Say, you’ll be camping in a group of five people. One tent which can accommodate two persons and another which can carry three would do. If you’re still buying tents, choosing two tents which can cater four people is impractical. Note that bigger tents are more expensive too.

Then, you can think of its usage. If you’re planning to enjoy more the outdoors, a tent with screen porch is a good idea. Some tents also come with canvas divider if you want better privacy when sleeping. And if you’re planning to make a utility tent, such as in an outdoor event or party, a large canvas tent is the best choice.

That’s when you must think of the materials composing a tent. Choose those which are made up of durable and lightweight materials. That means easy to carry while hiking, but would keep you safe and comfortable when resting inside.

So, remember, size is an important factor in picking a tent to bring on a camping trip. Buy the right one that would serve your purpose.

Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Malfunctions

Most of the problems in your appliances at home occur due to the fact your improper use of the said appliance. Every appliance comes with a manual which contains a do’s and don’ts section which will clearly explain the ways in which a particular appliance to be used by the individual. However, there may be times when the user makes a mistake. 

One of the most temperamental appliances that are kept in the home is the refrigerator. What are the top 5 mistakes that you should avoid to avoid refrigerator repair?

  • Cooling leaks

This is especially felt in homes with children. Kids, in their hurry, sometimes miss out on closing the refrigerator door properly. This prevents the cooling plug from clicking. When this happens, the motor of the refrigerator works on overtime. This means that the motor will heat up soon and the refrigerator will crash soon. 

  • Keep the unit in a cool place

Make sure that the place you have kept your refrigerator unit is a cool and dry place. External heat around the appliance will cause internal damage of the appliance which can make the motor inside it malfunction and ultimately stop working altogether.

  • It needs a break!

Believe it or not, but a refrigerator needs its break as well. Probably once in a month or once in two months clean out the fridge and switch it off. This will ensure better working as the rest will improve the motor’s ability to work. If possible, reduce the number of times you open the door of the refrigerator as well. 

  • Refrigerator friendly containers

There are certain containers that cool better and faster than others. So, in this regard, choose your container well. Make sure you choose a container that requires lesser time to cool.

  • Hot food kept inside

If you keep very hot food inside the refrigerator without bringing it to room temperature, it will lead overworking of the motors and thermostat inside. This will create problems for you.


Take care of your appliance well and enjoy those ice creams!

Orlistat: Is it effective for weight loss?

Obesity or overweight is one of the global health problems that our society is facing today. Younger people especially the adolescents commonly experience this health condition. That is why medical experts are working really hard to formulate medicine or drug that can help them fight obesity. Recently, a study proved that Orlistat is an effective drug that can help teenagers who are suffering from obesity or overweight. Orlistat works by interfering with the process on how fat is digested and absorbed into our body. There is also a general guideline on how and when doctors can only prescribe Orlistat.

Orlistat: Definition

Basically, orlistat is a drug or medicine, which can help people to lose weight if they are obese or overweight. This medicine functions by blocking enzymes in your gut, which digest fat. About one third of the fat that you eat is being blocked by this medicine. Normally, 120 mg is the dose in one capsule and it can be taken 3 times every day after a taking a meal. Relatively, there are also other medicines that have been formulated and prescribed that help in reducing fat which are rimonabant and sibutramine. But because of their concerns on safety, these two medicine are no longer available.

Orlistat: Is it Effective?

Now, with the high recommendation of Orlistat, people start to ask if this medicine is really effective. But according to studies, orlistat together with exercise and reducing diet, can cause more weight loss compared to weight reducing diest and exercise without taking orlistat. People who have already tried taking this medicine have proved this. Most of them are able to lose 10% or more of their body weight within 6 months with the help of this medicine. With this, it has to be proven that Orlistat is very effective for weight loss.